Round and round we go and where we stop nobody knows. Children never tire of the merry go round and seemingly neither do we. The countless suns, moons, stars, galaxies, universes and various planes of existence also circle round a pole that nobody knows. The ancients had the night sky to observe and came to realize that the planting, harvesting and hunting seasons could be predicted by the Sun’s return to a particular point in the sky each year. They noted that certain phenomena would prevail when the wandering stars (planets) moved through particular sectors of the sky. This is how astrology came into existence. Now let’s take a look and see what the planets and stars decree.

The one planet that has caught my eye is Uranus. This planet speaks about revolution, innovation and transformation. Shift, shock, change and rearrange are the types of activities we experience when this planet comes a knockin’. Uranus takes approximately 84 years to circle the Sun. Presently he is moving through the sign Aries which is a very potent combination of planet in sign. Revolutionary Uranus seeks to overthrow the status quo. Seemingly a law breaker, he is just as much a law maker when the dust settles. Freedom from tyranny and injustice comes along in the wake of powerful urainian transits. The last time that Uranus visited volatile Aries we experienced the 1929 stock market crash and the onset of the great depression. Millions of souls were displaced as many people roamed east and west seeking any type of help or employment. Those that survived the dirty thirties certainly had revolutionized their lives. The previous cycle before the stock market crash brought us the French revolution in 1848 that certainly changed the way of life throughout all of Europe.

Well here we are again. We have a nine ball juggling act going on and all the balls are up in the air. Uranus visits Aries from March 12, 2011 to May 15, 2018. We know that it’s going to be hot and it already is. The Middle East is nearing its boiling point and the Arab Spring uprisings are right on time. Uranus happens to rule over all things electronic and atomic. The nuclear chess game continues and the stakes go higher and so will the oil prices and everything else.We know that nuclear power is of great assistance to mankind or that it can destroy all life on the planet. Spin the dial in any direction and we can see what needs correction, direction and renewal. The mood is restless. It is a time of revolution. I’m not talking anarchy and violence, although wars will come within and without. What we need is a revolution in consciousness and a re-evaluation of what is true, real and necessary. Uranus creates a charged atmosphere of rebellion and upheaval and while traveling through fiery Aries we will have to be creative and innovative in order to cope and deal with what is on our platter in our ever increasingly busy and dynamic lives. If you were to attain all that you have dreamed about and longed for, do you think that you would be happy and content? The answer is no. You would not be happy nor content but restless and seeking higher heights and quests. Everyone lives up to their neck. The rich, the poor and everyone else lives to the limit of their means. While all this is going on the clock is ticking and the spirit within dwindles and withers weakly away. One people, one planet, one love.

Aries The full Moon on April 6 will bring more than a few revelations your way. You are a walking lightning rod, drawing down highly charged creative and innovative currents from above. Cut away from the past and move into the future.

Taurus You are on a roll and you must make the best of it. Jupiter casts his blessings in the form of excellent timing and strong contacts within the circles that you move. The Taurus new Moon on April 21 signals a new start.

Gemini Venus visits Gemini for the next four months bringing high times, creativity, love and resources. Venus represents beautification, socialization and internal values. You may have to make some uncomfortable decisions in order to attain harmony, balance and peace of mind. It’s your time to shine.

Cancer The full Moon on April 6 will illuminate your inner sky and answers regarding career and home concerns will manifest. You’re in the midst of a big makeover, so big that you may only be marginally aware of it at this point.

Leo Career and travel sectors are hot. Opportunities present themselves in which you can use your creative genius to its full extent. You have a free roll which means that you can carve out your own pathway the way you want it to be.

Virgo You hit the street running as plans congeal and you have to get real in order to handle all that is on your platter. Make sure you don’t hit the street literally as accidents and incidents can arise easily at this time.

Libra The Libra full Moon on April 6 brings home all kinds of important and useful information. You are in a time of redirection, correction and elimination of whatever has held you back in the past. Endings and beginnings take place.

Scorpio A time of internal perusal has arrived. Jupiter casts his good energy your way bringing hope, faith, luck and opportunity. The long view tells the tale of correction, discipline and hard work. To do the work and correction now is the best bet, and the future gets easier.

Sagittarius Someone left the gate open, and you can run free. With that sense of freedom, your vision of the overall picture becomes enhanced. Love and all kinds of enriched relationships of many forms are heading your way. Can you see it?

Capricorn The big planetary wheels are in motion. The outer planets are having their say as to what is unfolding in your life. It is an exceptionally dynamic and truly cosmic time in which the Goat has reached the pinnacle. Now what?

Aquarius Your brain is on fire. Well actually that might be a normal thing for the average Aquarius. The point is that high energy is coming in creative blasts. All intellectual avenues such as education and communication get a boost. Internal spring cleaning takes precedence.

Pisces Mars moves slowly through your opposite sign Virgo throughout the month bringing up contentious issues and all types of contrasts. You might be in a truly creative mood as you sense the excitement that is unfolding. You are braver than you imagined.