Every once in a while it would be nice to catch a break and have a good run. My clients squirm in their seats when I bring up Saturn and his grinding and binding effects. But they begin to relax and become much more hopeful when Jupiter’s very favourable influences are discussed. Now, a time of abundance has come for Canada as Jupiter casts his special energies our way over the next 12 months. We have individual karma and collective karma. Our national karma can be read and explained by the position and condition of the planets on the day we became a nation. Jupiter figured strongly in the birth chart of Canada. Jupiter is king of the gods and he represents the higher and broader range of our intellect and understanding. Topics such as law, philosophy, medicine, education and politics are just a few of the subjects that come under his domain. Jupiter and Saturn represent the good cop-bad cop phenomenon, in which the bad cop roughs you up a bit and scares the heck out of you. Then the good cop comes in and soothes you and makes you feel way better.

Saturn represents the letter of the law while Jupiter rules the spirit of the law. Jupiter holds a prominent position in the birth chart of Canada. He was in Pisces, which is his own sign. Jupiter is a benevolent and uplifting energy and Pisces is the most compassionate sign of the zodiac. It means that we as a people will be kind and benevolent in our ways and carry a great dignity among the nations. Our laws are known to be fair, possible way too fair, but it is unmistakable that the silent majority and the overall Canadian identity carries this humane dignity and peaceful demeanour. It cannot be taught and it cannot be bought, but it can be caught in the Canadian spirit of the people that inhabit this most blessed country.

Something big is in the wind. Jupiter rules all sporting events and any type of competition. In the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014, Jupiter will be at its peak influence in our lives. This would be the right time astrologically to rewrite the laws of the land to bring them in line with present-day realities. It is our time to step up to the plate and continue to make our nation the showcase nation that she is. It is time to take pride and give thanks for the privilege and opportunity to exist in this wonderful land we call Canada.

Aries The Sun, Mars and Jupiter cast good energy your way throughout the month. The three fiery brothers bring confidence, strength and energy that you can use to your advantage. You may be heading into uncharted waters as the planet Uranus continues to bring surprises and changes that come out of the blue. Enjoy the times.


It’s all about resources or the lack of them; that’s what will determine how the month will go. There’s quite a list of things that need to be accomplished or acquired in order to make it all work. A time of correcting and adjusting to the realities that are presenting themselves at this time is needed.


It’s your solar high of the year as the Sun continues his journey through your sign. He’s accompanied by Mars and Jupiter, his two fiery brothers. The trio may make you feel like one of the three musketeers. Set about to make things right and put up the good fight and your timing is right.

Cancer Your ship is either coming in or heading out with you on board. A very promising time approaches as the Sun enters Cancer on June 20 placing you in your solar high of the year, followed by benevolent Jupiter on June 25. He brings opportunities for growth and expansion over the next 12 months.


Your solar eleventh house is very active throughout the month. It is time to meet and greet and enjoy the social activities that come up now. You can hold court as you expound on your favourite topics. You may be longing for the good old days and you might return to your roots this year.


TYour solar career sector is hot and you should make good use of it. You may find yourself connected to some very influential people that like your style and manner. It is time to bring people closer and enjoy the camaraderie that true friendships can bring. The heat is on and so is the competition.


The June planets favour you strongly. Opportunities for travel present themselves. Publishing, education, promotional activities and spiritual matters are just a few of the topics you may be keen on presently. Embrace it all and feed that hungry mind and soul. Career potential is very strong and it is time to reach for the brass ring.


Saturn is moving through Scorpio and generally he’s not too much fun. He is about hard work and responsibility. However, if we’re living a balanced life with a healthy diet and good work scene, we don’t need or feel his disciplining measures as keenly as those that are out of balance and needing correction.


It’s time to take it easy and let off the gas pedal a bit. Then again Mars and Jupiter, along with the Sun, are casting energy into your sign throughout the month. It is more likely you will have the pedal to the metal as you move through a very demanding time. Go easy.


You may want to wend your way carefully throughout the month as there is the likelihood of conflict and resistance. And don’t promise more than you can deliver because the potential for misreading or not understanding a situation is strong. Truth, honour and valour get you through; you might be the victor or hero.


Love and marriage, baby and carriage could be the case for many Aquarians as your solar fifth house of past life karma is lit up. The fifth house rules love, attraction and children. For those mortified by the idea of marriage and babies, the stars are offering opportunities to enjoy the things that you love.

Pisces Family, home, land and real estate are the feature topics for Pisces throughout June. Romantic energies may manifest and a promising summer unfolds. Certainly, it is time to enjoy life to its fullest. It might be time for a family reunion or gathering of old friends. Misunderstandings can come up suddenly so go slow.