“No two Astrologers shall agree upon anything,” was the curse that Lord Vishnu cast upon the stargazers, when he realized that they we’re affecting his life too much. The curse seems to still be in effect. In one of the glossy rags dedicated to professional astrology, an astrologer wrote that the upcoming solar eclipse on January 14, 2010 was fairly benign. As for myself, in my humble opinion, I carry the exact opposite view. The solar eclipse on January 14/15, 2010 is the most powerful, important and potent eclipse that we will experience in the next ten years. I don’t think that we need to hide under our desks on January 14, and we will not witness the eclipse as it occurs late at night well after sunset. No starry phenomena to stare at, but lots of very dynamic karmic action unfolding and manifesting as huge events that affect the destiny of man in the days, weeks and months after the eclipse.

The eclipse takes place in late Capricorn, the sign of big business, governments and all ruling agencies and parties. Saturn, lord of the eclipse rises in Libra as he reaches exalted status. This just means that whatever Saturn stands for will be in effect strongly. Saturn in Libra represents the effort to bring things to order and balance. Judgments are made, decisions that affect the world take shape and are put into place. So far, we’re just doing our normal observations as we strive to understand planetary behavior. What gets me squirming in my seat is the fact that this particular solar eclipse conjuncts U.S. President Barack Obama’s Saturn and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Sun indicating very important developments taking place that will have a powerful effect on their lives, the lives of the people that they lead and those that oppose. Just before you nod off with the numbness of yet another astrologer droning on about the forebodings of the future, we might want to take into consideration that at the time of the eclipse Saturn is practically stopped in the sky as he prepares to retrograde and at the same time Mercury the planet of communications, plans, business and commerce also is reversing direction, each within a day of the eclipse. Yes this makes me sweat and I can only imagine what will be born out of this time period. We had a major solar eclipse involving Saturn in January 1991 just at the start of the gulf war. This eclipse effects the most powerful man in the world and his wife. They are the leaders of the free world and big movements are in the wind.

Venus, Lord of Libra is in conjunction with the eclipse. Venus and Saturn are in mutual reception meaning that they are in each other’s signs, yet another indicator that the karmic angels are afoot. On top of this fine planetary entanglement is the fact that stationary Mercury is conjunct with Pluto, while stationary Saturn is in square with Mercury and Pluto and is a final indicator that something is up and soon enough we will hear all about it as man continues to find ways to live and cooperate with one another.

Now is the time in which we must work our hardest and strive our strongest in order to bring a lasting peace to this little piece of real estate that we tentatively coexist on. No doubt the forces of darkness and light will clash once again. As ominous and oppressive as it all sounds, keep in mind it is nothing new as this is the general fare of existing in the plane of duality under the sway of the mind and senses. The Great Saint, Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj said that where there is mind and Maya, there can be no peace. What we’re after lies above the causal plane, where duality leaves off and we begin to come into our own as we rise higher and higher back to our true home high above the stars, suns, moons, planets and galaxies. No fear, no worry, only love and more love will do. See you on the high side.

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Aries Gird your loins, put on your helmet and shoulder pads and be ready for the rocket ship ride of your life in 2010 – 2011 and onwards, upwards and maybe even sideways. I’m trying to keep it down, but being an Aries myself, I can hardly contain my excitement as I contemplate the presence of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries starting in June 2010. Have no shame in your game and after you have dreamt up what you really want to do and what you want to make, double it and go for it. Most importantly, don’t lose sight of the true goal which is self realization, spiritual emancipation, freedom and love. Now get busy.

Taurus You’re off the hook, you get a free pass and the road in front of you is clear of obstructions. I know it sounds weird, so let me take another run at it. The stars are looking the other way, they are not in the way, and although we cannot claim a clear karmic ledger as long as we dwell on the earth, it seems to me that Taurus is getting a cosmic break of sorts. Oh yes there will be a fair share of planetary activity affecting your sign throughout 2010, but none directly, or too dramatically. Family and real-estate feature, as do health matters, but mainly you may be seeking a deeper significance and meaning to life and you may possibly commence a search for the truth.

Gemini Read Taurus as the general tenor will be the same for your sign. The big planets are not moving through Gemini in 2010, but will affect your sign as they cast aspects such as squares, trines etc. Your solar career sector heats up throughout the year as special offers and opportunities present themselves. A career makeover may be in the wind. Children and all that they represent will become an important feature throughout the next two years. Long term romances may flourish. Travel, academia, and the countless and never ending curiosities that percolate the labyrinth of the Gemini mind will be pursued with a renewed interest and vigor. New contacts, new circles and friends morph into existence, no doubt to your delight. Writing and research fill the days.

Cancer January to June is your prep time as you gear up, man up and make ready for a cornucopia of challenges and changes of the most dramatic kind. You may get a whiff of what is in the wind in the guise of potential new job offers that may be tantalizingly desirable but dangerous, life altering and no doubt, exciting. A deep and profound relationship may alter your course and you may discover that you are in the midst of an important redirection, orientation and rebirthing on many levels. You are a dynamic cardinal water sign indicating great passion and energy in all that you do, tenacious no doubt, and more than capable when the mood strikes you right. Home, family and education feature prominently now. Get a move on.

Leo In the Wizard of Oz, the Lion was on his way to see the Wizard so that he could gain his courage and pride. When he bullied the Tin Man the girl smacked him and called him a coward. He wept and soon they were off on their search. It might be your time to find the wizard or at least regain your courage, pride and strength. Mars continues his visit to your sign until early June helping you in every way. Mars represents exploration, confrontation, strength, metal, fire, surgery, battles and bravery. It is time to take a stand for what you believe in. New vistas are opening, new adventures of the highest kind are looming just over the horizon. Suck it up and move towards the future. Travel and the higher mind are hot topics, soon to be hotter as the year progresses. Do be careful as the Mars energy can be lethal if mishandled. Respect machines and fire and try to curb the daredevil thing, unless that really is your thing.

Virgo Saturn spent the last two years moving through Virgo. He is not light and frivolous in his ways and often brings serious life changing events into our lives. The economy has been tough and the job market scarce. I think of Virgo as the perfect sign that can accommodate Saturn’s dictates and doctrines as the planet Saturn and the sign Virgo have the same modus operandi. Order and harmony, hard work, dedication and devotion are the key words for this Saturn and Virgo combination. Uranus is moving though your opposite sign Pisces and Saturn will make an opposition with Uranus in the spring of 2010. Those born between September 19 and 21 will be most affected. Saturn demands that you live in a natural, organic way, while Uranus challenges us to be original. I call it the double ‘O’ effect, as in Organic and Original. It may be time to revolutionize yourself in some way, or possibly the universe will do it for you. It’s all good.

Libra A profound time is shaping up as the big planets line up in Libra, Aries and Capricorn in 2010. Saturn visits Libra which is his sign of exaltation indicating that you can get the best from his visit. His ways are starchy, rigid and generally not much fun, but like taking castor oil, although not desirable, will make you feel better in the long run. Jupiter and Uranus begin their journeys through your opposite sign Aries starting in early June guaranteeing to bring exciting, challenging and dynamic energies and changes into your life. Don’t look back and certainly gear up for all kinds of dynamic changes that will take place in 2010-11. Health, harmony and balance are the key ingredients for success.

Scorpio There is no major direct planetary activity out of the ordinary affecting your solar chart in 2010. Although most assuredly there will be plenty of planetary action that will affect the various planets in your birth horoscope that might prove to be important throughout the year. Career opportunities and challenges still exist and it may be best to cut back expenditures and such in preparation for Saturn’s visit to your sign from the fall of 2012 to December 2014. Follow your instincts for they are naturally strong in most Scorpio people. Slim and trim, meditate, follow a balanced diet and take care of your body and soul. This is the work now and will be the work of the future, but more intensely then if not worked on and balanced now. Take flight mighty warrior, spread your wings, fly high and catch a glimpse of the big picture.

Sagittarius A shift takes place as your ruling planet Jupiter moves into Aries along with Uranus in early June 2010. Both these planets will be casting their respective powers and gifts into your sign. It tells of a time of new adventures taking shape, the birth of a child or the birth of ideas that change your life. Jupiter represents expansion and prophecy, while Uranus offers innovation, invention and revolution. You may need something to sink your teeth into that ignites that internal fire of life, love and adventure. Think big and start acting on it, just like the seedlings that burst forth from the burnt forest floor bringing new life. Now it is time to come up out of the ashes.

Capricorn The solar eclipse on January 14 is important, powerful and impactful. Read the introduction regarding it. Venus accompanies the eclipse and she represents, love, values, ethics and morality. Plus Mercury and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn and squared off with Saturn the lord of the eclipse as he rises in the east in his exaltation sign Libra. It means that a potentially dangerous time has arrived and the seeds planted in past actions can take hold and bring their yields. Ask Tiger Woods. The lunar eclipse on December 31 fell across his sun line as we witness the devastation that is occurring in his life. Beloved, well meaning, super rich and famous, but humbled. I’m not kicking the man while he’s down, I’m helping him up, for I have walked in shoes and lost my family, from which one never really recovers. In essence it is a time of rebirthing and reinventing yourself on the deepest of levels.

Aquarius It is a highly specialized time as Jupiter and Neptune have made their conjunction in your sign. Keep a diary and jot down your thoughts and inspirations, visions and dreams that come through now as there may be strong symbolic messages within them that you may not fully comprehend now. Soon life is going to take a quantum leap as the big planets start getting into the dynamic cardinal signs starting in early June 2010. They will be casting their positive energy your way and you should make best use of it. Neptune has had you in a slumber for some years and soon the fog will lift and you will see clearly which path to tread on. Awake and shake it off. Mars casts powerful rays as well, bringing intensity and dynamic energies that must be handled accordingly throughout the winter and spring. Use it as spring board into the future.

Pisces Jupiter visits Pisces from mid January to early June bringing special breaks and blessing. Abundance, a change of scene, travel and a renewed self confidence propels you along nicely. Important changes take place in the spring time and you may enjoy what it is all about. There are hurdles, blocks and other concerns that will come up that will have to be dealt with and again you may not mind. A new spiritual hope springs up and opportunities for travel and advancement take shape. It is an exciting time and you should ride it accordingly. Adventure, discovery and freedom become the keywords of the day.