Welcome to our new format. I will be publishing this column once a month going forward. I have been writing a weekly column for nearly 12 years and it has become a bit of a drain. But on a monthly basis I can really sink my teeth into each column and give it the time it deserves.

We are coming into very interesting times as we move closer to 2010. The days are dominated by a malevolent square aspect involving Saturn and Pluto. Saturn moves through Libra and Pluto journeys through Capricorn. Libra and Capricorn are both dynamic cardinal signs giving them powerful status, as they lead off the fall and winter seasons.

Cardinal planets have great power and energy, enough to move the world and activate its armies, oppressors, terrorists, protesters, agents, saviors and heroes. Saturn strives to sustain the old tried and true methodologies which become ingrained as the proper and righteous way of conducting our lives. Pluto on the other hand behaves as Lord Shiva and seemingly destroys and rebuilds all old and decrepit structures and societies. Of course this energy plays out across the globe and is very evident in our culture and society.

Saturn and Pluto don’t have great reputations. They are neck and neck when it comes to death, pestilence, disease, poverty and destruction. They are symbolic deities representing karma on all levels of life. Now just before you dive under the bed trembling with fear, know that all life is cyclic and when life on Earth gets out of balance with global warming, wars, poverty and greed then the stars take hold in order to correct and aright the problems. We know that we’re in trouble and major changes are in the wind. We should welcome whatever the universe offers up. When we are under these pressures is when we will be at our most creative, and as we know, “Necessity is the Mother of invention.” Geo-thermal heating, solar panels, wind and sea power generation, electric automobiles, whatever, bring it on and let’s move into the future, and begin to erase the heavy footprint that we have made.

Cancer in all of its forms, the H1N1 virus, AIDS, you name it, we’ve got it. Saturn in Libra hammers out the tune of seeking justice, fairness and balance, while Pluto in Capricorn certainly will put the pressure on within all government agencies and bodies. The shaky political and religious hotspots will become even more so as the forces of light and darkness continue their dance throughout eternity. Yes it may get darker or it may get lighter, but God’s love will prevail and somewhere in our lengthy sojourn we will be resting in his bosom, high above the churning worlds of duality, negativity, poverty and pain.

The full Moon on November 2 will illuminate whatever problems and concerns are going on. Mercury and Mars are in the picture and they are squared off indicating an intense time. A standoff takes place and a war of nerves ensues. Heated and unkind words can cause long festering wounds that are difficult to mend. Fortunately, Venus and Neptune are in a triangle at the same time bringing opportunities for acts of compassion, forgiveness and kindness. As the Sun continues his journey through Scorpio we have the opportunity to resurrect, re-invent and renew ourselves. It is time to shed our skin and rebirth however we can on a personal, spiritual and collective level.

The last quarter square of the Moon on November 9 will enable us to put the finishing touches on whatever projects we have been working on. The LQS is likened to a shakedown cruise in which we get the final kinks and problems solved before we weigh anchor and embark on our voyage. Mercury is involved in this configuration and he is in square with Jupiter and we might want to keep a keen ear for overblown statements or offers of great returns for our dollar. In other words we may get lied to, deceived, hoodwinked and hustled. No new news here, just more of the same of those good ole Earth plane blues. We get to dine on the karma that we have cooked up personally and collectively. Do enjoy and hopefully we learn from the hard lessons offered.

Plots, plans and secret maneuvers are in the works as the Scorpio new Moon on November 16 squares off with Neptune. Things may not be as they appear to be, as often times there will be a hidden agenda and all kinds of scurrying about behind the scenes. Mars, lord of the new Moon approaches an opposition with Jupiter and neither planet is in his best sign according to Vedic tradition. Mars becomes stationary close to the winter solstice and it may very well indicate an intense and dangerous build up within all opposing forces. The line is drawn in the sand and we must all declare where we stand. Scorpio is also the sign of collective power and when needed can be activated quickly.

Although this all seems a bit top heavy with fear, it is not so. It is just my effort to call the cadence of the times and yes, the drum beat is a bit louder and more intense. Mars and Jupiter are the planets of courage, faith and exploration and when we use their energies properly we can move mountains and inspire the human spirit in all kinds of ways.

At the time of the first quarter square of the Moon on November 24 the Sun has commenced his journey through Sagittarius and the Moon is in Pisces bringing lord Jupiter strongly into play. The opposition between Mars and Jupiter continues to build in strength over the next month and they are fiery brothers associated with action, adventure, war, sporting events and all other activities that require strength, agility and bravery. Testosterone levels are on the rise. A very dynamic time is upon us and somehow we must use and accommodate the energy. It is a perfect time to sign up at the gym or to start hiking, rowing, skydiving – you name it, but it is time to get a move on and do your thing.

Jupiter and Neptune are closely associated throughout November and December heightening our spiritual receptivity, compassion and generosity. This conjunction of two very spiritual planets occurs in Aquarius, the sign of humanitarian love and caring. My beloved Guru, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj taught us to love one another and to love the God residing in all beings. We say that we love God, but we do not love our brothers and sisters. We are here for love and only love. God is love and love is God and the way back to God is through love. He also taught me that the soul is young. I always thought it was old, but he says that it is young. Many of us recognize that we always feel youthful within our deep spirit, and it is true. The soul is young and lives beyond eternity.

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Aries A shift takes place at the end of October as Saturn enters your opposite sign Libra. Saturn helps us with the tasks of putting our lives together in a disciplined and balanced way. Often times Saturn seemingly brings on concerns and complaints, restrictions and losses. Approached another way, we could say that Saturn makes us aware of our limitations and weaknesses, not in order to punish us, but in order to help us bring on a natural state of being. It is a time of building, knitting and structuring your world to the best of your ability. Certain chapters of your life are bound to end as other realities come sharply into focus. Bite the bullet and do what you have to do in order to get yourself ready for a truly exciting future just up the road a bit. Your mantra for the times should be, “Spank me harder, bring it on, give me what you got.” In other words, welcome all karma gracefully and thankfully because you have the opportunity to break through to true freedom.

Taurus The full Moon on November 2 occurs in your sign. Just as the full Moon illuminates the night sky, it will illuminate your inner sky by bringing revelations and epiphanies regarding your present circumstances. Mercury and Mars are involved in the configuration heightening and heating things up all the way around. Intense encounters may take place and things said in the heat of the moment may cause serious rifts with friends and family. If you are working on a difficult project of any sort, this full Moon energy will help bring it all to a culmination and conclusion. The last quarter square of the Moon on November 9 offers up a time in which you can sort through any type of confusion. It may be best to understate rather than overstate any concerns. This is not the best time to make proclamations about what you are going to do as you may change your mind, and change it again. Assume nothing, get the facts and wait it out until clarity comes your way. The new Moon on November 16 also points to a new direction as the heat is still on and it may take quite a bit of work in order to get life on track again. Take it easy, especially on yourself, throughout this month.

!<-- GEMINI -->

Gemini November 4 and 5 are your power play days as the bright Moon passes through Gemini bringing you into your lunar high of the month. Although November 5 may have a few surprises in store, the day should turn out to your liking. Health and work issues may need to be addressed, and travel plans may materialize soon. Spiritual changes are in the wind and for some of you, new family life may be in the works. Relationship energies are building as well. The last half of the month may be a bit more trying as the Sun and Mercury travel through your opposite sign Sagittarius. It signals a time to slow down and nurture yourself. Publishing and educational pursuits are pressing and you may not mind. The new Moon on November 16 activates your solar sixth house relating to health and work concerns. Your instincts are running high and the urge to put it all together may be strong at this time. Too much work and not enough rest can bite you on the bum if you are not careful. Set a pace that you can live and cope with.

Cancer Saturn and Pluto have commenced their work as they visit Libra and Capricorn which are signs that square or oppose your sign. This tells of a time in which a great inner transformation may be forming in your psyche. Saturn helps you to deal with the reality of limitation and frustration and his square aspect works in the way of “work in action”. In other words, you learn and gather wisdom as you go, and it can be applied appreciably in the future. Pluto works by breaking structures down, or at least apparently so. Of course it is within our own karma as to how long anything will last. Anyway the point is that a time has come up in which the dynamics that held you together with some people are evaporating and you may become restless for change. Power plays, jealousies, intrigues, money and love all figure into the play in the not too distant future. Sounds like the makings of a good book. One more thing is that a great transformation will take place within a relationship. It will be awesome and powerful, such as the birth of a child or rekindling of a love or new life. Embrace what the universe sends your way as it is a form of grace.

Leo November starts off with a bang, hopefully, not literally. The full Moon on November 2 occurs at right angles to your sign. It indicates a time in which life tenses up a bit and we have to press a little harder in order to get things right. Mercury and Mars are in the picture along with the full Moon and Mars is in Leo. It means that the swords can come out and you or others may blow off some steam and get things on the table. A downright battle may take place as others may get in your face. Mars represents fire, and as we know, fire is a good servant, but a bad master. Fire can heat the house or burn it down. It is important to measure then act rather than to just react as the stakes could be high. On another note, Mars and Jupiter form an opposition on the winter solstice this year and they are your fiery brothers. They are friends with the Sun and you may benefit. Acts of heroism and bravery may take place. You may feel more alive than ever and just waiting for your opportunity to make some moves. Now it has arrived. Prepare for adventure, danger, challenges, excitement and more, even a great inner awakening which is the best and strongest challenge of all. The urge to gamble is strong so you might want to keep a lid on it.

Virgo You get a reprieve as Saturn the task master has left your sign and will return in about five months from now for a brief visit to check up your progress. It’s all good, and it is the time to utilize the sobering truths and realties that have come your way in the last couple of years. Jupiter the planet of abundance visits your opposite sign Pisces for a yearlong visit starting in January 2010. He casts his glance your way from across the heavens, giving you the wink and nod for your effort and devotion. Life lightens up and so do you. Jupiter brings his treasure trove of opportunities for travel and education. Life takes on a shine that you may enjoy. As they say, “Make hay while the Sun shines.” The full Moon on November 2 illuminates your solar houses related to travel, publishing and education. A busy, active and lively time is predicted. The pace changes and picks up towards the end of November as the first quarter square of the Moon on November 24 is at right angles to Virgo indicating a high output of energy in order to meet and accommodate the demands of the day.

Libra The full Moon on November 2 runs across your solar money houses and it may indicate some type of play regarding personal and inherited finances. Another take on this full Moon is that it can create the instinct to take stock of everything and of course, do the Libra thing, which is to find the balance. Lord Venus forms a triangle with Neptune bringing an idyllic state of affairs in which love, harmony and creativity flourish. Your spirit may be lifted and the urge to assist and help those that need it most may move you strongly. Social activities, entertainment and any type of beautification projects flourish nicely. Saturn is making his presence known as he has entered Libra and will be in the picture strongly over the next two years. Saturn is exalted in Libra meaning that he does well in this sign. Much depends on your present state of affairs regarding health and career. Saturn often signals a time to cut back, trim the fat and live on less. It makes sense to the balanced Libras and nonsense to those that want to ignore Saturn’s lessons. “Live clean and let your works be seen” is your mantra for the times.

Scorpio The full Moon on November 2 will illuminate the night sky and your internal sky as well. Expressed another way, this is a time of revelation. Whatever has been held back and hidden may come out now. Mercury and Mars are involved with the full Moon indicating tense times in which angry words can be exchanged. You may be tested, tempted and challenged and you may say things that you really didn’t want to say. Venus spends the last three weeks of November moving through Scorpio and she brings love, peace, creativity, popularity and harmony your way. The last quarter square of the Moon on November 9 also carries some challenges that you should be aware of. Watch for the tendency to overreact or to blow things out of proportion. Things may get confusing and the lines may get fuzzy in the last half of the month. An intense fall and winter season is in store and you may enjoy being in the fray, whatever it may be. Coming home with powder burns on your cheeks may bring a sense of importance and belonging.

Sagittarius Mars and Lord Jupiter are coming into an opposition phase that carries on over the next five weeks. It indicates dynamic action all the way around. You may be stoked, ready to ride and lead the way. Your opinions will be heard one way or the other and you will be in a fiery mood, raving on about the injustices and all the dumb and ignorant things that go on. Now you can do something about it. The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21 bringing you into your solar high of the year, and with this Mars – Jupiter opposition going on you may be more fired up than usual. Adventure, excitement and some danger are all ingredients in the play throughout this month. The first quarter square of the Moon on November 24 will bring some of this message into reality for you. It is a great time to make an offer, communicate and share your beliefs and visions. Mercury is in triangle with Mars on November 26 helping to hone and sharpen your intellect. You will be on a roll, and others just might have to step back out of the way as you are coming through. Most of all, make sure that you get up and do something now.

Capricorn Lord Saturn is in square aspect with Pluto who happens to be in your sign. The combination offers up great tension as Saturn’s energy is to keep and maintain all traditional ways of running and protecting society. Pluto on the other hand represents corrosion, addiction, corruption, greed and power. So, we have these two forces, one wanting to maintain and the other wanting to destroy the old way of doing things. In one form we are evolving as we wrap our heads around the present day realities and we also witness the great suffering and complex concerns across the globe. You may have the wand of power in some way or form and it is imperative that you hold the flame high and stay out of the darkness as you can lose big time. You may be a great King or Queen, fondly remembered as a true benefactor. In general it is a time of endings and beginnings.

Aquarius Two distinct planetary patterns that will affect your sign take place in early November. The full Moon on November 2 runs in square aspect with Aquarius and generally you would find these days to be trying and stressful. Mercury and Mars are involved as well and the whole group of them will affect your sign strongly. Tense situations come up and you will have to be on your toes in order to handle the challenges that come up in early November and right into the winter season. The other pattern of note is that Venus is forming a triangle with Neptune on November 2 and may very well offset the potential negativity indicated around this particular full Moon. Venus and Neptune are related to personal and universal concepts of love. Plus Jupiter and Neptune conjoin on the winter solstice this year bringing untold blessings, visions, breakthroughs and lucky breaks. Travel and matters of the higher mind come to the fore. Another manifestation of this energy is total escapism into a world of fantasy and imagination. Well, one thing is that you are morphing in consciousness and it may be wise to seek out and knock on the door to true inner contentment, beyond the confines of the mind , intellect and ego. Great adventures are about to take place.

Pisces Jupiter, the ancient and original ruler of Pisces comes home to his own sign in January 2010. He visits for the whole year bringing his blessings and abundance your way. He is King of the Gods and his energy is soothing and healing. Don’t wait for his benevolent glance, but get moving towards what you would truly love to happen in your life. No sense waiting for a handout or a blessing for they will come in their own time. If you are living true to yourself then freedom may be close at hand. It up to you to decide what freedom means. Your life may have changed in many ways as Uranus made his way through Pisces over the last several years. He is still on board until March 2011. His revolutionary tactics often bring changes that are shocking, upsetting and life changing. If the pathway has been cleared then Lord Jupiter brings his grace in the form of enlightenment. Jupiter and Neptune, co-rulers of Pisces, meet up in Aquarius mid-December and this is another harbinger of spiritual openings and possible miracles taking place. Humanitarian efforts may get a great boost and hopefully there will some breakthroughs in the news regarding how we care for one another…