In ancient times, the astrologers would cast the royal horoscope of their King believing that whatever fate had in store for him was also the fate of the country and thusly themselves. Today, everyone and everything has a horoscope, be it a person, company, corporation, marriage or the start of any event. Canada began as a nation on July 1, 1867. The stars tell a wondrous tale of the energy that would prevail from that day onward for our beloved Canada. We have the dog whisperer, horse whisperer and, I guess, star whisperers as well.

Our nation was born just hours before a new moon in the sign of Cancer, the sign most related to family, caring, providing and protecting. We think of Cancer as feminine, nurturing and somewhat connected to antiquity, history and such. While that is all true, Cancer the crab can also produce action and hero figures such as Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo. Stallone is a Cancer and the movie was filmed here in BC. Cancer types are tenacious and fiercely protective of their own. They are also more than willing to lend a hand to those in need wherever and whenever the case may be.

The planet Uranus is tightly conjunct with the Sun and Moon in our collective birth chart bringing a true sense of originality and independence as well as a strong humanitarian flavouring witnessed within our multi-cultured societies from coast to coast. This conjunction may also make us stand out in our own very unique ways. Jupiter casts a wonderful blessing our way in the form of a triangle to the Sun, Moon and Uranus. We are loved and respected for our liberal and fair treatment of humanity and the average Canadian is perceived as friendly and open. But we have our underbelly too. Fiery Mars opposes Jupiter and although we never spoil for a fight and perhaps never misuse our might, we are very competitive – fiercely so. Ask any hockey-crazed fan.

Seemingly, we have been on the ropes as the world economies go through a big shakeout. The stars are hinting the next few years will be some of the best for us. Jupiter brings his blessings in the form of opportunities for growth and success. In the face of all the gloom and doom out there, I don’t see it for Canada. Prime Minister Harper’s Venus is close to Venus in Canada’s chart and Jupiter passes over that area in September of 2012 bringing expansion, cooperation and growth. Then, in late June of 2013, Jupiter enters Cancer bringing more breakthroughs and more of a tendency towards harmony. Relax and enjoy for these will probably be called the good old days.

Aries Out with the old and in with the new is the mantra of the times. Changes are in the wind and it is best to ride them, as best you can. The truth sets you free as a new reality dawns upon you.

Taurus It’s your time to shine. Opportunities await thee. The stars are leaning in your favour. Others notice and pick up on your integrity, honesty and loyalty. Forget the stars! Go do your thing. Just don’t go overboard or get too crazy with anything.

Gemini You may be restless and sensing that changes are close at hand. You are right. Career and home topics become intensified. Certainly, move towards what makes you happy. Jupiter enters Gemini next June and is a great birthday present bringing breakthroughs and abundance.

Cancer The Cardinal signs – Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries – are strongly activated bringing a very challenging and exciting time in which great changes manifest and you may be at your best. Cohesion, blending and joining are key phrases symbolizing September’s highly charged energy.

Leo Kick back and enjoy the late summer days and dream away. A little bit of R&R will do you good. Mars visits Leo beginning September 18, bringing action, attraction, adventure and excitement and possibly some danger in late September and throughout October.

Virgo The new moon on August 28 bodes well and brings promises of abundance and opportunity throughout the month. The full moon on September 12 indicates excitement as a series of revelations illuminate your inner consciousness. A lively time unfolds.

Libra Saturn reaches the middle of the scales in early September. You can check how you’re doing by what is unfolding in your life. Hard times come in order to correct problems and good times come for those that have been willing to do so.

Scorpio The stars are favouring Scorpio throughout September. Strong effort on your part will pay dividends just like working out at the gym does. Mix and mingle and let others discover your talents and gifts. Life intensifies towards the end of the month.

Sagittarius Career objectives come into play. Home and family figure too. A move or travel plans might be the case. The cosmic wheel spins a bit easier for Sagittarius these days, meaning that you can get further with less effort than most this month.

Capricorn Pluto moving through Capricorn took Premier Gordon Campbell down. He resurrected himself with a very cushy job as Canada’s high commissioner to the UK. A death and a birth took place and this is quite reflective of Pluto’s power of destruction and renewal for all Capricorns.

Aquarius If you have planets in the latter half of Aquarius, you may feel like you are visiting another planet for the first 10 days of the month. Travel plans may materialize and romantic, intellectual, artistic and spiritual energies become enhanced from mid-month onwards.

Pisces Mercury and Neptune continue their dance and the combination is very good for dreamers, inventers, psychics, musicians, artists and actors. But it can make it darn tough to get anything figured out in a concrete way. Take your time and let life unfold its mysteries.