December promises to be hot. I know that it is a ridiculous statement, but nonetheless, it will be a hot month regardless of the weather. We have heard the term, “Once in a Blue Moon”, and it refers to a calendar month with two full Moons in it. We start the month with a full Moon on December 1, and we finish the month with a full Moon, a ‘Blue Moon’ and Lunar eclipse to boot on New Year’s Eve. No, the Moon is not going to turn blue, but you might if you hold your breath long enough. While we dance the night away or the month away, Mars shows up and makes his presence known. He is moving through Leo and he is slowing down as he seemingly stops and reverses his direction on December 20, just a day before the winter solstice. A slow moving planet has lots of power and Mars can be coarse in his ways. Leo is a comfortable sign for Mars, as the Sun, Lord of Leo is friends with his fiery brother. God knows what this combination will cook up for mankind to dine on.

While, we’re sorting through the probable antics that the planets will bring our way we can look at a few world leaders and see how their charts are measuring up with the planetary positions. In ancient times horoscopes were cast for royalty, because the King or Emperor’s fate reflected the destiny of the masses. We await with high anticipation the fateful date of December 21, 2012. It’s all over the media these days, endless articles and programs carrying on about it. It is the date of the end of the Mayan Calendar. Prophesies abound, with the great astrologer Nostradamus leading the way as we brace for apocalyptical days. In Nostradamus’ predictions he talks about a great and powerful Solar Eclipse around the time of the 2012 phenomena that would have a major effect on mankind. Well I have checked every solar eclipse from now until 2020 and the only one that really measures up Nostradamus’ description occurs on January 14, 2010! Two other solar eclipses that will affect Canada and the U.S. will take place on January 6, 2019, and June 21, 2020. More on these dates later. The effects of a solar eclipse may last for up to five years. If the eclipse lands on a personal planet in your birth chart it will point to important karmic developments that have ripened and matured and now must be endured, positive or negative, according to our karma and the condition of our birth horoscopes.

What I am carrying on about is the fact that the solar eclipse on January 14/15, 2010 will conjunct U.S. President Barack Obama’s Saturn and Michelle Obama’s Sun, bringing a most powerful fate and destiny into their lives. Well, they are the leaders of the free world and of course they have massive responsibilities on their shoulders. In the midst of this concern, Mars comes along and becomes stationary on December 20, 2009 at 19 degrees of Leo which happens to be the seventh house cusp of President Obama’s horoscope. It is the house of marriage or war. Those that oppose or stand by us in battle are represented by the seventh house. This Mars position puts him in grave danger, whilst the planet Uranus makes an opposition to President Obama’s Mars, at the same time increasing the likelihood of some type of great upset or concern unfolding. The stress and strain of office may take its toll and a rest may be needed. I pray that none of this comes to pass and I hope that they will come through unscathed. I cannot imagine the hefty and weighty decisions that will have to be made in the near future in order to handle the problems of our world. So, my guess is that whatever happens in the short term surrounding this eclipse will snowball into the concerns we’ll have to deal with over the next several years.

The tension in the middle east is not diminishing at all as the world powers and Iran continue their nerve jangling game of nuclear chess. Pluto continues his journey through Capricorn and will make an opposition to the Sun and planets in the Canadian and U.S. charts until 2015 indicating an important time in which great changes take place within our societies and cultures. It gets darker and darker, and lighter and lighter as the forces of positive and negative energy continue their eternal struggle for dominance. We know in the end that the light and the positive will win. No doubt about it. A rebirth occurs and a new spiritual, less materialistic reality becomes the norm over time. So I think the Mayans are right and the world as we knew it, is dying off and the world of the future is coming to life. Dying and birthing, birthing and dying, oh yes, here we go. No fear, as the karma or drama was written and signed for long ago, possibly further than we could ever imagine. It’s all good and it is all grace in the sense of the opportunities to get it right and to bring some type of peace to the planet. Nothing less than a total catharsis of our ways and values will do. As my Guru would say, “You cannot wash away blood with blood, but only with the waters of forgiveness.” Mankind must awaken to this universal, spiritual thought.

We all want to be treated well and respected. When the pundits weighed in on President Obama’s deep bow when he met the leaders of Japan, they said it was embarrassing that he would bow to anybody. In my mind it represented the deep humility and respect that abides within Barack Obama. Imagine the man (King or President) with the most power in the world in his hands, coming to your door step with a deep gesture of kindness and respect. It is what is needed. Let’s drop the ego B.S. and embrace one another and get on with the business of feeding and educating all people in all places. Remember the mantra, “One love, one people, one planet.”

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Aries The December skies favour dear Aries. Travel and career sectors are alive and activated. Publishing and education feature strongly along with opportunities for growth and expansion work-wise. Romance, adventure and excitement fill the days. It sounds like you will be very busy right through the month. Although the stars are favouring you, it does not mean that it is a cake walk at all. If anything, you may be going through a deep transformative process on many levels of your life, some comfortable and some of it possibly excruciatingly difficult. A few losses are indicated and some things will end. Go with the flow and keep moving in the direction that serves you best and brings the most contentment. New alliances and friendships are developing, and for some of you the birth of a child may change the course of your direction. Long held notions come to an end as a new light of understanding begins to dawn in your consciousness.

Taurus An interest in the afterlife may come up now. The urge to get to the deeper intrinsic meaning of anything and everything may drive you these days. Life and death, inheritances, taxes, joint and shared monies are all strong topics throughout December. A new spiritual awareness is developing along with increased opportunities professionally. Music, art, magic and mysteries capture your attention. You may be traveling in the last portion of the month, after the winter solstice on December 21. You will have to chill out and cope with ongoing irritants that continue to trip you up for the next few months. Moves, construction, buying and selling of property are in the forecast, which seems ridiculous for most sedentary Taurus types around Christmas time. Possibly it may be just a great amount of action at home with family and friends.

Gemini The majority of planets are casting fine energy your way throughout December. A quickening effect is noticed and life’s activities pick up, creating an increased demand on your time, which you may not mind. The month starts off with a bang as the full Moon on December 1, takes place in your sign. Plus Mercury and Neptune harmonize bringing a flow of ideas and intuition that serves you well. You may have to conserve your energy somewhat as this is your solar low time of the year until December 21. Conserve and preserve is the way to go. Relationship prospects brighten romantically and socially. It is time to broaden and open your world through travel and education, possibly both.

Cancer Read the introduction regarding the Blue Moon lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve. It takes place in your sign. All full Moons are impactful for Cancer people as the Moon is your ruler. This particular full moon brings epiphanies, conclusions and illumination on concerns that have been ongoing. If you are born around July 2 the influence will be felt strongly. Changes are in the wind. You may be restless and stirred up about something. Mysteries may be revealed, or further concealed. Attractions, possibly dangerous ones should be avoided if you can help it. Endings and beginnings take place along with births and deaths. Late December into January is a time that you will have to pace yourself and conserve your energy. Power, love, fame, family and wealth are topics of obsession or strong interest in the weeks and months to come. Allow the universe to guide you along and it will do so unfailingly. You may be compelled in a way as never before. Go easy and slow till you know.

Leo The heat is on as Mars lingers in your sign until early June. Mars represents fire, aggression, exploration, heroism, war, sports, competition, anger, jealousy, operations, accidents and injuries. The list is long but the point is that you must use and accommodate this Mars energy in some way in your life. If you are an adventurous sport enthusiast that loves swashbuckling on the high seas then your time has arrived. If you are a heavy duty shark lawyer or mobster, gangster or whatever, then your time has arrived as well. Welders, surgeons, builders, engineers contractors, rebels, solders, firemen, police officers, agents and counter agents are all on the move. Actors, entertainers, bouncers, weight lifters, and fighters will benefit from this prolonged and powerful visit of Mars to your sign. Gear up, gird your loins and prepare for action. Getting in shape, working out, learning technical skills, and doing research and science are other positive Mars activities.

Virgo Saturn completed his two year transit through Virgo in late October. Often we feel the pinch when Saturn is around, as his message is one of scarcity. Now Uranus is still moving through Pisces which is opposite to Virgo and his influence usually is one of instability, change and surprise. In order to accommodate this unsettling influence it is better to flow with it rather than resist whatever changes are coming up. Career changes are probable as are lifestyle changes as well. In reality it is the universal karmic plan coming down exactly the way it is supposed to. Your plan is to stick with the program and lean into what must be done in order to bring order and rhythm in to your life. Jupiter visits your opposite sign Pisces starting in mid January and promises to bring abundance and opportunities your way throughout 2010. Get busy and move towards your goals.

Libra The Moon passes through Libra from December 9 to 11, bringing you into your lunar high of the month. December 9 could be a heavy day and heavier evening if you allow. December 10 is much brighter and December 11 even better. Confidence, energy, and strength all combine and you flow through the days in style, at least your style. The majority of the planets are in harmony with Libra throughout the first three weeks of the month. Artistic expression is strong for the creative and musical types, while all social activities and connections get a boost as well. The end of the month may be more challenging as the full moon lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve may bring to light certain limitations or fears concerning home, family and work. Your hopes are high and the presence of Saturn keeps everything somehow balanced and not out of proportion. Anything that is out of balance most likely will be addressed in the next two years. Home, property, family, and children all figure into the mix as you head into 2010.

Scorpio The Moon visits Scorpio on December12 and 13, heightening life’s activities considerably. Saturday December 12 has a great flow to it and the day passes by with hardly a notice. Sunday December 13 has a different tone to it and the morning’s peace may be fragile. Concerns that have not been expressed or voiced may build through the day along with a possible misunderstanding. It may be wise to avoid confrontation until the issues are clear. The natural ruler of Scorpio is Mars and he is in Leo until early June 2010. Leo rules your career sector in the natural solar wheel and indicates that you will be busy and the competition is on. Roll up your sleeves and wade in to the fray. It’s life just the way you like it. Jupiter casts his yearlong blessings your way starting mid January 2010, in the form of business connections, relationships and children’s interests. Go to work and do the Scorpio thing which is to lean in to what has to be done in order to bring success and happiness.

Sagittarius The full Moon on December 1 illuminates the pathway ahead. Revelations come flooding in regarding all aspects of your life. Health, home, career and relationships are in need of attention. The new Moon on December 16 occurs in your sign and is another indicator that changes are in the wind. The new Moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Neptune bringing a string of fortunate developments that lift your spirits. Venus the planet of love, money and creativity is moving through Sagittarius and is in triangle with Mars at the time of the new Moon, bringing excitement, attraction and action your way. In essence, the stars look good for Sagittarius and you can move through the month easily and gracefully, or you can roll up your sleeves and make dynamic things happen. Sincere efforts are rewarded. Effort creates opportunity. The early bird gets the worm and the late worm, well we know what happened to him. Values are changing and a new restlessness takes hold. Go with the flow.

Capricorn The Sun enters your sign on December 21 as we celebrate the Winter Solstice. We experience the longest night and shortest day and we see evidence the day light is lengthening as we head into January. It is your solar high of the year in which you tend to shine a bit brighter. Venus the love planet enters Capricorn on Christmas day and makes a conjunction with Pluto on December 27 bringing some very interesting energy your way over the holidays. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is an appropriate slogan for this type of conjunction. Love and devotion deepen, mysteries abound, divorces and separations, births and deaths are all in the mix. The full Moon, Blue Moon lunar eclipse on New Year’s Eve will certainly put the spotlight on what it is all about. Revelations and epiphanies abound while rumors surround. Good old Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on December 27 adding probable delays and confusion into the recipe for the holidays. One prominent Capricorn, Tiger Woods is in the news regarding his accident at the time of this writing and he hasn’t made a statement yet, but from the look of his chart and the planetary activity affecting it, I would say the man is in trouble and will need our love and support to regain his status. The Lunar eclipse on December 1 falls across his Sun indicating important karmic changes coming up for the man. It is a most profound time in the fate and destinies of Capricorn. Stay in the light and go slow in all that you do.

Aquarius A special conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune takes place in your sign just hours before the Winter solstice on December 21. Those born within a few days of February 14 will receive the lion’s share of what this conjunction is about. Jupiter is King of the Gods and he is known for his visionary gifts of prophesy, generosity and expansive ways, while Neptune connects us to the astral realms of consciousness. It means that some of you Aquarians are about to embark on a profound spiritual journey of discovery. Humanitarian, social and civic activities will draw your attention as well. Some Aquarians will gain great fame and fortune at this time. The only cautionary note is that there is a tendency to overdo things when Jupiter is around and Neptune at times can lead us down the wrong path. It is of utmost importance that you make the best choices that you can regarding healthy and productive lifestyles. Neptune loosens your grip on reality, making it easy to make mistakes. Caution with all substances is needed as this combination can enhance any form of addiction.

Pisces The Moon enters Pisces six hours after the Winter Solstice on December 21, bringing you into your lunar high of the month. The solstice heralds the onset of the winter season, a time in which we become more reflective and inward bound. While all of this is going on, Jupiter and Neptune are conjoining in Aquarius which is the twelfth sign from your sign. It tells of a time of openings in your consciousness advancement through intuition, epiphanies, dreams and visions. You may be packing your bags, literally or psychologically as you prepare to embark on new journeys of discovery. Your compassion level is high and you may be in the mood to do what you can to help others out. Stay open and listen to what the universe is saying as it is speaking loudly right now.