The Sun moves through Capricorn until January 20. Saturn rules this dynamic Cardinal / Earth sign. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn carry great energy as they are the signs that lead off the seasons. Capricorn, being an earth element, lends practical wisdom along with grit and determination to reach the goal, whatever it may be, for those born under the January skies. Dedication and devotion to the principal of any one thing carry these folks a very long way. Much depends on how they elect to go.

Saturn / Capricorn energy when filtered positively produces some of the greatest leaders, deepest thinkers and solid builders of the future as they work devotedly on securing the present. Judges, lawyers, doctors, bankers, teachers, police officers, military strategists, morticians, farmers, financial flanners, realtors, bosses, parents…the list is long but generally they end up running the show, one way or the other.

Saturn / Capricorn energy when filtered negatively brings the most cruel, tyrannical, manipulative, and cunning con-men and women to the scene. Cult leader Jim Jones was a Taurus, but had Saturn rising in Capricorn and fed his drug fuelled fear and paranoia to his hapless followers, and we know the outcome. Tricky Dickey (Richard Nixon) and J. Edgar Hoover were another pair of Capricorns that got hold of power in the U.S. and much suffering ensued. The list is long, but if you look around, you will find the Capricorns in positions and pockets of power and authority. The Sea Goat is an apt totem for Capricorn as it represents the dual activities of material acquisition and spiritual devotion. One without the other represents imbalance.

Astrology’s value and usefulness lies within its capacity to predict what type of energy will unfold at any given time in one’s life or in the life of a nation. Here are a couple of predictions that we can observe in the month of January 2012. U.S. President Barack Obama’s chart is radiating serious danger and it may spell some type of incident, accident, clash or conflict for the American people or for the man himself. In ancient times the fate of a nation was reflected through the birth chart of its leader.

Tiger Woods is also in a very dangerous and highly precarious time in which some type of accident, incident or controversy may be reported in the news. His chart shows struggle until 2013 and then he will rise again to the top of the heap in the sports world if he survives the dangers of the times.

Aries Coal compressed for millions of years becomes a diamond. In a similar process you are being shaped, chiselled and transformed. Stay open and remain tuned in. Believe in your higher self and in the power of love. This year it’s time for your consciousness to skyrocket.

Taurus The stars are leaning in your favour. It is a time of gaining and gathering. Be wise in your choices, for what you want may truly manifest this year. Too much of anything is not a good a good thing. Walk, don’t run.

Gemini Get ready for a big year. By mid June Venus and Jupiter will be in Gemini casting their fine rays of love, happiness and abundance your way. Travel and excellent opportunities await thee. Please don’t wait around though. Set yourself free now.

Cancer Life’s lessons deepen, and so do your love and gratitude for all that has come your way. Important revelations take place as the Cancer full moon on January 8 takes hold. A very dynamic year is predicted. Make the best of it.

Leo I can almost hear those wheels turning in your head as you plan your debut into 2012. Your solar chart is heating up nicely, especially in the career and money sectors. Love may not be a stranger and your writing gene has been activated.

Virgo Don your helmet and shoulder pads and get in the scrum. Mars and Jupiter cast their dynamic energies into your sign bringing courage, strength, stamina and a whole lot to do. Go easy though as accidents and incidents could take place.

Libra The new moon on January 22 takes place in the house of children, business, entertainment and romance. These are the topics that should come into play in the ensuing days. Home, family and real-estate are also topics on the menu this month.

Scorpio When your birthday rolls along you might realize that a lot has changed this year. It is time to do the behind-the-scenes work of repair and preparation for the future. “A stitch in time save nine” is an apt rhyme for the times.

Sagittarius The Archer’s success depends upon his ability to concentrate, focus, aim and release. It’s that type of year for you. Your instincts drive you towards perfection which you may achieve if you get your ducks lined up properly in a row.

Capricorn You’re in your solar high of the year, whilst Lord Saturn sits exalted in Libra. It’s good news and you can hardly lose. Pardon me. You could lose if you abuse any particular thing, especially power or any type of leadership role.

Aquarius The new moon on January 22 heralds the start of a lively time. It is a time of learning and gathering. Soon all that you have garnered can flow easily from the urn on your shoulder. The long-term Neptunian fog is finally lifting its veil.

Pisces With fiery Mars moving ever so slowly in your opposite sign Virgo, you may sense quite a bit of tension, dissention and some frustration that will have to be endured for the next few months. On the other hand, excitement, merriment and adventure await thee.