In the January edition of this column I had expressed my consternation regarding the solar eclipse and planetary positions on January 14/15. It was the most powerful eclipse that we have experienced for at least a decade. I stated that the karmic angels were afoot and something big was cooking. It made me sweat and squirm in my seat just thinking about it. The nations of the world would have to muster together in order to deal with whatever came our way. Two days before the eclipse a tragic and devastating earthquake shattered Haiti and its inhabitants. Millions are suffering and it will take some years for life to return to some form of normalcy for the dear souls that are left in the wake of events in the last few weeks. Another shock came as President Obama suffered a serious defeat in the senate on healthcare reform. We will see the fallout in the months to come. The gloves are off and those that oppose his leadership will stand out now.

The 2010 Winter Olympics commence on February 12 at 10:A.M. The planets are aligned nicely as the games get under way in Whistler, B.C. Interpreting planetary symbolism is the art and craft of any worthy astrologer. I cannot help but notice that the symbol of the winter games called, Iianaaq the Inukshuk is in the form of a human being. The symbol for Aquarius is also the form of a human being. The Sun and Moon, along with Mercury and Neptune are visiting Aquarius at the commencement of the games. It tells of a time in which we can invoke the true spirit of Aquarius, bringing people together from across the globe to share in the glory of our youth’s efforts and achievements, which will be etched in our memories forever. Arms extended, we welcome one and all to our fair land.

The Aquarius New Moon on February 13 has a few unique qualities to it. The Sun, Moon and Neptune are closely associated at the time of the New Moon bringing a Neptunian flavoring to the event’s that come to pass throughout February. On the positive side of the coin Neptune represents compassion, caring, service and love on a universal level. The Olympics are a global phenomenon and all eyes are looking our way. On the other side of the coin Neptune can indicate confusion, misdirection, suffering, addiction, escapism and possibly fanaticism. Mercury and Mars are in opposition adding lots of spark, tension and probable confrontation as those that need to oppose will strive to have their voices heard. Accidents and calamities are probable and we should be wise, cautious and patient throughout these dynamic and intense days, especially February 12, 13, and 14.

To weigh up the planetary influences it would be my estimation that by the time of the closing ceremonies on February 28 we will hold our heads up with pride that we weathered, overcame and succeeded wonderfully. The full Moon on February 28 has Jupiter involved and he brings, joy, happiness, abundance, achievement and awards as Jupiter is the ruler of all competitions, athletics and certainly awards of human endeavors and accomplishments. Well Done, Canada!

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Aries Fiery Lord Mars casts excellent energy your way throughout the month of February The new moon on February 13 also contributes nicely as a series of serendipitous events come together. You may be working hard and now your efforts are starting to pay off. Mars and Mercury are in an opposition pattern on February 12/13 and you will have to be cautious as heated words and exchanges may possibly take place. Saturn spends the month moving through your opposite sign Libra helping you in many ways, especially with the tasks of creating a harmonious and rhythmic lifestyle. New circles of friends are developing and it may benefit you to seek and join up with others that share your interests and passions. It is an exciting time and the future is heading your way at lightning speed. Pay now and play later, or play now and pay later.

Taurus “Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” This seems to be a fitting description of the energy on board throughout February for Taurus. The stars are at crossroads regarding your sign and you will have to be on your best behavior in order to get through the days unscathed. Any misuse of power probably will backfire and if you become too bullish in order to get your way others will react. Bide your time and wait for clear skies. Popularity gets a boost and those that know and value you will show their love and support. It is time to open up and socialize developing new friendships and contacts. Creative energy is brimming and the workload is increasing. You have to set a pace in order to deal with it all.

Gemini The Aquarius New Moon on February 13 along with the planetary positions meshes nicely with your sign. It’s your kind of time. The spirit of Aquarius shines through the days, and like Gemini, Aquarius is an air sign and is based on cooperative efforts, which is obviously about communications and agreements. This is where you come in to the play strongly now. The time and atmosphere is just right and you can gain considerable yardage with any serious effort on your part. Your solar career sector is hot and your solar travel houses are humming. It tells me that you may be very inspired and chock full of creative, innovative ideas that the world needs to learn about. Spiritual awakenings and longings manifest and should be tended to. Busy, busy.

Cancer Venus and Jupiter light up your solar 9th house of travel after February 11. They are called the lesser and greater benefic planets and they are considered to be Brahmin class planets of the highest order. On a deep level Venus enhances and effects our higher qualities such as love, compassion, caring, ethics and morality. Jupiter symbolizes our higher concepts of caring be it in the educational, legal, medical or social areas of our lives. Venus and Jupiter cast fine energy into your sign throughout the last half of the month bringing untold blessings. Possibly you will meet the love of your life while you’re beachcombing in Maui or whatever exotic place that suits your fancy. For the less adventurous lunar types, February may pass by unnoticed. I know it is an odd comment, but sometimes when we’re having a good time the time flies by unnoticed. There is a lot of grace around and you can get further with less effort if you take advantage of the opportunities that are staring right at you.

Leo When the Sun travels through your opposite sign Aquarius it heralds your solar low of the year. It is a time to rest, recuperate and recover. This year may be different though. Mars continues his journey through your sign and there may be no time for rest. If anything you may be very restless, up and on about something. Positive or negative, this is a hot time and will not pass without some important, intense and dynamic developments taking place. Mercury and Mars form an opposition on February 12/13 and the sparks will be flying, and some folks crying, if temperance and patience are not heeded. Remember that a cut from a sword heals in a short time, but a cut from sharp tongue may fester for a lifetime or more. True bravery is needed. Neptune joins with the Sun and Moon at the time of the New Moon on February 13 and is another indicator that the trickster is out and about and confusion, misdirection, and misplaced affection can all wreak their havoc. Stay clear, clean, honest and sober. Those that are spiritually receptive may experience some divinity, visions and epiphanies throughout the month.

Virgo Venus and Jupiter cast their blessings your way throughout the last three weeks of February. They will be moving through your opposite sign Pisces which is just about the best place that these two benefic planets can be. It is time to spiff things up to their brightest shine. A redo, remake and overhaul may be in the works. Isn’t it wonderful, what love will do? Charity does begin at home and now it is time for you to be charitable to yourself. Saturn is still etching his deep wisdom into your soul as he revisits Virgo from April through to the end of July. These are school days with lots of learning, especially in the classroom of life. It is time to perfect your skills, get married, have babies, get a job and get it all working in a rhythmic fashion, body, mind and soul.

Libra Saturn continues to make his presence known as he extends his visit to your sign. We can dress him up and describe him with flowery words, but beneath the cloak he is still stark and stern and extracts his due, one way or the other when he comes a calling. He helps us to see our limitations and working slowly over time he helps us to clear our imperfections. Now Mercury, Mars, the Sun, Moon, and Neptune all conspire in a good way as they work in harmony and cast their good energies into your sign, especially around February 12/13. A new start is indicated as you work on clearing the past and welcoming the future as you balance the present. Health, work, diet, and of course, all relationships get a work out. “Be kind to yourself” is the main mantra of the times.

Scorpio In the last few weeks of February Venus and Jupiter will be traveling through Pisces which is a sign harmonious to Scorpio. Opportunities develop in business and romance. At the least, Venus and Jupiter’s positive energies will bring good effects into your life, bringing a brighter picture into focus. Renewed hopes and dreams sustain you. Children, babies and what they bring into our lives may feature prominently. It may not all be a cake walk though as Mars and Mercury cross swords and you may be affected through confrontations, aggravation and irritation, especially on February 12 and 13. Things may not be as they appear and it is important to avoid knee-jerk reactions when all the facts or truths may not have came out yet. Sweet and sour is the mix of the times. By this I mean that there is an opportunity to create love and harmony or just the opposite if you have to go that way. It is all within how you perceive life to be. Long term tensions may simmer throughout the winter and spring seasons if you allow.

Sagittarius A very interesting time period has developed. The transiting planets are casting good rays your way. It is time to jump in the saddle and head out on some high adventure, be it in the world of high finance, politics, spirituality, leadership, education, or foreign policy. Whatever your hobby horse, whatever your passions, now is the time ride out and meet your fate and destiny. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is the mantra for the times for your sign. You are the true ringleader, although there are a few Leo types that would beg to differ. Family, home, and real estate all figure prominently now. Buying selling, moving, upgrading, family reunions, and other unions are all destined to take shape and fall in to place.

Capricorn The only problem with reaching the pinnacle of success and achievement is that there is only one way to go from there, which of course is downwards. Tiger Woods and his wife are born a day apart different years, both at the end of December. The glare of the public eye has dimmed a bit and now they must pick up the pieces and hopefully put their lives back together. They are a fairly good template for the energy that is on board presently for Capricorn. Success and power is a slippery slope and things can change rapidly. Venus and Jupiter cast fine energy into your sign in the last three weeks of February bringing a series of short journeys and possibly some excellent developments in the media and communications areas. “Strive not to be seduced” is the mantra of the times for your sign.

Aquarius The Aquarius New Moon on February 13 is accompanied by Neptune enhancing the realms of hope and compassion, healing, helping and serving humanity however we can. Record your dreams and follow your intuition as it will be strong throughout February. Neptune has an escapist quality to it, and often times Neptune’s influence will make us vulnerable and not able to cope with the transgressions and abuse wherever it may be. It is a time to seek spiritually, but carefully as you may be easily manipulated or influenced.
Go slow until you know. Acting, music, entertainment, humanitarian work and artistic expression become enhanced. Astrology and metaphysics become attractive to you. Your earning power may get a boost as well. It is time to draw to yourself what it is that you truly need and want.

Pisces Venus and Jupiter move through Pisces in the last few weeks of February. This certainly is good news as Jupiter is the ruler of Pisces and Venus is exalted there. Venus and Jupiter are Brahmin class planets and they bring privilege, wisdom, opportunity and goodwill to the table. Love, travel, spiritual seeking and enhancement in the quality of life should come your way, nay, not should but will come your way. Make it happen by making the moves that you always wanted to make. A new chapter begins with blank pages just waiting for you to fill them. You can just get by and it may not be too hard to do, but that would be a mistake and misuse of this very opportune time in which you can truly bring some peace and happiness into your life. The Full Moon non February 28 brings revelations and epiphanies.