February is supposed to be the coldest month of the winter season, but my bet is it’s going to be hot. The Aquarius new Moon on February 9 carries the seedlings of what will spring forth from Pandora’s box over the next lunation cycle. Saturn plays a strong part in what takes place throughout the month, as he is the traditional lord of Aquarius. He rises in the east at new Moon time, with a strong status, sort of like visiting dignitaries from other lands. The main objective with Saturn is within our efforts to bring order, harmony, fairness, justice, health and wholesomeness to the land and people. The spirit of Aquarius manifests through acts of humanitarian love. Imagine the day when we finally figure out we are one people on one planet and that each one of us is most precious and deserving of love and forgiveness. Sorry, got a little carried away for a moment.

Groups and gatherings, marches and protestations are in the works and oh boy; there will be some fireworks! Saturn is moving through Scorpio, which is a sign very connected to the environment and its health. Start counting the heads involved in any serious movement that has to do with the protection of the environment and my bet is that dear old Scorpio will come to the top of the list. At the time of the new Moon, Venus squares off with Saturn prompting us to do some soul searching in order to find what will bring contentment and peace of mind. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter make a strong connection and the combination is going to cause or allow people to vent, argue, contest and protest, with the dirt ending up on the front pages of our local papers. It’s not as bad as it seems. Actually, we may be in the mood to move forward and digest the hard-earned and hard-learned lessons we have been dining on over the last several years.

The full Moon on February 25 brings life’s activities to a peak. Jupiter forms a square with the full Moon while Mercury and Mars are conjunct. This is quite the planetary mix and we can expect some very stormy weather, inside and outside of the house. “Slow down” is the mantra I would choose in order to accommodate the intense energy on-board at this time. Mercury and Mars stay in close proximity to one another throughout February and early March. What it all means is that we’re going to be on about the important issues of the day. Choose your favourite hobby horse, be it the environment, the government, the police, well, you name it – oh, and of course, the politicians and their machinations near and far. The battle to save the environment is on. Not that I want to drone on about the negative, but this full Moon and the last several days of February indicate some type of unstable weather phenomena, such as big winds and probable calamities on the high seas or in the mountains. According to the Vedic Chart, at the time of the new Moon on February 9, our collective mindset will be in a cautionary mode and our collective jaw may be set and determined to truly strive to adhere to the most stringent measures possible to safeguard the land and seas. There might be a move on in higher places to winnow the Neanderthals and get up to speed with taking care of business.

Aries You’re on the verge of some important discoveries that will come your way throughout the spring. In the meantime, you can expand your social contacts by joining with groups and societies that have similar interests. This is a good time to mix and mingle.

Taurus Work and relationships are the main focus throughout February. Heart-to-heart talks may help in clearing any resentments or grudges. Conditions change for the better towards the end of the month. The key ingredient is communication.

Gemini Travel plans materialize. Opportunities to write, publish and study emerge. Expect a demanding month. Pace yourself and watch you don’t get embroiled in a conflict. The energy is intense and highly charged. Diplomacy, patience and kind words are needed to get you through successfully.

Cancer Your interests take a turn towards the deeper and more mysterious subjects like reincarnation and other eastern beliefs. Travel could be in the works. Academia, publishing and matters of the higher mind come into play. A transformative process is in the works.

Leo There may be some tough hurdles to overcome regarding personal or joint monies. Land and real estate may figure in as well. This is your solar low of the year and a time in which you should take it easy.

Virgo You might need another body in order to handle all that is on your platter throughout February. The key is to set a pace and try to stay within it. Fights, accidents and misunderstandings could manifest. Kindness and patience will get you through safely.

Libra A busy time unfolds as you focus on organizing yourself. Health considerations are at the forefront. You may weigh up the pros and cons regarding family politics. It’s time for some soul searching in order to find the balance.

Scorpio Matters regarding the home and family come up. Saturn is having an important influence over Scorpio now. He asks you to live with less and let go of the things that are no longer useful. Economize, cut away and trim back where you can.

Sagittarius Ducking controversy is out of the question. It’s too late for that. Now is the time to make a stand for what you believe in. Oh, there will be fights and possible tears, but the air clears and you are able to move forward again.

Capricorn Saturn, lord of Capricorn and Aquarius, features strongly throughout the days of February. Of course, you are naturally connected to this planet and what others whine about, you do without complaint. Continue your ascent up the mountain and remain open to change.

Aquarius The Aquarius new Moon on February 9 signals a new start. In addition, Venus visits all month and her influence inspires us towards higher and refined living conditions. It’s time to apply your super will power to the tasks at hand.

Pisces Mercury and Mars visit in February, making it a very busy, exciting and challenging time. Set a pace you can handle and refuse to rush. Arguments and incidents could arise. Otherwise, you can expect some excitement as a series of unique developments occur.