The whole world watched as Prince Charles and Lady Diana tied the knot on July 29, 1981. At that time, I commented on CFAX radio in Victoria, BC, that the royal couple needed our prayers. Venus was passing over Diana’s Pluto indicating concerns, jealousies, secret affairs and other such troubles going on and we know the rest of the tale.

William and Kate step up to the plate on April 29 this year and once again the whole world will be watching as they tie the knot. Kate’s horoscope is hinting at the strong likelihood that she will bring two children into the world. Her overall health may play a big factor in how it all goes regarding her success or not in this endeavour. Prince William’s horoscope is pointing to a most difficult and dangerous time in which he will have to thread his way carefully over the next seven years. His house of travel is not in the best shape and mishaps are indicated. William and Kate need our prayers.

The spring equinox takes place at 4:21 PM, PDT on March 20. This is the most important date of the year in western astrology. The position of the planets on this day gives many hints as to how the year will unfold. The Sun makes a conjunction with Uranus 13 hours after the equinox, which is a very strong indication that 2011 will be a time of great unrest and change. Revolutions, upheavals, weird weather and changes where necessary will be the steady diet. Uranus moves through Aries from March 11, 2011 to March 5, 2019.

Uranus is the planet of ideologies, innovations, inventions, revolution, upheaval and disruption. Aries is the sign of pioneering, new starts and fresh energy. The combination is perfect for those seeking new beginnings. It is now that we can strive to make a change as we move through a time I have coined the “Cardinal Onslaught.” The cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – are strongly activated and will be in play throughout this decade. It means there will be no rest given we have great work to do as we strive to bring peace and harmony to the planet. Gird your loins and make ready to go to work as we set forth into the future. Bring it on and let’s dance; that’s our best chance. Sing the song of freedom and sing the song of justice and let’s dare to be bold and brave. Make a difference while we can.

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Aries You are a diamond in the rough – multifaceted and highly talented and just needing some polish. Now is the time to put it all together. You’re good at kicking things out of the way when they block you and now you must clear the past and move freely into the future.

Taurus Soon, the grass will be green and the flowers in their bloom and you can enjoy all that life has to offer. It is time to clear up any concerns, debts, bad habits, obligations and machinations in order to enjoy the bounteous time heading your way in the late spring.

Gemini In your world, it’s all about communications, connections and whom you know. It is now time to add to your address book, as many doors are flying open. Tight circles broaden and all kinds of new entities enter into your sphere. Embrace it all.

Cancer You weren’t given that big claw for nothing. It symbolizes your tenacity and your ability to handle the rough-and-tumble situations of life. Your solar career sector is resonating strongly. Either you will be lauded and praised or booted out with possibly a great landing.

Leo Leo rises at the time of the spring equinox, bringing the Sun strongly into the play. Matters related to the father, guru and the higher mind manifest. Travel is highlighted and a great spiritual change may come along as well.

Virgo Curious and wise as a fox, you may be longing for something more substantial on a spiritual level. A yearning that hasn’t yet wholly manifested nips at your heels. The events of 2011 make a huge difference. It’s all good and somewhat magical.

Libra Your solar seventh house of relationships is lit up like a Christmas tree; hopefully, Santa fills your stocking. Approached another way, we might say it is a time of marriage or divorce. One way or the other, a big year is on board.

Scorpio You can play now and pay later or pay now and play later. One way or the other, a time has arrived in which you can make great strides and achieve some success if you devote the time and energy in the right direction.

Sagittarius The stars are leaning in your favour as a series of cooperative planetary aspects take place throughout the month. You can breeze through without much effort, which would be a misuse of an opportune time. Tackle the bigger concerns and objectives now.

Capricorn The roller coaster is on the way to the top of the first hill. It’s too late for regrets and “would’ve, could’ve” reflections. You must ride it out to its ultimate destination. The times suit you in many ways. Now the world needs you to lean in and help out.

Aquarius 2011 marks a great shift in your life. Venus nears Neptune in Aquarius, bringing love, mercy and compassion your way. The spring equinox hails an important shift. Aquarians will be on the move, as a highly innovative time approaches.

Pisces Fiery Mars visits throughout March. Curbing your impulses and watching for mishaps and accidents are the general rules for dealing with Mars. If you have something to get off your chest, this is the time to do it. Kindness is the best policy though.