Ahem, excuse me, sorry, but we do own the podium and we are darn proud of it! Nay Sayers and whiners step back out of the way as Canada basks in the glory of the day. In the February column regarding the Winter Olympics I warned that there was danger of accidents, mishaps and confusion, which all took place. I also wrote the words below regarding the conclusion of the Games.

In an attempt to weigh up the planetary influences it would be my estimation that by the time of the closing ceremonies on February 28 we will hold our heads up with pride that we weathered, overcame and succeeded wonderfully as the full Moon On February 28 has Jupiter involved and he brings, joy, happiness, abundance, achievement and awards as Jupiter is the ruler of all competitions, athletics and certainly awards of human endeavor and accomplishment. Well Done, Canada!

I think this is a defining moment for us as a people and a country. Tens of thousands poured into the streets of downtown Vancouver. It was totally awesome to witness and participate in the phenomenon of a sea of humanity laughing, crying, high fiving, hugging and dancing through the streets. We will never be the same and we will never bow our heads in shame as a new collective pride and power envelops the land.

Jupiter is known as a soothing balm of healing energy, along with keywords such as abundance, expansion, confidence and vision. Jupiter casts his fine rays onto the chart of Canada throughout February and March 2010. I imagine that the Paralympic Games will be glorious, touching and moving as well. The stars don’t lie. Canada is receiving Jupiter’s abundance and glory in full measure. We are at the pinnacle of achievement and unity. The world has awakened to Canada’s spirit and essence. Oh joyous days, to be savored and nurtured forever.

Sorry, got a little carried away there.

The Spring Equinox takes place on March 20, at 10:32 A.M. PDT. It is considered to be the most important horoscope of the year. It is said that the planetary positions at the time of the equinox are the indicators of the energy that will unfold throughout the upcoming 12 months. The Sun becomes exalted as he moves through Aries and his work can be seen. Mars, lord of Aries has formed a triangle with the Sun as they visit each other’s signs. Mars is traveling through Leo while the Sun travels through Aries. It’s called “mutual reception” and it brings their respective powers to the fore. The triangle pattern indicates an easy flow and dovetailing of their energies. Mars and the Sun are fiery brothers and when in harmony can create a powerful force that must be used appropriately. Canada has come alive and come of age and is certainly a world class country that is truly a show case for the rest of the world. The courage, dedication, commitment and true grit of our nation are evident to the world and now Canada may be in the mood to bring it to the next level.
Courage, dignity and bravery are the marks of this powerful Sun – Mars position. We wake up to the fact that things have changed in a big way as a wave of confidence and strength unites the country.

Now just before you fly out the door with your banner in hand we might want to take into consideration that the Sun and Saturn will have formed an opposition at the time of the equinox that may very well cast a heavy shadow of some sort and it will have to be sorted out throughout the year. Saturn usually brings us back to reality. We have bills to pay. The party is over and back to work we go. Saturn – Sun combinations may also indicate a falling out amoung the high and mighty, perhaps more legal wrangling or political enmity – nothing new here. We move into the problems and deal with them as best we can.

Mars and Saturn form a cooperative aspect at the time of the equinox that indicates a spirit of cohesion and combined effort will get it done. Remember that the energy of the planets at the time of the equinox will resonate throughout the coming 12 months. All in all it is a great year, one that will stand out as the year that it all changed. Now we must address the most pressing issues such as poverty and its impact on the nation. We must strive to find a way to house and educate all of our children and all of our people. Without proper education and nutrition one cannot grow and move forward. Housing, poverty and education are the topics that need to be addressed. Make books, not bombs, build houses, schools, and hospitals and help to put the war machine to rest. Yes we have work to do, problems to be met, and now we have an infusion of unity, confidence and courage to help us in our striving for the betterment of all.

Transiting Pluto has formed an opposition with the Moon in Canada’s birth chart. It is another powerful indicator that we are in transition as an old way of being dies off and a new awareness of ourselves begins to congeal and take birth. This period of transition will last over the next several years and we will look back at 2010 as the year that it all began.

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Aries Read the introduction regarding the mutual reception of Mars in Leo and the Sun in Aries. They form a perfect triangle at the time of the spring equinox on March 20. Any effort on your part will bring great returns. Mars is the ruler of Aries and he casts good energy your way, restoring your confidence and sense of self. Just know that destiny is heading your way rapidly. You are about to crawl into the mouth of a cannon and soon you will be shot out and fly as never before. Don’t look back, but do look to the future as it is chock full of freedom and adventure and at the very least you are coming into a time of great discoveries and changes, ready or not.

Taurus The Moon visits Taurus at the time of the Spring Equinox on March 20. The Sun enters Aries on that day and becomes exalted and the Moon in Taurus is exalted as well. It just means that they operate at their best when the planets are in their signs of exaltation. It truly is time for spring cleaning and time to clear out the accumulation of excessive baggage, body, mind and soul. The planets are holding great promise for your sign, especially in April and May. Now is the time for the behind the scenes type of work to occur. Deal with matters of the heart and home. Soon you will be relieved that you did. It may be time for some soul searching and making decisions on what you discover in order to bring peace and happiness your way.

Gemini The stars are aligned nicely for Gemini throughout the month. Anticipate changes and challenges in the job market that may very well be to your benefit. The page is blank and you can write your own script. Of course with the twins there is always two of everything. A spirit of cooperation will be evident along with the blossoming of new friendships and groups of people that share similar interests. You may feel emboldened and ready to take a few chances that you wouldn’t have taken in the past. Artistic expression gets a boost and overall general vitality propels you right through the springtime.

Cancer Family and career sectors are strongly activated at the time of the spring equinox on March 20. Certain demands keep you on the move. Concerns regarding elders may come up. Travel and adventure are on the menu for those of you that can get away for a while. A whole new outlook is probable and a spiritual discovery could be close at hand. Law, philosophy and the higher forms of education may be of interest now. All in all, 2010 is a time of metamorphoses in which a whole new you is born out of the ashes of what was in the past.

Leo The heat is on, and the Lions are restless and hungry for adventure. Heave the rocking chair or recliner out the window, and remote along with it. In many ways, it is a now or never scenario, in which you make your move, pro or con as nothing will remain as it was. The Spring Equinox on March 20 heralds an energy shift and it is probably a good one. Make it a good one. Mars continues his journey through Leo and although he will instill courage and bravery he can also make you overconfident, blustery, pushy and cranky. So use moderation in all that you do and don’t be too heavy with the gas pedal. Fire, accidents and operations are the negative side of this Mars transit and on the positive it brings exploration and dynamic movement in all areas of life. Read the introduction regarding the Spring Equinox.

Virgo The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus are moving through your opposite sign Pisces as we head into March. It is your solar low of the year and it indicates a time to take a break and get some rest and recreation. There may be way too much on your schedule though to pay too much attention to the above commentary. Surprises and opportunities for advancement keep you keenly interested in all that is going on, all the more reason to set a pace and work within it. It is an exciting time and you will have to cope with it all some way. Beginnings and endings take place, as some folks leave the scene and other players appear. Well, you won’t be bored and if anything you may be cooking up a series of innovations and inventions, which of course is highly secret in the labyrinth of the Virgo mind. Some of your best work may manifest in the weeks and months to come.

Libra The Spring Equinox on March 20 is significant for Libra as the Sun and Saturn form an opposition just after the Equinox. Regardless of the plan we may have in hand, Saturn usually has the master plan that one must abide by. Saturn is Moving through Libra which is his exaltation sign meaning that Saturn can operate at his best while traversing through this sector of the zodiac. Saturn brings reality sharply into focus. We see our limitations and learn to work within them. Saturn is the letter of the law while the scales of justice and fairness rule Libra. It tells of a time in which you work towards harmonizing with nature and natural living. True growth, internal balance and happiness are the results when one follows the dictates of Saturn. Conversely, ill health and myriad other problems come when we buck the laws of nature. Now is the time to balance the scales once again.

Scorpio Mars, the traditional and old school ruler of Scorpio, is traveling through your solar career sector until early June. He gains momentum throughout the month and so should you. No one can out work you, and your dedication and devotion is noted and will move you on up the food chain. Creative energy is high and your social calendar will get a boost as well. Romantic energy, love, babies and all that is enjoyable comes your way. Reach out, think big and go for the gusto. Remember that the key to your success is being a team player. Any “Captain Bligh on the high seas” energy will bring strong reactions and the competition will be thick and heavy. No dull days, but adventure and success await thee.

Sagittarius The Spring Equinox on March 20 bodes well for Sagittarius. The energy present at the time of the Equinox will resonate throughout the year. The Sun, Mars and Saturn all cast positive energy your way. You can get things done without too much fuss. While others work on the pipes in the basement you’re looking at the whole neighborhood, community and country. It’s just like that. Sagittarius often has the big picture in mind and is able to influence it. It’s not a cakewalk though. If anything, there are many challenges and hurdles that must be overcome in order for you to experience the success that is indicated. Don’t waste your time on trivial issues but do throw your hat into the ring and contribute however you can. Love, travel and a possible move are in the works.

Capricorn It took me a few moments as I searched the corners of my mind to find the word that most describes the energy of the times for dear Capricorn. It finally came to me – transcendence. You may transcend the limits of your own expectations and move beyond the realities that you thought possible. Internal, material and spiritual awareness become the features of the times. Lord Saturn sits high up in your solar chart as he visits Libra the sign of his exaltation. It means that he works his best in that sign and is able to wield his power and wisdom to the benefit of others. To illustrate the varied and different fates that Capricorns can experience, we have Tiger and Elin Woods, First Lady Michelle Obama, and closer to home in British Columbia we have our leader Gordon Campbell. In Ottawa and Washington we have our two leaders, Prime minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama, both with Saturn in Capricorn which gets them strongly into the Capricorn club too. It is a time to shed the old skin and like the phoenix you must rise again. Make it worthy, real and true.

Aquarius You may feel slightly like E.T. who is just arriving home after a long stellar journey through the cosmos. It ain’t over yet and neither is your search for truth, reality and love. Know that the process of the last several years has been that of prying your fingers off the material things and probably has placed your awareness more along the lines of the spirit. You have probably learned many lessons and experienced many heart rending scenarios. Keep in mind that it stemmed from the pen in your own hand accordingly from the script of the past. It’s all good, if you are reading this it is good. It means you’re still here and the work continues. Keep giving love and forgiveness especially to yourself. Your world comes alive! Excitement, new people, new challenges and new destinies are yet to be discovered. Giddy up, go.

Pisces It’s your time to shine as Lord Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and the Sun visit your sign as March begins. Make the best use of this opportunity to create on a big level. Travel, education and fortuitous meetings and moves conspire to bring about serendipitous results. Moves across the country or across the hall make sense now. The New Moon on March 15 is power-packed and it will bring a time of shifting, changing and revolutionizing to your life in some way. The hour has arrived and it may be your defining moment. Fear not and if anything assist the process of making the important and dramatic changes that will come up. Freedom, excitement and adventure await thee. Go and see.