Good News! I’m going to be writing more frequently. The column will now go out every new and full moon. So the next columns will be on June 12 and June 26.

In the April column we talked about the Saturn / Uranus opposition that is taking place and will be in effect until September 2010. Here is an excerpt from last month’s column.

The list is long but the types of events that come to pass during the Saturn Uranus opposition include all types of chaotic occurances like earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist activities, raging storms, upheaval and revolutions be they tempests in a teapot or major wars breaking out. Shift, shock, change and rearrange are the activities of the times.

Everyone that I talk to has remarked on the intensity of the times. Stress levels are high and we have people ‘acting out’ in a big way. We have tormented twisted souls that are willing to attack defenceless children in their school rooms, or other types of terrorists that are willing to take innocent lives to make their point.

The oil spill disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico certainly fits into the category of Saturn/Uranus events. Saturn represents nature in its pristine state, pure and natural. Saturn is travelling through Virgo which is the sign of hygiene, health and caring for all of nature. Uranus is moving through Pisces which is the sign governing the oceans. Now we have a major catastrophe on our hands and the problem is nowhere close to being resolved. Of course the terrorists are on the move and certainly they have rattled our nerves again as we digest the news coming out of Manhattan on May 2.

Now Jupiter comes along and forms an opposition with Saturn which will be in effect throughout the Month of May. The principles of expansion and contraction are at work when these two planetary giants face off. Fear versus optimism, Jupiter says go and Saturn says no. The thing to keep in mind as we suss out the planetary energy is that the planets’ influences will affect all areas of life, and all we need to do is to apply the principles of what the planets and signs represent as we move through our daily lives.

Here in British Columbia we have a government that has not exactly been upfront regarding the hated Harmonized Sales Tax that is being rammed through regardless of how the people feel about it. This has caused a huge resentment and backlash that will reverberate through to the next election. People are outraged and a giant backlash is anticipated.
On the positive side of the coin we are learning big lessons with many more to come as we strive to bring order and balance, justice and fairness for all. Possibly mankind will be come to the realization that we should not be tampering with nature, especially under our seas, for the cost when it all goes bad is far too high. Other options are there and one day we will get it right or we will just keep adding on to our eventual demise. Saturn says, “don’t take risks, stay safe” and Uranus says “you must take risks and we must break through to the other side”.

Saturn is moving slower than normal and reverses his direction at the end of the month which is another indicator that he will hammer home the lessons that we need to learn. Yes it is a sobering time, one that we must weather through. Jupiter will visit Pisces until late January 2011 which is a lucky break in the sense that Jupiter is the natural and original ruler of Pisces. Neptune became a co-ruler of Pisces after its discovery. Jupiter is King of the Gods and he represents abundance, freedom and happiness. Just as we are most comfortable in our own homes, Jupiter is able to operate freely and comfortably as he completes his journey through Pisces. Possibly something good will come out of this tragic disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that will benefit the inhabitants of the sea, such as a ban on drilling under the oceans, worldwide. It’s a wakeup call. How many times must we shoot ourselves in the foot before we get it? Jupiter brings faith and confidence our way and hopefully healing as well. Most importantly this Jupiter/Pisces combination enhances our spiritual yearnings for peace, love and freedom.

Mercury continues to retrograde until May 11 and will be pretty much up to speed by the middle of the month and hopefully some form of normalcy will result. Mercury retrograde offers up a perfect time to reconsider the important things such as relationships, home or career objectives. As Mercury moves forward one is able to implement the plans that were thought through during the retrograde phase.

Both Jupiter and Uranus will have entered Aries by early June and we may experience quite an energy shift within ourselves and our societies. People become strongly proactive and everything gets shaken up. Soon we will be in high gear as we move into the future. Inventions, innovations, great awakenings and possibly more than a few miracles may take place. We won’t be bored, but we may be floored by the realities that come our way. It is time to get on the bus and be part of the effort and energy needed to put it all together as we strive to help all those less fortunate than ourselves.

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Aries The month of May is your final preparation month. Preparation for what, you might ask? Here is a list of just a few types of events that you might expect to take place as Uranus moves through Aries over the next eight years. Uranus is the planet of surprises, shocks and big changes. A move across the country or out of it could take place. Singles get married, and the married get single. Regardless of what you plan or what you do, Uranus will bring to you what truly must be done. These are the types of energies that cannot be overcome but must be accommodated and worked with. If you are unhappy with your career, health or relationships and haven’t done anything about it, you will experience an urgency to do so. The point of the drill is to find the truth and begin to live it. Ignoring cropped up problems from the past will make things explosive and changes will come one way or the other. It is best to be the perpetrator of your own happiness rather than the victim of your own ignorance. If you are living the truth then you don’t have much to worry about. Conversely if your life is a lie, changes will come about unexpectedly. Although this is a little scary, you may look back someday and realize that you had to get yourself free from the ball and chain of the past. Excitement, adventure, freedom, love and peace can very well be the results. A newly defined way to relate and love could be fashioned in the crucible of experiences that come your way over the next several years. Prepare now by commencing your search of what is real and what is not real or worthy in your life.

Taurus Mercury the messenger is retrograding in your sign and will move forward once again on May 11. He will need a couple of weeks to get up to his normal speed. Delays, broken promises, confusion and having to cope with a series of mistakes could be the case. “He said, she said” scenarios can drive you right up the wall now. Taurus folks don’t suffer fools gladly, if at all. Make sure that you are not the fool this time around by checking and rechecking the facts of any matter. The Taurus New Moon takes place on May 13 heralding a new start in some way. It is your solar and lunar high of the year. Now you can implement all that you have garnered in the last few weeks and you may be able to put things together in a very good way. Resources get a boost and money manifests a bit easier. Your mind may be on beautification projects, gardening and other activities that bring you peace of mind. The big planets are casting good energies into Taurus helping you in many ways. Tension is still around and you may not have it all together and confusing issues may continue to dog you. “Stay clean and let your works be seen” is the mantra of the times for your sign. Relax and enjoy all that life has to offer. Being too bullish will not work, and if anything could work against you. Use the pent up energy on something positive like working out, jogging or other physical activities that get you sweating. For those that find gardening, sweating and all that other earthy stuff distasteful and would rather be at their favourite jewellery store or choosing fine fabrics etc, it time to do so as well. Marriage, babies, construction of a new house or a move to new dwelling is in the stars for some of you lucky Venusians. True friends are valued now and it is time to broaden your circle a bit. Hook up and join up with others of like mind.

Gemini There is never a moment, not even a millisecond of time when we are not under the influence of the stars. The stars are us and we are the stars. We are stardust, we are golden, and we are the sons and daughters of a benevolent God who one day will bring us all back home to his bosom. “Yea that I walk through the valley of death I fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff protect me.” Powerful and heavy words matching powerful and heavy times, not so much for your sign, but for life in general these days. If you are mercurial then you know what I’m talking about. Venus visits Gemini until May 19 bringing light and laughter and positive social connections. Creativity is enhanced along with a sense of refinement, balance and love. You may have to work hard for it all though, as Venus also represents our values and sense of worth. It is time to sort through everything that is important to you as Venus squares off with Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in the middle of the month. May 16 is an important day and what comes to pass may help you come to terms with what is what and what must be done. The tension may be regarding work, home, ethics, health or relationship concerns. The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 bringing you into your solar high of the year and you may be happy and relieved that you have worked through the sticky wicket of past problems. Now is the time for action, growth, sunshine and good times. The full moon on May 28 might help in clarifying this month’s column’s deeper implications.

Cancer Been feeling restless, dissatisfied and longing for enlightenment? Have the worldly attractions lost their lustre? Have you been yearning to seek out far off exotic places? I would not be surprised if your answer was yes to all of the above. Life is changing at a dramatic pace and soon you will be active and on the move or someday seriously regretting that you did not follow your true instincts. Your solar ninth and tenth houses are getting lots of planetary action and the heat is on. It’s your choice. Ride the wave or duck under it and catch the next one that brings you to your destination. Man up! Be ready for a wild ride through time. Career changes and all kinds of powerful and profound scenarios catapult you in the future. Somehow you have to become “Rambo” and right the wrongs as you strive to serve and protect. I know this writing is intense but it is with purpose that I choose these words in order to help shape you up for what is coming your way. Adventure, excitement, challenge, births, deaths the whole enchilada is to be experienced in the next few years. “Out with the old and in with the new” is the mantra of the times for your sign.


Intense times are onboard for all signs and with Mars moving through Leo you might be fired up about any number of things. Mars brings energy and excitement into the play. Confrontations and clashes, accidents and incidents could manifest with the wrong use of this Mars energy. Heroic deeds take place and your confidence soars in many ways. May 4 to 6 are intense days and clashes are likely. Clashes don’t always have to end negatively. Actually it might be the best time to put your cards on the table and ask the other players to do the same. The last quarter square of the Moon on May 5 in your opposite sign Aquarius indicates some type of showdown or fess up session taking place. The Taurus New Moon on May 13 in your solar career sector may bring an increased workload. Mercury the traditional planet of commerce, business and exchange finally gets up to speed in your career sector as well. It is another indicator of increased activity and responsibility regarding career objectives and goals. The river begins to flow again. Fresh connections and new friends come into your life now. Travel and education are big features in the near future and a spiritual change could take place in an unusual way. Dreams and visions may point the way. Pay attention.

Virgo Saturn visits Virgo from September 2, 2007 to July 21, 2010. Nobody likes to hear too much about Saturn as no matter how we dress him up or strive to present him in the best light, he is still a first class malefic planet and he brings strong lessons our way that either kill us or make us stronger. Often after a long Saturn transit one feels sobered, older and hopefully wiser. Saturn carves deep lessons into our souls, and although there is not a lot of hilarity around on his watch we may value and cherish the lessons that he brings. If we become ill because we are stressed out and working too hard and not eating well, when Saturn comes along we may experience a setback. Some folks proceed to blame Saturn for their woes rather than addressing the problems personally. If we adhere to Saturn’s ways and strive for a balanced and wholesome lifestyle we will eventually experience peace and harmony rather than stress and illness. Now is the time to get it together and put things right in all areas of your life. Pay now and play later, or play now and pay later. Saturn often represents less than more and we learn the lessons of streamlining and economizing when Saturn comes knocking.

Libra The Sun’s passage through Taurus from April 21 to May 20 enlivens your solar eighth house related to death, taxes, inheritances and legacies, joint and shared monies, secrets and other concerns such as the occult. Deep spiritual realities may be foremost on your mind. Mercury the planet of communication, business and exchange is retrograding in this same sector of the sky and it will have the effect of bringing up concerns and activities regarding the above named topics that may need to be gone over and dealt with. Venus the ruler of Libra is travelling through your solar ninth house and is another indicator that your inclinations and proclivities may lean more towards the divine. Matters of the higher mind take precedence now. Travel inwardly or to the far horizon is indicated. Long distance romances may take shape and someone from afar may show up now. Meeting a potential mate while traveling is another probability. Your career sector gets a strong boost when Venus commences her journey of that region of your solar chart starting on May 19. Watch for career or job opportunities in the last ten days of May and the first half of June. Jupiter and Uranus will be spending quite a bit of time in your solar seventh house of partnerships starting in June and it indicates excellent opportunities for developing all sorts of interesting connections. Partnerships can be marital, sexual, professional or business. Prepare to revolutionize your concept of what relationships mean to you.

Scorpio Mercury the lord of your solar eighth house is moving through your solar seventh house bringing matters related to inheritances, investments, joint monies, and partnership monies into play. Mercury is retrograding until May 11 and will take a couple of weeks to get up to speed once he begins to move forward again. It indicates a time of frustrating delays in which it becomes difficult to really get anywhere. Projects become bogged down and may have to be re-worked. Your ruling planet Mars travels through your solar tenth house boosting career potential significantly. As much as you may need a break, you may not be able to take it because of work demands. It is important to find the balance as Scorpio is prone to go to extremes and push the envelope all the way. Your solar low of the year ends on May 20, but until that date you might want to nurture yourself with proper rest and a healthy diet. The heat is on and the competition is making loud noises. Do one thing at a time and eventually you will get it done. Travel is likely in the last ten days of the month and in the first two weeks of June. It would be good for you to get a break and let down for a while. Take the break, the competition will always be there and so will the work. One never gets more than they are destined to receive. Not a penny less or more. Relax and enjoy everyday.

Sagittarius Your ruling planet Jupiter forms an opposition with Saturn bringing varied forms of concern and frustration. Saturn acts as a wet blanket to Jupiter’s extravagant ways and some type of compromise must be made in order to carry on. Much of this drama will probably manifest in the workplace or at home. Laws and limitations, trials and tribulations come up with this powerful planetary opposition going on. Jupiter proceeds along the zodiac and forms a conjunction with Uranus in early June and a new wave of exciting changes and opportunities may come your way. The future is fast approaching and it is time to cut the ties from the past and look forward to new horizons. Relationship potential is strong as Venus moves through your solar seventh house of partnerships until May 19. The Sun enters your opposite sign Gemini on May 20 signalling your solar low of the year. You may need more rest and basic down time. A vacation would work wonders. It may be time for a good health check up just to stay on top of things. The Sagittarius full Moon on May 27 will illuminate the pathway ahead for you. Revelations come flooding in and answers to long held questions are revealed.

Capricorn Your ruling planet Saturn reaches the top of your solar chart in late July for a two and a half year visit. Saturn will be transiting through Libra which is the exaltation sign for Saturn. It translates into a time in which success and fame come your way. Much depends on how you have reached the top. If you got there through hard work, dedication and diligence then you may bask in the light of your accomplishments. On the other hand if you got there by abusing power or any form of manipulation there is a chance that you will fall from a high place. Former U.S. President and Capricorn Richard Nixon was impeached as Saturn reached the top of his chart and he certainly had a long fall for the rest of his days. With Pluto moving through Capricorn it is likely that you have your hands on power in some form, be it as a gang leader, banker or politician. Being perceived as a team player and sharing the wealth with others will guarantee your success. Abuse of power in any form may bring a powerful backlash that could destroy everything that you have worked for.

Aquarius Home and family concerns take up your time and energy throughout the month. Real estate sales, home renovations and like activities are on the cosmic menu. With fiery Mars moving through your opposite sign Leo you may find that others are testy, impatient and willing to do battle without much cause. It may have sharpened your instincts to a keen edge. The heat is on and the completion is strong. Romance may not be a stranger as Venus moves through your solar fifth house. Entertainment, children and business activities increase and are enhanced. Take some time to enjoy the simple things in life. Spend time with family and friends. The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 and he will cast very good energy into your sign over the next thirty days. Changes are coming fast and furious and it may be hard to keep up. Go with the flow and see where you land. It is time to be a bit radical. Shake things up, dare to be different and provocative. Creativity and inspiration which has seemed to take a long vacation comes back and a plethora of ideas comes pouring out of the Aquarian urn for humanity to enjoy. Awake, arise, spread your wings and fly into the future. The long sleep is ending.

Pisces Activities with friends and family are on the to do list throughout the month of May. Artistic and creative energies will be strong. Big changes are going on for Pisces as Saturn and Uranus are still in an opposition phase. Tension and pressure spikes you onward and into the future. A big move is in store and radical changes to your lifestyle could be the case. Positive or negative changes come anyway. It is time to make a difference and move towards the lifestyle that suits you best. Don’t be overly concerned with any changes that come up, but go with them as you seek to find what works for you. By June of 2011 Neptune will enter Pisces for a fourteen year visit. At that time you will be in your own element in the sense that Neptune is the co ruler of Pisces and the combination of Neptune moving through his own sign will blow open the doors of your imagination and spirit. Neptune’s last visit to Pisces was well over 180 years ago. Your natural abilities for service, love, compassion and creativity will be enhanced as never before. Relax and let it all happen. If you have any latent talents in the musical, artistic or entertainment areas of life they will be sure to manifest in the coming years. For the devotees of the Lord your thirst for his love will be fulfilled. Psychic energy will be enhanced dynamically. Dreams and visions multiply and there is much to be done. Surrender and acquiesce to the universe and it will guide you to your destination. Volunteer where you can best be of service.