“The stars incline, they don’t compel” is a well worn adage in astrological circles. My experience in astrology has taught me the exact opposite truth, that the stars compel big time. As an example, let’s say that you have the moon conjunct Mars in Aries in your birth horoscope. This combination often represents a hothead with a hair trigger temper. Offend this one at your own peril. I suppose we all have isolated incidents in which we may lose our cool and lash out, which is probably considered to be normal behavior in the general population.

If we were to observe our hothead Moon conjunct Mars in Aries character over the course of a few weeks we would find that they are in nearly continuous conflict or potential conflict with the world around them. Be it in traffic or a line up or any activity that requires patience and consideration, we would notice that the Moon/Mars type would not cope too well and most likely will be one of the first ones to blow up and create a scene. Of course we know that they are compelled to behave this way. They are also heroic and will pull off deeds that most of us would never dare to do. They will act before they think. So we could say that the Moon/Mars type is inclined towards freedom of movement and expression, and compelled to react and fight against any kind of resistance or cumbersome obstructions.

While the Moon/Mars character simmers away in the lineup, just looking for an excuse to blow a fuse, we may have a Venusian type, let’s say a person with the Moon conjunct Venus in Taurus, in the lineup with him. While the Mars character can hardly cope with long waits and lineups, the Venusian type is happily chatting away, or listening to his iPod and chewing his gum and probably planning dinner as the line snakes forward ever so slowly. The planetary archetypes are active and observable in all situations of human exchange.

Speaking of planetary archetypes, we will have an opportunity to witness what life offers up as Saturn and Uranus form an exact opposition on April 26, just two days before the full Moon. As we know, the Moon regulates the tidal cycles and when she is full the water line has reached the high tide mark. Tuck that tidy little fact away whilst we peruse the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the possible or probable antics that these two planetary heavyweights bring to the cosmic/karmic play.

Saturn represents the old school, the tried and true way of doing things, while Uranus represents the cutting edge and the future. Saturn represents all governmental agencies and outlets while Uranus represents revolutionaries. Saturn establishes authority and Uranus challenges it, seeks to overrule the old guard and change it, wherever and however it can. Saturn says no, stick to the status quo, the tried and true, and Uranus says blow the door down and try something new. The list is long but the types of events that come to pass during the Saturn Uranus opposition include all types of chaotic occurances like earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist activities, raging storms, upheaval and revolutions be they tempests in a teapot or major wars breaking out. Shift, shock, change and rearrange are the activities of the times.

Choose your topic and apply the Saturn/Uranus principals to it and you will see the effects first hand. How about the war on drugs? Do you think it might need to be rethought in the light of its absolute failure to stem the problem? How about poverty and homelessness? Can they be rethought and reworked? What of the justice system and all of its failures? Again choose your topic and apply this energy to it and we will see the genesis or the uprising of new movements. Health care, education and all other societal activities get a work over. It’s fear of change versus the hope of freedom and equality for all.

The pundits and protesters cry out for housing and funding for the disadvantaged in our society, but from what I have learned that would only be a Band-Aid. Definitely we need to house and nurture those that are suffering, but in my humble opinion and experience the major difference that will help turn the corner is education, free education for all those that are desiring to learn. No education or opportunities along with poor nutrition does not offer up much hope. Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s work on dismantling the war machines and the fear and paranoia that continually run the show and turn those weapons into books, schools, housing and jobs helping all of our brothers, sisters and children to have a better life. The Saturn/Uranus energy will be in effect until mid August 2010.

Now let’s get back to that full Moon on April 28. The full moon will not only illuminate the night sky above, but will illuminate our inner sky in the sense of bringing revelations and epiphanies our way. Throw the Saturn Uranus opposition into the mix and we have the recipe to shake things up, break away from the past and move towards the future.
Pluto, which is the force of breakdown, decay and renewal, has started to oppose the planets in the Canadian and American birth horoscopes until at least 2020. Within this next decade we will witness profound changes in our cultures and how we conduct ourselves. Out of the ashes, the phoenix rises again and so will we. Nothing but a total rebirth of the original principals of our countries will do. Be it the economy, how we treat the disadvantaged, how we deal with other nations, or whatever, we will have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and our nation. Roll up your sleeves and lean into the concerns of the day. Throw your hat into the ring and let’s see where we get to in the next ten years.

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A most important and fateful time draws near. We think of fate or karma as a negative thing, but in reality fate and karma make up our destiny. Whatever is truly warranted to be ours will come our way and what is not warranted cannot manifest. Riches or poverty, fame or isolation, happiness or sadness, health and sickness are driven by the karma that has fructified in this incarnation.

Three very powerful planets will influence Aries throughout 2010 and 2011. It is almost like the three wisemen appearing, laden with gifts as rewards for past endeavors. Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus cast their respective energies into your sign. Jupiter brings faith, hope and enlightenment. He helps broaden our views and uplifts us in many ways. Saturn seems a bit harsher and his realities are often hard to swallow, but like castor oil, we feel better once we have taken the medicine. Uranus will spend several years in Aries starting in June 2010 and will help to revolutionize yourself in ways that you probably haven’t even dreamed of. Mount up and be ready for a wild ride through time. It is time to meet yourself, head on of course. You will discover many aspects of yourself that have laid dormant, possibly for ages. Start now, by clearing the past and steadying the present.

Taurus Your ruling planet Venus spends the month of April visiting Taurus. She is the goddess of beauty and abundance. The urge to make things beautiful comes up and off you go to the hardware store, beauty salon or various types of self help workshops, courses and classes. Mercury, the planet of communication, accompanies Venus. They are friends in the planetary arrangement. When Mercury is around we’re busy. Activities increase and so does our social calendar. Possible delays or communication glitches may come up as Mercury retrogrades in Taurus on April 17 until May 11. Read the fine print and assume nothing until you get the facts. To say less and listen more is best. All in all, you may be in a happy frame of mind anyway, and will just tough out the sore spots as usual. Many opportunities to create harmony present themselves as the spring time moves along.

Gemini Home and career sectors in your solar horoscope are active as Saturn and Uranus move through them. It means that a time has come in which your life may be changing in many ways. Career shifts are possible and moves probable. In many ways a new start is indicated and it may take several years to realize the fruit of your present efforts. Fifteen years from now you can look back and remember the time in which all these changes came about. Go with the flow and know that the stars are not so bad for the twins over the next two years in general. Interestingly, there is another hint that career efforts may get a boost as Jupiter moves through your solar career sector. Play the long game as 2012 and 2013 are looking very bright. Get to work and realize your dreams.

Cancer It might be worthwhile to note that there is an existing window of opportunity from April 1 to mid June in which you may further your interests and experience some success without a whole lot of effort. The picture changes after that, and what was easily attainable may have to be fought for in the future. You may be restless and casting about, seeking change and adventure. A deep yearning for light and love may drive you on as you seek your inner destiny. It is time to assess and reassess what is real and what is worthy. A sense of dying and birthing takes place as you move away from the past and what was. Release the big pincher and let go of the trammels that have kept you back or held you down. The journey has hardly begun and there are myriad treasure-troves to discover.

Leo Neptune completes his 14 year transit through your opposite sign Aquarius in February 2012. No doubt, at least according to my leonine grapevine, that life’s journey has been odd, strange, wacky, weird and wonderful. Neptune’s major influence will help pry your fingers off of the material world and a deeper spiritual focus eventually comes clear through life’s lens. Neptune can bring a time of isolation, despair and loneliness. The urge to escape it all is strong and many do escape, by way of alcohol and drugs and whatever else that can mask the pain of past failures or losses. A big shift takes place in August 2010. As the Sun moves through Leo, six planets will be moving through the Cardinal signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn, indicating that big movements are afoot as these Cardinal signs represent action on the world level and it takes place on your watch. Of course the Sun is the chief and the planets are his minions. Something’s up, I don’t know what, but it’s hot. I hope you are on the move.

Virgo A very powerful opposition between Saturn and Uranus takes place on April 26 and its energy will be on board until the end of August. Saturn moves through Virgo, while Uranus moves through your opposite Sign Pisces. Saturn’s presence usually indicates a time of streamlining and cutting back. Hard work, duty and dedication pay off in the long run. Areas of life that are not working well most likely will get a work over as you continually adapt and adjust to the circumstances that come up from April to August 2010. Jupiter casts his blessings your way in the form of lucky breaks and good timing throughout April and May. Travel opportunities come up in April and life in general will move along at its own pace. As my Guru would say, “Do your best and leave the rest.”

Libra Saturn transits through Libra until October 2012. Fortunately he is exalted in Libra, meaning that he functions well in this sign. Libra is the spirit of the law and Saturn is the letter of the law. Although Saturn’s energy is dour and strict we may find that we will benefit in the end if we learn the powerful and profound lessons that he sends our way. Any area of your life that is out of balance such as your health, relationships or career, must be dealt with during this Saturn transit. It may not be as boring as one may anticipate though, as Jupiter and Uranus will move into your opposite sign Aries starting in June 2010, and by early August Venus and Mars will enter Libra. Five planets will be moving through the cardinal signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn by midsummer and you will be active and on the go. A dynamic summertime is indicated and you must exercise caution with machines, automobiles and equipment as the planetary aspects are hot and dynamic up into mid September. Love and adventure, tears and laughter and the play of life carries on.

Scorpio The full moon on April 28 takes place in your sign. It indicates a time in which we bring things to completion as we come full term with our endeavors. Emotions are heightened and expressed positive or negative. Mars the original lord of Scorpio is in square aspect with this full moon energy and the effects will carry on for several days after the full moon. You will have to wend your way carefully in order to sidestep the intense and provocative energy at this time. Angry and intense scenarios play themselves out. The Sun continues his journey through your opposite sign Taurus until May 21 and you may want to pay special attention to your health and energy levels as this is your solar low of the year. Otherwise there are many opportunities to do quite well as Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus cast supportive and beneficial energy your way throughout the month. Set a pace that you can live with, create some realistic goals and work towards realizing them.

Sagittarius Lord Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius moves through Pisces throughout April and May. He is lord of both signs. Pisces symbolizes your solar fourth house related to home, family and real estate. Moves, sales, renovations along with a possible new vehicle purchase could be in the works. Career changes may come up, which could be to your benefit. Educational activities become strong priorities and the best is yet to come. Life’s activities and all round energy in general gets a boost, especially in July and August this year. You won’t be bored and you will be busy as new and old friends come up on the screen. It is a good time to join up with others that share similar interests and passions. Babies, new ideas, business opportunities, love and adventure await thee. Saddle up and move em out.


Pluto transits through Capricorn until November 2024 bringing you 14 more years of his special energy. Pluto represents the process of rebirth, life and death, power and wealth. Often times we may feel that we have lost everything under a Pluto transit. Situations occur that we don`t have much control over. As ominous as this information appears to be, it may not be this way at all. Most of us have come across the term, “Plutocrat”. It represents someone powerful and wealthy. Many Capricorns are at the head of this pack. Many of our leaders have strong Saturnine traits as Saturn is ruler of Capricorn.

The nodal axis represents the points on the ecliptic where eclipses take place. If an eclipse lands on an important point in your horoscope some type of karmic play unfolds in your life. The nodes are often overlooked but I keep a wary eye on them. Rahu or the Dragons head which are names for the north node, is moving through Capricorn until March 2011. During this time you may be restless, seeking and acquiring fame and fortune and certainly it is time to get in touch with your destiny. Profound and deep spiritual changes come about when we encounter the Pluto transits and Rahu’s passage may create some restlessness and dissatisfaction that money, nor fame can assuage. Love and spirituality, God realization, sullying the senses and stilling the mind will bring the peace that you seek.

Aquarius Your co-ruling planets Saturn and Uranus are in an opposition pattern until late August. The two areas most affected in your solar chart are the second and eighth houses. The second house indicates how we earn money, while the eighth house represents other people’s money as in inheritances, joint or shared monies. You may be restless, disturbed and seeking changes in relationships, career and probably overall lifestyle changes that need to be met, acted on and lived. Many Aquarians have been in a Neptunian fog for several years and have lost their direction, spark and pizzazz. Your sense of self has been rattled in some way and now you have to put the pieces back together again. August gets really hot as all kinds of opportunities to better your circumstances present themselves. Travel, education and romance are in the picture.

Pisces Jupiter, lord of Pisces, visits his own sign until late January 2011. Uranus the revolutionary planet has been shaking up your world since 2003 with his visit to Pisces. Now these two powerful energies will combine their influences throughout April and May and the results can be fantastic. Jupiter represents faith, vision, prophesy, expansion, happiness and good timing, while Uranus brings innovation, invention and radical changes into our lives. A move across the country or out of it wouldn’t be too surprising. Winning a major lottery, meeting your Guru or your love could be in the stars. Don’t hold back. Live life to the fullest and be all that you can be. Major changes are in the wind and you must accommodate them. Adventure, excitement and change come your way.