September 24 – 30, 2009

Sink or swim is the mantra of the times as we head into choppy international waters. All this just in time for the United Nations gatherings in the US . Mercury is stationary on September 29 making this planet very powerful. Mercury rules all communications, negotiations, agreements, commerce, trade, business and education. Saturn and Uranus are involved with Mercury certainly until October 10, bringing very dynamic and powerful changes in their wake. Saturn the old guard, strives to quell any revolutionary energy ( Uranus ) that threatens the safety and security of its people. Mercury hopefully gets people to agree and at least communicate earnestly. The tension is on and we will see how the pendulum swings in the last days of September and into early October.

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Aries The first quarter square of the Moon on September 25 might bring its challenges and stresses into play, especially at work and within relationships. You are learning to share and cooperate with others. The Moon opposes Mars on September 27 and the dynamics are in place for heated scenarios to unfold in the early morning. The day gets better as it goes. You might as well get ready now, for big changes are in the wind in the not too distant future. Get with the program and start doing what you really want to do.

Taurus September 26 is your day. It could pass by without much notice as that is how we generally experience the easy days. It seems like we do recall the trying and stressful times though. Love, good times, entertainment, children and their concerns may be on your mind. It is time to sort out what is real and worthy of your time. Work and health issues are onboard and must not be ignored. Too much of anything is just as bad as not enough of anything. Too much could be the case now though. Too much work and not enough rest.

Gemini The Sun and the Moon harmonize nicely on September 28 as they form a triangle and in turn both the Sun and Moon cast triangular rays into Gemini. In essence, it indicates a time of good returns for less effort and struggle. Lord Mercury is practically stopped in the sky as he turns direct motion on September 29. This seemingly stationary position makes Mercury very powerful and those ruled by him will most likely experience some type of animated Mercurial scenario in the form of letters, calls, journeys, contracts and all matters of communication, education, transportation and business. A busy time has arrived and you must set a pace that you can live with.

Cancer Mars continues his journey through your sign until mid October. Mars symbolizes fire, energy, action, anger, courage, heroism, accidents and incidents along with competition, war and exploration. In some way Mars will have his effect on you in accordance with how he is set up, supported or not by the other planets in your birth chart. Some folks undoubtedly will experience the harsh side of Mars in the form of clashes with heated or angry people, or you may display anger yourself. Other Moon types will build a house, join the gym and set off on exciting ventures wherever there fate guides them. You must do something now, and it is best to be proactive, but not too aggressive.

Leo In the far off distance you can hear the rumbling thunder of horse’s hooves and it piques your awareness as you prepare to handle whatever comes your way. Mars will be on your doorstep in mid October and he will visit your sign for five months which is really a long stretch of time to have this warrior planet around. Fortunately the Sun and Mars are brothers and he is welcomed into the camp of the Sun. A most dynamic time awaits you. Adventure, challenge, exploration and excitement are just a few choice keywords that describe the Martian vibe. Accidents, incidents, and surgery are a few more. Gird your loins, and prepare for high energy days to arrive.

Virgo It is a power packed time for your sign as Lord Mercury changes direction and moves forward once again on September 29. He is in Virgo and very much at home there. Mercury happens to be close to Saturn and opposite to Uranus and this combination will be in effect until October 10. It signals a busy time in which you strive to put it all together, that is home life, career and relationship / partnership activities. Business and education are features and what you start now may have a very long lasting effect. Be bold and forget the past. Turn your face towards the future and commence your journey of attainment now.

Libra September 28 is your day. The Sun and Moon form a triangle from Libra to Aquarius, both social and generally delightful signs. The impulse to mix and mingle is strong and the day will be chock full of unique social developments. Mercury becomes stationary on September 29 and it could create some glitches regarding agreements, contracts, schedules etc. Then again, it might be the type of day that you enjoy anyway as the Moon and Jupiter cast fine rays your way. It is your time to shine as you seek the balance in all things.

Scorpio The desire for change is very strong in you these days. It is time to evaluate everything and make the appropriate changes where necessary. Old connections are fading as are interests that had your attention in the past. New alliances are forming and all kinds of unique folks are destined to appear on your radar soon enough. Now is the time for the work behind the scene to take place. As my beloved Guru would say, “Let the wild flower grow in the dark, and when it is ready, it can show its beauty.” Spiritual life needs to be reinvigorated and renewed just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Sagittarius The Aries full Moon on October 3 looks like a humdinger and the days leading up to it are loaded with intensity as well. Mercury is stationary and moves forward on September 29. Saturn and Uranus are in the play as well indicating an intense time for all signs as we witness the antics of the world leaders at the UN meetings and other news unfolding. A lot of this material is focused in your career and home sectors of your solar chart and those areas may get a play in the form of job changes, moves etc. A busy and demanding time is upon us.

Capricorn Life is somehow bittersweet. The Moon passes through Capricorn from September 25 to 27 bringing a plethora of events, some positive and some not so positive. The universe will provide myriad scenarios in which your patience and humility may be tested. The stresses of yesterday can be appraised and appreciated on September 26 as things smooth out a bit. Sunday September 27 could have a rocky start to it and tempers may flare, but things improve as the day progresses.

Aquarius The Moon visits Aquarius from September 28 to 30 bringing you into your lunar high of the month. Mercury is stationary on September 29 bringing probable communication difficulties to all signs, but you have the best chance of making sense and getting though the concerns without too much sweat. Someone’s misfortune could turn out to be your lucky break. Inheritances and joint monies come into play. You may be in the mood to go out and play and certainly you should mix and mingle as the time is right to do so.

Pisces Life has been tumultuous with Uranus passing through Pisces over the last several years. Uranus is the planet associated with upheaval, change and revolution. He exits Pisces in February 2011 and no doubt you can look back and note the dynamic and profound changes that have taken place. Uranus has revolutionized you in some way. In March 2011 Neptune enters Pisces. His 14 year visit will spiritualize you and connect you to the higher realms. Now is the time to be bold, brave and willing to invite the future and all that it has to offer. Be all that you can be now and the future will take care of itself.