We start the month off with a Sun / Jupiter opposition on December 2. The Sun and Jupiter are friends and fiery brothers in the planetary scheme. Jupiter’s influence brings good luck, abundance and good timing into play. The spirit of good will, trust and honour manifests at these times. If you are born within a few days of this date or around June 1, the Sun and Jupiter’s effects will be experienced strongly in the form of opportunities for expansion, growth and development. You are in the right place at the right time. The downside of this planetary exchange is that of waste, overconfidence and over expenditures. Going out on the proverbial limb is a classic description of this planetary aspect. Matters related to law and politics come strongly into play.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but a big storm is brewing and it is all about the proposed pipeline and threats to our pristine waters and land. Some of us think it is a done deal while others are thinking no way for any amount of dollars. The line is drawn in the sand and whether pro or con, our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren are at stake. The Sun / Jupiter opposition is a prime type of planetary aspect that puts these types of questions to all of us and we must soon decide what is best for the future. Mercury the trickster and Neptune the magician square off on December 11. I’m not sure what you might do about it, but I personally would not sign anything important as mistakes and distortions may very well cloud the picture.

Misunderstandings and confusion, along with lies and deceit, are on the cosmic menu for a few days surrounding December 11. The Sagittarius new Moon on December 13 indicates a new start and probable new round of negotiations, meetings, judgements and rulings, etc. The spirit of Sagittarius connects us to higher consciousness, competitiveness, fairness, freedom and education for everyone. The Sagittarius new Moon prompts us to look at the big picture and the long view. It is time to weigh up how we’re really doing and truly make the changes that need to be made in order to find the balance. “Charity begins at home” was a favourite expression of my guru. He meant that we must forgive ourselves and extend love, forgiveness, kindness, charity and compassion to all living souls. We’re God’s children and God resides in each and every one of us. Let’s find a common ground and work towards equanimity, peace and harmony.

Aries You are a diamond in the rough, multifaceted, multitalented and just needing polish. Complications, delays and endless details bore you to death. You are basically intuitive and instinctive. Now, you must call upon your natural gifts to get you through the next several years. Fate and destiny play a big hand.

Taurus You cannot live off of the fat, all of the time. Now is the time to economize, trim down and rid yourself of any waste. It is also time to take a long look at the relationships in your life. The meaning and value of life deepens as the days pass. It’s a time of marriage or divorce.

Gemini Jupiter, king of the Gods, continues his Gemini visit until late June 2013. He offers up an opportunity to expand your awareness. There is an intrinsic spirituality and angelic quality that many Geminis possess. You can reflect on the past and all that has happened in your life. Now, the urge for freedom becomes very strong.

Cancer Moon-ruled, you are emotional, sensitive and very attached to your family. You are also very strong minded and tenacious. With Mars and Pluto moving through your opposite sign Capricorn, it may be wise to take it easy and avoid confrontation. A soft reply turns away wrath. It is time to get your house in order.

Leo It’s time to do what you do best, which is to razzle-dazzle, mix and mingle, glad-hand, back-slap and wink and nod, tell a joke or two as you work the crowd. New and old friends come into the mix and it is time for you to play and travel.

Virgo Your solar fourth and tenth houses are activated. These houses represent your home and career activities. A busy time is indicated as you work towards expanding your career interests. Land and real estate may come into the play. Partnership potential is very strong. Keep perfecting your skills. Opportunities for advancement and growth are close at hand.

Libra You can never really satiate Libra’s dynamic sense of intellectual curiosity. Now, an opportune time has arrived in which you can satisfy your hunger to learn and explore. December offers up opportunities for travel. Matters related to writing, education and publishing come strongly into play. Social, political and legal topics are on the agenda.

Scorpio A loving parent’s instinct is to protect and nurture their offspring. When the little one doesn’t want to wash behind his ears, rest assured, mom or dad will do it for him. Saturn is a stern taskmaster. He visits Scorpio for the next two years. His instinct and objective are to keep you safe and clean.

Sagittarius The Sagittarius new Moon on December 13 signals a fresh start. It’s time to review and renew your perspective. Take your time, as the picture may not be clear until late December. Interesting and important news arrives around December 17 and matters of the heart take precedence on December 22. Christmas brings powerful revelations and realizations.

Capricorn The winter solstice on December 21 heralds your solar high of the year. It may not feel too high as you weather a few dynamic planetary aspects, though. December 25 can be a day of surprises and possible shocks. The full Moon on December 28 may precipitate important decisions and changes in your life.

Aquarius Knowledge without incorporating wisdom is likened to a donkey with a load of books on his back. They’re not doing him any good. It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know that is of importance. The old soundtrack has been wiped clean. It’s time to go in a new direction.

Pisces Nothing is real and everything is surreal with Neptune visiting Pisces. Neptune connects us to higher consciousness and to realities beyond our intellectual scope. Your desire to help those less fortunate is stronger than ever. Artists, actors, musicians, healers, dreamers and dancers will receive the higher influences of Neptune. The angelic, saintly ones will manifest now.