Our great nation came into existence on July 1, 1867. The planetary positions on that day portray what we’re all about. Our strengths and weaknesses stand out clearly and our national or collective karma can be read by those that have learned the language of the stars. Obviously, we have a good horoscope as witnessed by the comfortable lifestyles of most Canadians. Yes, we have our flaws, but mainly we have it made. We are a benign, humanitarian people, for the most part tolerant and permissive, with a tendency to treat others fairly.
On the surface, most would agree with this assessment, but when we dig a little deeper the story sadly changes. I was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, or as the locals called it, “Pa took it.” Pa took this land from its aboriginal people and according to the annals of history, they have no intention of giving it back or sharing it in a fair and equitable way. Now, we’re talking pipelines across the land and oil tankers in our pristine waters and we know the inevitable results.
Presently, the planet Pluto is having a major effect on our collective birth chart and will continue to bring massive changes in the next few years. Pluto is not a light, airy-fairy planet and it rules the underworld in all of its variegated colours, shapes and forms. We’ve heard the term ‘Plutocrat,’ referring to the powerful and wealthy movers and shakers in our midst. Pluto rules all those interested in controlling our lives. Big business, governments, all policing agencies and the underworld are areas where you are most likely to encounter Plutonian types.
Transiting Pluto opposes the sun, moon and Uranus in our collective birth chart for the next couple of years. Pluto brings destruction, decay, deterioration and all things on the dark side. He is another form of Lord Shiva the destroyer in the Hindu belief system. Yes, Pluto destroys, but it destroys for the sake of renewal and rebirth. Our legal system is in tatters and our medical and educational systems are burdened with the weight of their concerns.
Now, our prime minister is tampering with our Old Age Security benefits as he hints at bumping up the date of eligibility from 65 to 67. I wonder if he knows the ramifications of messing with the up-and-coming baby boomers’ pensions. This could be his Waterloo. Pluto passes over his Saturn throughout 2012 and Saturn rules the elderly and their security. The combination of planetary forces could very well spell the demise of Harper’s leadership. The fat cat politicians’ pensions are golden and ridiculously high. Harper might want to review his plans lest he awaken the sleeping giant. There will be many battles fought in order to bring justice and fairness our way.

Aries It’s a new day and new way as the Aries new moon takes hold on March 22. Significant changes and challenges are taking shape. Epiphanies, revelations and a few surprises keep you on your toes. Cast away fear and move into the future.

Taurus Love is in the air as Venus visits Taurus throughout the month. A lively and exciting time is to be expected. Travel plans congeal and luck seems to have come your way. Move forward with confidence, as others are receptive to your energy now.

Gemini Wrap it up and put away the past as the future is fast approaching. March is a time of preparation. It would behove you to move towards your goals or at least prepare to do so. The next several months bring grace and abundance.

Cancer It’s a time of joining up, mixing and mingling. A new circle of friends may materialize. Social and professional connections become enhanced as others vie for your attention and possibly your affection. A time of resurgence has arrived. Make the best of it.

Leo The benefic planets Venus and Jupiter dominate the top of your chart throughout the month, bringing all kinds of opportunities for advancement, acknowledgement and achievement. Watch for biting off too much, though. You may be hungry for some new adventures.

Virgo Mars the warlord continues his lengthy visit to your sign. Best use the energy rather than be used by it. Action, exertion, effort, trial, travails, stormy weather, blood, sweat and tears all mixed together may bring success and honour. Good times prevail as well.

Libra Saturn the stern taskmaster is still around for several more months. He brings deep and powerful lessons that carve wisdom into our souls. Mercury and Uranus send dynamic energy throughout the month making life hectic, challenging and very exciting. It’s all a bit edgy.

Scorpio Mars and Pluto – co/rulers of Scorpio – send good energy indicating you can get things done. Venus and Jupiter cast excellent energy as they light up the area of relationships and partnerships throughout the month. A lucky break regarding contentious issues brings relief.

Sagittarius The new moon on March 22 fires up your imagination. You might have a head-full of potent ideas and plans for the future. Venus and Jupiter move through your health sector indicating a time of re-evaluation regarding everything: work, diet, stress, etc.

Capricorn The words “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” came from beloved Capricorn Muhammad Ali. It is a time of great movement and transition and Ali’s words of wisdom may come in handy. The stars lean in your favour. Make the best of it.

Aquarius The fourth solar sector represents your home and your deeper internal self. Now, Venus and Jupiter are moving through that area and a renewal process may begin regarding all aspects of the self, home and family. Creative energy is high throughout the month.

Pisces A new day dawns as Neptune begins his journey through Pisces. Stay open and perceptive, as the signals from this planet will come clear for those who are clean and sober. Artistic, compassionate and creative energies abound. Spread your wings and catch the wind.