“First a tear drop, then a trickle and then a torrent of tears as you realize that you have destroyed the very thing that you wanted most.” I wrote that in another column several years ago. A Scorpio woman called and asked, nearly in disbelief, how and why I wrote those words. I told her that one of the negative traits of Scorpio is a form of self-destruction or destruction of what they fear. She had met a fellow that she really liked and they seemed to truly hit it off. He lived in a different city. She grew impatient as the days went by and became angry that he didn’t even have the decency to keep his word and call her. Well, she called him and left a message telling him what she thought of him for his callous, cad-like behaviour. Soon after, she got a call from a friend saying the fellow had lost his phone book and had been trying to reach her for days. She got a hold of him, but the air was chilly and it was the end of the story, thus the torrent of tears.

Scorpio does signal a time of endings and new beginnings. Pluto is the co-ruler of Scorpio. When Pluto makes an aspect with a planet, or sensitive point in our horoscopes, we go through some type of regeneration experienced as a breaking down and renewal of that planet’s significations. Here’s an example. Let’s say that Pluto contacts your Venus and you discover your mate is having an affair. Or maybe you’re having an affair. Whatever the case, there is pain involved as we evolve through the process of breaking apart and mending our hearts. Later on, wisdom gained, we plod forth towards new ventures with a new set of values, hard earned and stained with our tears of experience. As the Sun passes through Scorpio, we are provided with an opportunity to go deep within ourselves. We have two eclipses in November, heightening the intensity of the times all the more. Look within, find out what you truly want, or do not want any longer and resolve to rise above to the highest of your standards and values. Not to harp on the negative, I must say that Scorpio is the most deeply devoted and loyal sign when it comes to family and loved ones. “Till death do us part” must have been penned by a Scorpio. Eagles mate for life and so does Scorpio. Oh, they can break up with you, but they can never really let you go.

Aries An eclipse takes place in your solar eighth house on November 13. The affairs of the eighth house will be in play for several months. Joint monies, inheritances, taxes, secrets, wills and legacies may be dealt with. Profound psychic experiences and dreams may occur and you might become deeply interested in metaphysics or spirituality.

Taurus There’s a big focus on your house of relationships. It’s all about how you get along with others, or not. Generally, you are able to get your own way, but now you may find that others are willing to put up a fight with quite a bit of resistance. It is time to reconsider your position.

Gemini You start the month off in high gear, as there are many demands to be met and little time to put it all together. It’s great to be busy and you may not mind the challenges, but you will have to watch your overall health. Month’s end is intense and dynamic, with relationships being featured.

Cancer A time in which you consider a new enterprise or the start-up of a new business has arrived. You may be yearning for some excitement and there is a hint of intensified relationships that may be in the works. Take it easy at the end of the month as battles may be brewing.

Leo You must dig deep within yourself to come up with the proper course of action that will fulfill your yearning and burning desire for freedom and happiness. Home and family, along with matters of real estate, may come into play throughout November. December looks brighter. Plan on times with friends and family. New social circles are developing.

Virgo The natural instinct for Virgo is to get everything in order and in their proper places. Once those tasks are completed, you can delve deeper into your favourite topics, passions and hobbies. November is the perfect time for you to get things in their place. Home, family and career activities feature strongly in November.

Libra Venus visits Libra until November 21, bringing her essence of love, grace, beauty, fairness and resources your way. Jupiter also casts his good influences as well and one cannot complain too much when the lesser and greater benific planets give us their blessings. Find the balance in all things and certainly share your love.

Scorpio The solar eclipse on November 13 heralds an important time of changes for those born close to that date. Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio indicating an opportunity to rethink the plan or to rework any problems. Saturn spends the next couple of years moving through Scorpio helping you to structure, order and harmonize your life.

Sagittarius The lunar eclipse on November 28 casts some light on the concerns that have been developing in your life. Lord Jupiter casts his blessings via the eclipse as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter several hours after the eclipse. Revelations come your way and you may be excited regarding a breakthrough or a lucky break. Now you can move forward.

Capricorn Mars and Pluto meet up in Capricorn on November 27, just hours before a lunar eclipse takes place. The general consensus would be to avoid danger and any form of angry confrontation. If the air needs to be cleared, this will be the time to do it. My hint is to not make more karma that must inevitably be repaid.

Aquarius Your career house is lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s time to attain your goals. It’s a time in which you’re acknowledged for your accomplishments. For some, it is a time of honour and recognition; for others, it may indicate a fall from a high place.

Pisces Travel and career sectors are hot throughout November and December. You may be longing for something higher and more rewarding as your solar ninth house is activated this month. You might want to check out the deeper aspects of religion and mysticism. You could get the job that you have always dreamed of. Make it a reality.