The Aquarius new Moon takes place on January 30. It contains the seed potential destined to unfold as we head into February. Aquarius is known as the sign representing humanitarian love and caring, depicted by a god with an urn on his shoulder. Many are led to believe that water is flowing out of the urn, but actually it is knowledge and wisdom. The keywords representing Aquarius are “I know” and those born under the stars of Aquarius are gifted with great intelligence and an instinct to care for others. They have been given the gift of impersonal love. We might want to take a peek deep into our hearts to see how we measure up to the Aquarian standards of humanitarian love. Love is innate in every heart. Even the meanest and baddest people in our midst will respond to love and kindness. Often, what seems to be missing is the ability to give love to our selves.

Being a fixed air sign, Aquarius can be very stubborn and obstinate in its ways. Speaking of love, Valentine’s Day on February 14 also happens to be a full Moon day, which will serve to heighten our emotions and affections. For those that are single and pining for someone special to enter their lives, this is certainly the time to express those feelings of love and affection. On a deeper level, the love we seek from other people is already wired into our hearts and when the karma gods bring two souls together, we are elated and over the moon in love. Remember the heartthrob you went to high school with, but nothing ever happened between you? That is because you had no karma to work out together in this lifetime. The people we do fall in love with have been travelling with us for countless lifetimes.

We westerners think of karma as negative indebtedness, but karma also represents love, service and devotion. When we meet that special person, we have those uncanny feelings of knowing that person deeply although we don’t know how we know them in that way. When the karma is complete, we move on to the next stage set for our growth and development. If the karma is not cleared up, we may jump the fence thinking the grass is greener on the other side only to find ourselves eating the same grass again. As we know, it takes a prince to win a princess and sometimes we have to kiss a lot of toads before we meet the true prince.

Aries You may feel like you were shot out of a cannon and will hit the net in a couple of years. It’s true; you’re on the move and travelling through space at an incredible rate of speed. Fear not; you will land on your hooves, no doubt. Go with it and strive to be original.

Taurus It may be time to reinvent yourself, which is no easy task for your sign. Taurus likes what they like and will never like what they don’t like. But now you are in a time in which flexibility will assist you in becoming successful. Resistance to change will only make your life more difficult.


Blow the dust off that journal and start recording your thoughts, dreams and conversations, as February is destined to be a very mixed bag of cosmic forces you must contend with. Death, taxes and health are just a few topics on the menu. Travel and spirituality are big keys now as well.


Big cosmic forces are at play. You will serve yourself well by striving for the best. Jupiter continues to pour his benevolent energy into your sign. You can party and have a good time or make hay while the sun shines. My hint is to find the balance in all things and give of yourself generously.


The Moon lands in your sign on Valentine’s Day. Leo rules the heart and ofttimes Leo does have a big heart. Have heart and take time to rest and repair. Stresses can be high throughout the month. Strive for clarity and honesty in your communications and dealings, as misunderstandings can take place easily.


Lord Mercury, aka the trickster, hooks up with Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion. Basically, it means nothing is real and everything is surreal. The antidote for this cosmic combination is to speak the truth, live honourably and triple-check that you are on the same page with coworkers, friends and family members.


As the month begins, take some time to figure out what you want or don’t want in your life any longer. The cosmic dance is quite profound and a lot of energy is pouring into Libra. Use it wisely to help you in making the decisions that will bring the scales to balance.


Now is the time to enter into the deep inner sanctum of your spirit. You may find the dragon you fear the most is not even real, but the fear itself can be very real. Raking over the past won’t help much and the future is spotless. Purify, simplify and free yourself up.


Money and health are general topics for all signs, but they now loom even more meaningfully in your life. Keep in mind that every hair on your head has been counted as well as every breath and what is meant to be yours will be. Not a penny less or more. Relax and nurture your spirit.


A time of reassessment is at hand. Let go and let God is the way to go. Others may go out of your life now or you may leave the scene. Whatever the case, big changes are in the wind. Fear not and, if anything, dance with and accommodate what the universe brings your way.


The New Moon on January 30 heralds a time of important changes. Whatever is on the cosmic agenda, you most likely will understand it by the light of the full Moon on February 14. You may have to re-invent yourself in some way. Confusion has its cause and costs. You must find the answers.

Pisces Mercury and Neptune mix it up in your sign in the first half of February. Things may get cloudy for a while and it could stress you out. My hint is to not be too concerned. Honesty, patience and quiet persistence will work wonders. Your dream world will be very fertile, telling and prophetic.