Let’s invoke the spirit of Libra. The seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra is a cardinal air sign, ruled by Venus. The cardinal signs carry great power and energy, as Aries initiates the spring season, Cancer the summer, Libra the fall and Capricorn the winter. The element of air, combined with this dynamic cardinal sign, produces some of the most talented, beautiful, creative and profound people on the planet. Venus/Libra would be depicted strongly in the lives of such luminaries as Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Pierre Trudeau and former US President Jimmy Carter. Libra bestows great beauty, grace, charm and a powerful intellect. The new Moon on October 4 releases this dynamic Libra energy and we have an opportunity to use it, abuse it or lose it.

Libra is depicted by a blindfolded woman, holding a sword in one hand and scales in the other. The symbol represents impartial justice, fairness, harmony and balance. If the scales are not balanced, we have injustice, imbalance, war and chaos to deal with. Uranus is involved with this Libra new Moon and it is an indicator that we may be in for a few shocks and surprises as the month unfolds. At the time of this writing, (September 7), the world is deciding what to do with the grievous and very dangerous circumstances in Syria. We may very well be on the verge of war in the middle east. The world leaders would be wise to use the Venus/Libra energy to negotiate peace, as the alternative will be the use of that sword the Goddess wields in order to help protect the suffering souls that are enduring great pain, hardship and loss. We are the world, we are the people and now the stars are asking for our assistance in bringing world peace closer, rather than further from our grasp.

Another major feature regarding Libra is relationships – be they marital, personal or professional. With Uranus involved with the new Moon energy, we may find it is time to sort things out and shake things up. The inhabitants of the local islands call it “the island shuffle.” Then again, we can get it right and settle down with peace in our hearts. It’s all about love, kindness, consideration and caring for one another, close and far. The full Moon lunar eclipse on October 18 will help us come to terms with whatever is on board at that time. Retrograde Mercury, combined with Saturn throughout the month, does indeed speak of serious negotiations and circumstances developing throughout the land.

Aries You have an opportunity to break through the limitations and restrictions that have held you back for way too long. You are on a journey of self-discovery. Staying true to yourself is the main ingredient that will bring you the freedom you long for. The full Moon on October 18 will bring powerful revelations.

Taurus It is time to organize and arrange your life in the way you want it to be. The main theme throughout the month will be communications and negotiations. Wills and secret matters are dealt with. Keep your lines of communication open and be willing to make changes where necessary. An understanding arrives October 20.

Gemini Generally, things cool down as the fall season gets rolling. But that’s not the case for Gemini. Actually, things heat up in the romance and finance departments. You may be intensely fixated on working through the knots and concerns of the times. Relationships, travel and health are the main topics to consider this month.

Cancer The new Moon on October 4 brings a time in which home, family and career topics dominate the conversations. Your home and work environments may be changing – such as, you may work from home or have to leave home to work. It’s all good. Luck and timing are important factors now. Do your best.

Leo You may be in the mood to fight and set things right. Matters pertaining to home, family, vehicles and property come up now. Walk softly, but carry a big stick. Keep in mind that a soft reply avoids wrath and resistance. It’s a lively time and a great time to socialize and enjoy the days.

Virgo Mars journeys through Virgo, while Mercury moves through Mars-ruled Scorpio. It’s called mutual reception when two planets are in each other’s signs. It means that a very busy and demanding time is upon you and you have to keep it all together in somewhat stormy weather. Doing one thing at a time is best.

Libra Throw your hat into the ring or come up with a ring and you may break with a ring or a circle of people from the past. It is time to make important changes relationship and career-wise. The lunar eclipse on October 18 brings it all into the light. Excitement and challenge rule the days.

Scorpio Mercury and Saturn are in close proximity throughout most of October as they continue their journey through Scorpio. On the positive side of the coin, this is a great aspect for research, discovery and study of any kind. The downside is worry and controversy, as delays and other types of hurdles and obstructions manifest.

Sagittarius Mars traverses your solar ninth house indicating travel and activities related to publishing and education. Mid-October, Mars enters your solar career sector guaranteeing a busy and demanding fall season. There may be hidden negotiations in the works and possibly you will change jobs or career path. Inheritances and joint monies come into play.

Capricorn Your solar career sector is strongly activated, as is your house of relationships. Expect a few surprises or opportunities to manifest in which you are able to move up and ahead. You will possibly be honoured for some achievement. Watch for waste and guard against overindulgence of any particular kind. An important relationship may develop.

Aquarius Travel, work, relationships and health considerations are on the cosmic menu for your choice of the pickings. Publishing, education and writing are also featured. Nothing may come easy, though, as Mercury and Saturn move through your solar tenth house bringing concerns and hard work. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. What else to do?

Pisces The meaning and value of life intensify as Neptune’s transit through Pisces is destined to refine you and attune you to the cosmic forces. The highest form of manifestation for this planetary combination is within the concepts of universal compassion, service and love. Expect to lose the way and find it again, and again.