The Sagittarius new Moon takes place on December 2. The new Moon is best depicted as a seed bursting forth its power and potential in the waxing phase of the lunar cycle. Let’s take a look at the symbolism connected to this very dynamic sign. The pictograph of a Centaur pointing an arrow heavenward carries the implication of the transition from animal to spirit. Overcoming the downward pull of the senses and redirecting our attention to the higher realms of truth and spirit is what Sagittarius is all about. A deep longing for righteousness and purity manifests through this sign. Jupiter, king of the gods, rules Sagittarius. The souls born under the stars of Sagittarius often attain great heights and become giants in their spheres of influence. The Jupiter / Sagittarius energy spikes us onwards and upwards as we sort out where we’re truly at in the cosmic sphere of things. Perhaps we’re lacking in our efforts to do better. We know how easy it is to become distracted, derailed and put off our game. The archer is pointing his arrow heavenward representing his desire to reach the higher realms.

According to the true mystics, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva created the system of stars and universes and all that they imply. The karma we carry with us throughout the incarnations manifests to us via the planets and how they are situated in our birth charts. When the stars and planets are in right alignment, in accordance to our karmic slate, we are birthed in order to work with what we are bringing into this life. When the great mystic Kabir stepped onto the Earth, he saw that no one was happy with their lot. We may grow restless, discontent and dissatisfied with our Earth life. Those that enjoy the wealth and riches and those that exist in poverty may know that their situations are temporary and transitory. In one life, the guard stands in the snowstorm protecting his King. In another life, he is the King and the former King is the guard standing duty.

Things are not as they seem and we’re here for a short while and in the blink of an eye we’re gone. Now is the time to make amends and to make vows to work towards your true emancipation and freedom. We are love and we are light and we have been given the great boon of human birth. The Sagittarius stars are prompting us to reach for the higher realties. We come from a place high above the stars; one day for sure we will meet there and rejoice.

Aries Aries, you have the power and potential to break through any type of barrier. Great changes have already arrived for those born in the first week of Aries. You must use your ability to adapt and make changes where necessary. Stay true to yourself and allow the universe to set things right –and it will.

Taurus A deep, prevailing wisdom has been carved into your soul in the last year or so. Births and deaths, limitations and restrictions have taken place. Duty, diapers and responsibilities dominate your days and you may not mind. There are more opportunities for stability and growth. Chop wood and carry water as the old saying goes.

Gemini The full Moon on December 17 takes place in your sign bringing epiphanies. The Sun moves through your opposite sign Sagittarius signalling a time in which you can let down and relax a bit, or at least you should consider doing so. It’s the right time to sort out relationship issues as well.

Cancer Sun sign columns are generalized and one shoe doesn’t fit all. Generalized or not, if I were a Cancer and knew what I knew about planetary influences, I would be on the move and very pro-active about getting myself together in every way. Opportunities for growth, expansion, love and happiness are close at hand.

Leo The summer of 2014 to the summer 2015 is where you want to get to. The long view looks good if you play your cards right. Think big and think long-term and get working on your plan to make it all happen. Although driven at times, Leo can be quite lazy, just like my cat.

Virgo Man does not live by bread alone. His soul needs nurturing as well. You are pragmatic and grounded in your logic, no doubt. But along comes Neptune in your opposite sign Pisces casting his glance your way for at least the next decade. He opens you up to all kinds of new realties and spiritual possibilities.

Libra ‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” Hopefully, that is the way Christmas will pass. A powerful planetary aspect unfolds at Christmas time and it can indicate a lively time or a time of accidents, fires and clashes of wills or egos. Go easy.

Scorpio Saturn continues to make his way through Scorpio. Generally, Saturn teaches us to live with less. Scorpio deeply appreciates a rhythmic order of things. This powerful transit of Saturn will help you put your life together in a healthy, balanced way. It is a challenging time in which you gain wisdom and experience.

Sagittarius Lord Jupiter moves through your solar eighth house bringing matters of inheritance into play. Plus, the Sagittarius new Moon on December 2 indicates a new start. The full Moon on December 17 will illuminate the pathway ahead. Your desire to get to the deeper truths may have you searching and seeking.

Capricorn A cardinal grand cross takes shape over the holidays. Your sign is very much a part of it and you can expect great changes to come into play as the New Year begins. The planetary aspects are a bit hairy and it may be wise to stay to the side of caution and safety.

Aquarius Saturn’s position may keep you in check, as you find ways to work with the powers that be, such as judges, bosses, parents, teachers and others that have some say and sway in your life. Writing and research are featured. Sink your teeth into a hefty topic or two, giving that powerful mind something to do.

Pisces Jupiter casts a nice energy into your sign for several months. In general, it would be good to step up your game and move towards your goals. Saturn also casts a good ray your way bringing order and stability. Neptune will work to connect to the higher realities concerning spiritual life, devotion and service to others.