The lunar cycle governs all activities on the planet. The new moon signifies a fresh start while a full moon indicates a culmination or completion of sorts. The new moon on September 27 holds the keys to whatever type of cosmic/karmic energy that is destined to unfold for humankind throughout October. The new moon takes place in early Libra with Mercury and Venus close by. Libra is the sign of balance, harmony and beauty. Libra is a cardinal air sign and is best known as the sign of relationships, agreements or war. We wake up to the reality that we have a tremendous amount of healing to do in all areas of life.

I imagine there are more than a few bruised egos out there following the fallout from the riot. [Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, June 15, 2011] Plus, we have serious work to do and not a whole lot of time to bicker either pro or con. Justice needs to be done and the slow hand of our present- day legal system has many people peeved to no end – murderers in law school, other schools in need of serious repair, bigwigs patting each other on the back and handing out awards as they go, even if their actions cost us billions of dollars. The point is we need a healing and we will have to dig deep into our hearts and work towards forgiveness, tolerance, balance and harmony. It will not be a cakewalk and, if anything, fierce battles will rage as the month begins and heads will roll among the high and mighty. Blame really won’t do any longer. It is time to face the harsh realities and digest what we have dined on over the last several months.

The full moon on October 11 will bring it all home reality-wise, as dear old Saturn is aligned with the full moon indicating the fall of a king or a brutal political battle with significant fallout all the way around. Fortunately, Saturn is exalted while in Libra, a harbinger of our being in the mood to get it right and to move forward with wisdom, hopefully not hardened, but willing to take our licks and get on with the business of running our beautiful gem of a city and the most wonderful country on the planet. Saturn and the Sun are not good buddies and when they meet up we will experience the results in the markets and all places that need correction and discipline. “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go.”.

Aries You are a diamond in the rough, with great potential but needing polish. Multi-faceted, highly talented, you just need some inner direction. Now the stars have you in their focus and will demand your highest performance in the times to come.

Taurus Make hay while the Sun shines. October starts off rocky and others will possibly rub you the wrong way. The gig is within, getting others onside and not on opposite sides. The end of the month will bring significant revelations and opportunities for cooperative ventures.

Gemini As one astrologer said, “You may not be the true cowboy, but you can play the part real well.” It’s all about your creativity and your ability to win people over. Courage, truth and honour work wonders throughout the month. Pay attention to health concerns.

Cancer Fight or flight, what will it be? A special configuration called a cardinal T-square forms at new moon time on September 27 and will affect your sign in a very dynamic way throughout the month. Home, career and relationship activities intensify.

Leo Mars and Jupiter square off as the month begins. Hopefully, Mars provides courage, strength and enthusiasm, versus dominance, frustration or impatience. Sparks are flying – ideally figuratively, not literally. A very busy time ensues and all kinds of new people are entering your life.

Virgo Your solar second house of personal earnings is lit up like a Christmas tree, as is your ninth house of travel. A very busy month unfolds and no doubt you will be busy. It is also very important to take time to smell the roses.

Libra It’s your time to shine. If not, then it is your time to repair and renew all that you do. The full moon on October 11 will bring important revelations. All aspects of life are changing and you must accommodate the changes.

Scorpio It is time to go deep into the essence of all things. Happiness does not come from without, but from within. You can play now and pay later, or pay now and play later. The next few years tell the tale.

Sagittarius Lord Jupiter retrogrades in your solar sixth house prompting you to review many aspects of your life, such as health matters, working conditions and how you work with other people. Speaking of others, this is a time of solidifying long-term connections.

Capricorn Your solar career sector is on fire. As a matter of fact, all aspects of life are fully engaged. Intense and dynamic days unfold. Power plays abound, as do opportunities for personal growth. Walk, don’t run. Keep a keen eye on your own motives.

Aquarius October will be what you make of it. You can come out swinging and do righteous battle and right the wrongs. Another approach is to utilize your wit, wisdom and love while turning the lemons into lemonade. Travel and romance come into play.

Pisces All things metaphysical may become of interest as you seek answers to life’s riddles. Some aspect of your life is ending and a dawning new reality is taking shape. Soon, you can get in touch with it. A deep wisdom etches into your soul.