The spring equinox takes place on March 20. The position of the planets at the equinox is believed to hold the keys as to how the whole year will go; many ancient cultures held this belief. I compared the planetary positions in the equinox chart to Canada and Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s birth charts and it tells quite the tale. Strap on your seat belts and make ready for a wild ride through time. Pluto holds a prominent position throughout the year indicating a time of transformation and regeneration. It is time for a makeover and a rebirthing of our values and our country’s principles. There may be a great rift and division among the people and strife, conflict and resistance will be evident. This is how we go and this is how we grow; we voice our opinions and we put up the vote and abide by the will of the people.

Mars and Uranus are conjunct at the time of the equinox and in square with our Moon. It is another indicator we will experience some choppy waters, unrest and all kinds of movement and protestations. No sense hiding under your bed, but it does make sense to throw in your two cents and contribute to helping solve the concerns on-board at this time. We will get nowhere by avoidance and we must help sort out the concerns of the day. Saturn is in very good aspect to the Sun and Moon this year and it is a very good harbinger that we are on the right track. We will sort through what must be done in order to find the balance.

Jupiter is waiting in the wings and in the midst of our labour he comes along and rewards us in a most plentiful way, as he transits over our Sun, Moon and Uranus in July and August this year and in the first four months of 2014. He is King of the Gods, bringing abundance, wealth, success and happiness. We are heading into a most exciting time. Rejoice and contribute however you can.

I wouldn’t want to be in Stephen Harper’s shoes, as the stars are indicating that a battle is brewing; 2013 could prove to be the most challenging and controversial time for his administration. Some loss is indicated and he will have to fight to keep his ship intact. He seems plenty capable and although we may not like his astringency measures, they may be necessary in order to trim the fat and cut back on waste and expenditures.

Aries The mystics teach us that we have 25% free will and 75% karmic indebtedness. The karma flows in its own way at the appropriate times in our lives. It’s time to use that allotment of 25% free will. 2013 is the year that it all changes. Seek the truth, as it will set you free.

Taurus You may be feeling a little tired and it may be time to let up and relax for a while. The March planets offer up a time in which you can be flexible and possibly take a bit of time off. Then again you can resist and persist at your own risk. Enjoy the days.

Gemini It’s your time to fly high and kiss the sky as Jupiter continues his visit until the end of June. Make good use of this energy. Join up with a group or society that reflects your values and interests. New friends come into the picture. Travel looms big and big things happen while travelling.

Cancer It’s time to prepare for the future. The March planets indicate possible travel and dealing with education and publishing. Keep your foot on the gas and use that big pincer to hold on to your convictions and beliefs. Life gets notched up in the summer time. Opportunity knocks and doors fly open that were previously shut tight.

Leo Your long-held beliefs might be evaporating. No worries. They will be replaced by astonishing, new revelations. Some Leo types are deeply mystical and if you are one of them, you have reached a time in which a deep understanding and awareness prevails.

Virgo You will have to be extra vigilant throughout the month of March, as the likelihood of misunderstandings and confusion is strong. You may need to take your time and set a pace you can live with. Read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. Measure twice, cut once, sounds about right. Avoid sloppy thinking and taking too many shortcuts. Work smart.

Libra Make ready for a very exciting springtime. Romance and adventure may be the case. Activities heat up towards the end of the month as the Libra full Moon on March 27 illuminates your inner psyche. Be aware with all that you do, as there is a danger of mishaps or accidents taking place.

Scorpio You may be working harder than ever, but the results may be slow coming in. You may find the power types are not receptive to your plans presently. Keep perfecting and polishing your skills, eliminating what you know is not worthy or useful. Health is the first consideration and all else stems from there.

Sagittarius Home and family are the main features now. Land and real estate may figure in somehow. You may be ambiguous and possibly conflicted as to what to do or how to go regarding your present circumstances. You may have more direction towards the end of the month and things may go in your favour.

Capricorn Keep an eye out for potential accidents and mishaps around the home. There’s nothing to fear, except the stars are indicating potential concerns in that area. Projects regarding land and real estate could come up. Those born at the end of December and early January are in the midst of a great transformative process throughout 2013.

Aquarius Some of you are going to reach your peak professionally this year or the next. Others of you may leave a long-time profession or experience a fall from grace. It may not be the case; much depends on how you got to the top in the first place. Honourable actions are applauded while misdeeds come to light.

Pisces March is your month and it should prove to be an exciting time. Love, romance, creativity and all kinds of activity keep you on the move. There may be some doubt and confusion, as misunderstandings are likely. Travel could be delayed and it is important to keep your documents together.