Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new is a mantra we’re all familiar with. Now, we are determined to stick to our New Year’s resolutions, which, of course, are generally totally forgotten by early February. Things may be a little different this year, though. The Sun and Pluto conjoin on December 30, 2012, just on the heels of a full Moon to boot. Your vow of commitment and determination to stick to the plan stands a better chance of becoming a reality if we use this planetary aspect as our fulcrum and pole in order to attain our goals. Our emotions are heightened at full Moon time and it probably isn’t the best time to make a vow or promise that we may not be able to keep.

Neptune will visit Pisces for over a decade. It’s a very interesting combination as Neptune is strongly affiliated with Pisces. Neptune represents our connection to the astral world and if this planet is prominent in our birth charts, we will be inclined to work along Neptunian lines. Neptune and Pisces are all about spirituality, devotion, compassion, illusion, film, music, acting and art. Positive Neptune types are inclined to work with the sick and disadvantaged in the world. When Neptune is weak or challenged in a birth chart, we find our con man, drug addict, fake evangelist and other wolves in sheep’s clothing. The oceans and seas are Neptune / Pisces ruled as are all liquids such as oil. I pray it never happens because just one massive oil spill on the coast will change our lives for decades, if not longer. We live in the wild west and it’s probably going to get a lot wilder before any true or lasting peace comes our way. Let’s make peace wherever and however we can. The planet needs a healing.

It is our individual and collective duty to extend love and help to all souls on our precious planet. We must count our sameness and commonalities and shame on the bunch of us if we don’t. The cosmic intent of this Neptune /Pisces energy is to divert us away from the glitter, glitz and gold and to turn us towards higher aspirations such as service, love and devotion. Those born at this time will exhibit an unusual spiritual or psychic quality. Visionaries are needed and they will manifest at this time. We have two ways to go. We can move further into the tangled web of karmic indebtedness or we can learn to love one another and forgive each other. We are one people on one planet and we must learn to get along together.

Aries Your solar tenth house is strongly activated throughout January amping up your professional status. Move towards your goals. Your world is changing and you are changing as never before. Fate and destiny lead the way. You’re on a learning curve and what you learn these days will serve you well, far into the future. Stay original.

Taurus Journeys, short and long, may take place this month. You may stay home and still cover a lot of distance internally. You may be longing for changes on a deep spiritual level. Watch what you’re doing on January 7 and 8, as there is potential for mishaps to take place. Patience and kindness work wonders.

Gemini The last half of January will be a big improvement compared with the first half of the month. If you have anything of importance to handle or if there is something special you would like to achieve, make your moves on January 21 and 22 for the best possible results.

Cancer The Cancer full Moon on December 28, 2012, had Pluto connected to it and it may have brought important changes in your life. The new Moon on January 11 in your opposite sign Capricorn may prompt you to make certain changes in your relationships. Those that support or oppose show up now. Prepare for a brighter future.

Leo You must set a workable pace, as the tempo is sure to speed up as this month moves along. Mars and Saturn lock horns as they both either square or oppose Leo. Most of this intensity will be experienced on January 7and 8. The whole month will have a certain edge of excitement to it.

Virgo Your solar fifth house is strongly activated throughout January. The fifth house topics are children, romance, entertainment, investments and gambling. One or more of these topics should be activated now. Jupiter sits at the top of your solar chart enhancing professional and career interests. Your prospects for advancement are strong. Promotional strategies play out well.

Libra Matters related to home, family and real estate take up your time in the first few weeks of January. It would be a good time to conduct any type of research on the family tree. Heady topics such as law, philosophy, spirituality and politics will be on the menu. Travel plans are in the works.

Scorpio Saturn slows down in January, becoming retrograde mid-February in your sign. Most people do not like the heavy influences of Saturn while others thrive and even excel under this planet’s guidance. Striving for a degree, studying hard while others are partying and generally sacrificing and living carefully is what this Saturn transit is all about.

Sagittarius Jupiter is a planet associated with abundance and good luck. There’s another side to Jupiter when it is not well situated in a birth chart that can indicate waste and carelessness. Jupiter becomes stationary in your opposite sign Gemini at the end of the month. This is an important time of decisions regarding relationships.

Capricorn The late December 2012 full Moon may have provided you with a glimpse into the hidden works of a situation. It is not a light, airy-fairy time period. The Capricorn new Moon on January 11 bodes very well and will bring on a new phase of internal transformation, growth and development in your life.

Aquarius Dynamic and feisty Mars moves through Aquarius this month bringing enthusiasm and action your way. Mars tangles with Saturn as they square off January 6 to 8. Difficult circumstances may develop and tempers could flare as frustrations boil over. My hint is to stay chill and if given lemons, make lemonade.

Pisces It’s a blessing in this lifetime to experience Neptune’s visit to Pisces. Magical, mystical, mysterious scenarios come and go like clouds. Dive into the pool of dreams and diversions, adventure and excitement. You may feel strongly motivated to serve, help and heal wherever you can. Artists and musicians will probably receive inspiration from on high.