Life’s activities intensify dynamically and dramatically around full Moon time. The effects of the full Moon can be felt two days before and two days after its actual date. The full Moon on May 5 will bring things sharply into perspective. Mercury and Saturn form an opposition just a couple of hours before the full Moon, bringing some type of serious situation to light. Mercury/Saturn oppositions speak of delay and breakdowns regarding communications, misunderstandings and negotiations. Conflicted emotions such as jealousy, rage, anger and envy arise, especially with a Scorpio full Moon. It should be a hot night in the clubs, as the spring mating ritual takes hold. Venus rules this full Moon and she is moving very slowly throughout the month. Venus forms a triangle with Saturn, which helps to bring balance and harmony. My hint for the best possible behaviour in this highly charged time is to keep your cards close to the vest; say less, if anything at all. Mainly, live by the creed that martial artist Chuck Norris devised. He said the best defence is not to offend.

We have a solar eclipse on May 20 in the first degree of Gemini, which is the sign of communication and commerce. Mercury, lord of Gemini, is sitting close to Jupiter, which is an excellent indicator of possible agreements, positive negotiations, trust and cooperation. We have an opportunity to explore productive and reasonable solutions to our problems. Venus and Saturn are in a powerful triangle and whatever seeds we plant at the time of this eclipse will bear positive fruit for several months to come. On another level, the solar eclipse falls right onto a very sensitive point in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s horoscope and the eclipse has a strong effect on the chart of Benjamin Netanyahu as well.

The eclipse could herald the start of a serious re-ignition or continuation of very old karma. It seems it is the way of the world in the Kali Yuga. If there is a blessing for the times, it will be in the form of the softening and rendering of the hearts of men, once we have dined long enough on the steady diet of war and violence or the threat of it; certainly, it is what we have known since recorded history. It is not doomsday although it sounds that way. It’s a new day and a new way that will get us through to the next chapter in the eternal book of life. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are having a major effect. Uranus transits Aries until 2018, shaking everything up and bringing a most rebellious time of it, planetary-wise. New inroads and new ways and means of living will develop, as anything that has outlived its useful purpose will most likely meet its demise or, at the least, experience a new birth. Neptune visits his own sign Pisces for the next 14 years, bringing us into a time in which we will seek a deeper meaning and a deeper value to our existence.

Aries It’s time to put it all together. Stay original and go for what you want. Even if you don’t get what you want, you most likely will end up in unique and interesting circumstances. The full Moon on May 5 illuminates the road ahead.

Taurus What Taurus wants, Taurus gets. Watch for what you want, as you will probably get it. The full Moon on May 5 will bring revelations. May 21 and 22 are opportune days to connect and communicate. Heart-to-heart talks may move mountains.

Gemini The Gemini solar eclipse on May 20 indicates a new start. Do some soul searching. Love, values, family and career objectives get a makeover. Life heats up as the Spring progresses. The summer is even better, as travel and fun times are indicated.

Cancer The full Moon on April 6 will illuminate your inner sky, and Most Cancer people are a bit wide-eyed and wild-eyed during the full Moon phase. Sleepless nights and creative flights, fuelled by a vivid imagination have you pacing the floor on May 5. Decisions are made that allow you to move forward.

Leo Career and home sectors are affected by the full Moon on May 5. News from afar may change your course in some way. With any serious effort, you can attain your objectives. It is your time to shine. Stay open, original and flexible.

Virgo A busy month unfolds. You’re in demand and possibly in command. Travel, education and spirituality can attract you now. It is a time of wielding influence and power. Lucky breaks and good news arrive on May 21 and 22. Move forward with confidence.

Libra Your ruling planet Venus forms a triangle with Saturn that lasts throughout the month. While Saturn is the stern taskmaster bringing sobering realities, Venus is about wisdom, beauty, grace and love. The combination restores balance and harmony and brings peace and happiness.

Scorpio The Scorpio full Moon on May 5 brings important revelations. It’s a time of deep reflection and introspection. Jupiter and Mars cast good energy, bringing confidence and strength. It is also a time of rest and repair. Relationships get a boost May 21 and 22.

Sagittarius You are known to be lucky and luck favours those that are prepared, organized and together. The full Moon on May 5 helps you to see which areas need attention and care, such as health and work demands. A good summer approaches.

Capricorn The Sun and Jupiter cast good energy your way as they light up your solar fifth house. This house rules over topics such as children, creativity, romance, gambling, business and entertainment. It is also a good karma house. Make good use of your time.

Aquarius Home and career sectors are stimulated by the full Moon on May 5. If you want to make important changes, wait until the end of the month, as the picture brightens sharply and your opportunities will increase. Creative energy flows abundantly then.

Pisces Moves, renovations, family obligations and other machinations keep you hopping throughout the month. Creative energy is high and you might need it in order to maneuver through the thorny issues that are at hand. Kindness, caring and consideration are the Pisces way.