The Moon blocks the light of the Sun during the solar eclipse on November 3. Eclipses generally bring on a sense of foreboding, but the only time I would be concerned about an eclipse is when the eclipse touches an important point in our horoscope. The Sun, Moon and planets convey the karmic energy on-board at any given time. Eclipses are known to release all kinds of important karmic ramifications collectively and personally. From the western astrological perspective, the eclipse takes place in Scorpio bringing all types of Scorpionic energies into play. Mercury, Saturn and Rahu are closely associated with the eclipse and it may be worthy to sift through their implications as well.

Scorpio is a sign that is very connected to nature and the overall health of the environment. Scorpio is also a sign of hidden energy, secret agendas, machinations and movements. On the world level, we know there are serious, highly complex and sensitive problems. Saturn represents the laws and rules we must abide by and often dishes out a medicine we may have trouble swallowing. We have the question of the pipelines and the fear of how they will impact our precious environment. For anyone tantalized and possibly seduced by the massive profits the whole industry will bring our way, the first spill will wipe that fantasy away. The point is there are great movements afoot, pro and con and everything in between. There’s no sense fear mongering, but it looks like the pipes are coming our way, like it or not.

Scorpio represents collective will power and it is only through the will of the people speaking as one voice that we will change the tides. If you care for your society, country and culture then know that the time has arrived to make a stand. Saturn’s involvement indicates a time of austerity and belt tightening, probably connected to the concerns in the US economy. From an Eastern Vedic astrological perspective, the eclipse takes place in Libra in the nakshatra (star group) of Swati. The eclipse sits in the middle of Libra and all the other star groups. Balance, harmony, the arts, music and all matters of education and negotiation are highlighted. Vayu, the god of wind, rules this nakshatra bringing the possibility of big storms. The wind moves things and we will be moved to take action and lean into the tasks that are here to be dealt with now. Our task is to find the balance and seek what is fair and just for all.

Aries The solar eclipse on November 3 activates your solar eighth house related to death, taxes, inheritances, joint monies and all kinds of hidden matters. Although these topics are incredibly boring to your average Aries, they must be met and dealt with in order for you to achieve peace of mind. Get yourself together and organized.

Taurus The art of the compromise must be applied in order to accommodate the dynamic energy that is on-board throughout the fall season. The solar eclipse on November 3 indicates a time of working out relationship concerns and health matters, finances too. The Taurus full moon on November 17 will bring it all to light.

Gemini You can mutli-task, carry on a couple of conversations at the same time and do a lot more than that if you really wanted to. Now a time has arrived in which you have to focus your energy and ability on organizing and streamlining your life. Clear the clutter and chase the blues away.

Cancer The solar eclipse on November 3 activates your solar fifth house, which rules over matters such as children and entertainment. Enterprise and business opportunities are fifth house topics as well. Relationships may need an overhaul and re-evaluation. Power trips and other forms of manipulation and deceit may have eroded a good friendship.

Leo You may be in a pensive mood as November begins to unfold. Home and family concerns keep you occupied. You may be restless and desiring some adventure. Travel opportunities may present themselves throughout the month. Possibly, people from afar come your way. A longing for something deeper and more meaningful tugs at your heartstrings.

Virgo There’s quite a bit of planetary activity energizing your solar third house related to siblings, short journeys, education and all matters of business and commerce. As well, fiery Mars transits through Virgo bringing energy, activity and confidence. It’s a good time to study and perfect your craft. Watch for mishaps and accidents. Slow down.

Libra Your solar career and money sectors are strongly activated throughout the month. It might be the right time for a job change or career move. Home and family considerations come up as well. A lucky break or just good timing pay off mid-month. Relationship energy is intense and changes could be in the wind.

Scorpio An important and fateful time has arrived. The solar eclipse on November 3 tells the tale. Saturn’s involvement with the eclipse heralds a time of changes, possible losses and sacrifices. Look at this time as an opportunity to truly square things away. Hard work, blood, sweat and tears, mixed with your dynamic will power may bring success.

Sagittarius It’s time to clear up past karmic indebtedness. The best way is through kindness and compassion. If you have done a lot of work on yourself spiritually in the past, you may be inclined to move further along the lines of attaining moksha, a term describing liberation and freedom.

Capricorn Venus and Pluto conjoin in your sign mid-month sparking some pretty intense energy regarding relationships. You might be irresistibly attracted to someone and compulsively driven by curiosity. You may be surprised by someone’s attention and affection. Wait things out for a while and see where you get to. A re-evaluation of everything is in store.

Aquarius The top of your solar chart is strongly activated by the November planets. A career change may be in the works. A boost or promotion could be the case. You may be acknowledged for your skills. If you have abused power in any way, this is a time you could fall from a high place.

Pisces The planets are casting lots of positive energy into your sign indicating a spiritual change. Travel, education, writing and publishing are feature topics throughout the month. Relationship considerations come up, as does the prospect of possibly bringing children into the world. In essence, you can get what you want now if you work at it.