Happy birthday Canada! In astro-logic, a ‘birthday’ is a celebration of the return of the Sun to its exact degree of longitude according to your time of birth. As we know, birthdays are either high or low times, times of laughter or tears. As to how things go, much will depend on the condition and position of the planets overhead and how they relate to your birth planets.

At the time of the solar eclipse on July 1, the Sun returns to the exact location it occupied when Canada became a nation. The eclipse heralds a new beginning and a time of a great transition for our nation. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a majority government and it is on the move. Jupiter rises in the east in the eclipse chart and will hover over Harper’s Sun in Taurus throughout the coming months. This is a very good omen for him, the people, the economy and the country. His power and popularity will increase, as he strives to keep the ship on a steady course. Saturn has a strong influence as well and we might as well get ready to tighten the belt as a series of astringency measures, cutbacks and other trimmings are put into place. We may not enjoy the castor oil remedy, but it is probably necessary and will help in the long run. It really sounds like business as usual, but with more intensity as we blossom and bloom as a country.

The stars are indicating a loss or a departure of someone significant, as solar eclipses with a hand from Saturn will point to the loss of a leader. It is also an indicator of some type of fallout among the high and mighty. Possibly some type of abuse of power will be exposed. I’m sure we’ll read all about it soon enough.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s chart receives the benefits of Jupiter this year bringing increased popularity and support. We will hear much more about this man as his star is rising and he will be an influential leader for some time to come. His strong Virgo qualities prompt him towards streamlining and organizing all that he can. With a prominent Jupiter in his birth chart, he will garner the trust and support of the people. I imagine that some day he will lead the province if he doesn’t stray off course and become seduced by the glitter and gold. Virgo people are generally very pragmatic, sensible, realistic, dedicated and hard working. Truth, trust and honour will be the wind that fills his sails. ‘Service to the people’ will be his mantra.

Aries The ‘double O principal’ constitutes the two Herculean tasks that must be met this year and the next – as in ‘Organic and Original.’ You must revolutionize your life in an original way and learn to live it organically, thereby ensuring your survival.

Taurus Jupiter ‘King of the Gods’ has just arrived in your sign. He brings abundance, good timing, good fortune, faith and happy times throughout the year. However, too much of anything is not healthy and the trick during these times is moderation.

Gemini You may be in the mood to get things done and you might be surprised by how much you can accomplish once you roll your sleeves up to the task. Fiery Mars pays a visit, stirring up everything and everyone throughout the month.

Cancer Solar and lunar eclipses this month bring their specific karma. The fates are riding high and you might be as well. Regardless of our own plans, the universal plan will come into play and make your day. Love is in the air.

Leo Man plans and the universe laughs. It is your time to plan and hopefully laughter and happiness follow in your footsteps later in the month. Behind the scenes, work takes place at a hectic pace. Excitement, action and attraction are heading your way.

Virgo Your hard work and dedication may have caught the attention of people in positions of power. It’s your time to mix and mingle and reach out to like-minded people. You may find that truth is stranger than fiction, as new realities dawn and old limitations evaporate.

Libra Career changes are in the wind and lifestyle changes too. You may be anxious to get things done and get settled down. Saturn’s presence continues to carve his wisdom into your soul. His lessons are sobering and often we are thankful in the long run for what he brings our way.

Scorpio Jupiter casts his special glance your way bringing opportunities to develop important connections throughout the rest of the year. Those that support rather than oppose show up now. Travel is highlighted and changes of a spiritual kind are destined to take place.

Sagittarius Certain contentious issues are destined to pop up throughout the month. You may enjoy the scrum and possibly even know the outcome before the rest. Joint monies, inheritances, taxes and the like are on the menu. Travel plans loom into sight to your great delight.

Capricorn A critical time has arrived, but not so much negative-wise but in the sense that many changes are taking place and some of them may be beyond your control. Go with the flow and make amends where you can. July 14 tells the tale.

Aquarius Organize, harmonize and balance are the key objectives to be obtained throughout the month. Hard work pays excellent dividends in the near future. Excitement, adventure and love are on the menu. Home and family figure strongly, now more than ever.

Pisces Pisces carries the wisdom garnered by all the signs and it transmutes to human compassion, service, love and caring. Neptune transits through Pisces from April to July 2011 and from February 2012 to January 2026. A most profound time of discovery and spiritual awakening approaches.