The much-dreaded Saturn – natural ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius – holds cosmic court over the next two months. Saturn rules the New Moon on January 1 and we best get a handle on what this stern, paternal/maternal guide is all about. Saturn is feared because he is associated with death, discipline, restriction, poverty and disease. Look back to a time in your life when you went through some type of hardship or loss and, guaranteed, Saturn will be in the play. Although we tend to vilify him, he is very much part of the karmic planetary scheme. As Shakespeare so aptly put it, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are in the mix with this new Moon energy and it has caused me to raise an eyebrow as to what the significance of this starry mix is all about. Will it mean trouble? No doubt it will. Should we be worried? Yes, if we are predisposed to worrying. Worrying won’t make our problems go away though. Here’s a scenario that may help us have clearer insight into what this planet is all about: When a Mom approaches the crosswalk with her kids, she emphatically warns them of the dangers involved in crossing the street. She might even yell at them in order to convey her seriousness less they dart out into the traffic. The kids may not like it, but they’ll remember it always.

Government, education and justice systems are ruled by Saturn. We are in troubling times and obviously there are myriad complex problems to work through. Yet today’s worries will be replaced with another set of concerns as time marches on. Unrest, wars, revolutions, corruption, pollution, poverty and all the other things we drone on about are on the cosmic menu.

Let’s take Saturn’s symbolism to a deeper level. Saturn carries a sickle so we can cut away from those things that bring us pain and disease. Although Saturn is not a pleasant character to deal with, once you pass his stringent laws and restrictions, you will experience freedom, health and peace. He is Father Time and when we disobey his stringent laws, we pay in the form of disease and suffering. Like Saturday’s child, we must work hard and within the laws of nature. Once we do, we are set free. Although his energy is quite sobering, the lessons we garner through Saturn will carve a deep and sagacious wisdom into our souls.

Aries The trail-blazing pathway you carve out will be trod by many souls in the future. If you’re not sure which way to go, or how to go, just be true to yourself, live honourably and follow your instincts. Your past life experiences will kick in and you will be well on your way.

Taurus Although you may get what you want by your sheer will and persistence, will it be enough and will it truly make you happy? My bet is that it won’t. You may be appeased for a while, but not wholly satisfied. Seek, search, pray and meditate for God’s love, which is non-perishable and eternal.

Gemini One thousand books read, countless academic degrees attained and still no peace of mind. You are sharp, witty and connected to all kinds of people, yet still no peace. I have found there is a deep well of spirituality in the Gemini soul and it must be nurtured and fed and peace will come.

Cancer A great planetary focus is taking place. You must do your best in order to capitalize on it. Material acquisition won’t cut it; neither will any other form of ego aggrandizement. Only God’s love will do. Seek it, yearn for it, pray for it and while you’re at it, what’s meant to be yours will manifest.

Leo Oh, spiritual warrior, where art thou? Hopefully, you’re not counting your dollars and dimes, nor pondering your past attainments. You have a much higher calling. Move forward brave heart and commence your search for the divine. Show us and lead us with your golden ray of the Sun. Strike while the iron is hot.

Virgo At some point in your life, you must lay down the question and answer format. The intellect can only get you so far and no farther. A divine time has arrived in which faith and devotion will bring you to new heights, beyond your wildest imagination. Purify and perfect your inner self.

Libra Make war, not peace. Mars, which is totally antithetical to Libra, spends the next several months in your sign. By war, I’m not talking violence. It’s about the internal struggle for freedom, balance and spiritual harmony. Take up your lance and shield, slay the ego and attachment to worldly desires and peace will come.

Scorpio Read the introduction regarding Saturn for he is the main planetary energy affecting you throughout 2014. You can only sweep the dirt under the carpet for so long until eventually you stumble over it. You have the power, grit, wisdom and determination to put it all together and now is the time to do so.

Sagittarius Have you had enough yet? Life got you down a bit. Maybe another vacation will do, probably not. You cannot escape yourself, no matter where you go. The only way to go is up. You’ve attained the heights before; otherwise you couldn’t be a Sagittarius. Let go, let God and you will find the way.

Capricorn A most powerful and profound time has arrived and you must capitalize on it. That’s what you are most capable of, isn’t it? Climb the internal mountain, which is the most worthy effort and the great boon of your human birth. Otherwise, you have wasted your time and must come around again.

Aquarius We don’t hear this very often, but Aquarius is a very mystical sign. You have a most precious jewel between and behind the two eyebrows and so far you have ignored its pristine beauty and value. Start now and don’t look back. Pray for guidance and as surely as the Sun rises, it will come.

Pisces You’ve come a long way in your spiritual journey and now things are destined to become very interesting. Remember that exercise in which you fall back into the arms of your trusting friends? Now you can fall back into the strong arms of the Lord and for sure he will not fail to catch you