Karma drives the wheel of life and is symbolized by a boomerang that inevitably returns home to the sender. A seeker once asked the great spiritual Master, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj, if there was such a thing as national karma. The answer was yes: “The cumulative reaction of karmic debt of nations results in wars, epidemics, destruction by fire or floods, etc.” In his treasure house of a book entitled Spiritual Elixir (a compilation of correspondence to his initiates), he tells us, “Natural calamities, like floods, famines, earthquakes and epidemics, like all other ills are the result, more or less of man’s ignorance of the laws of nature, his incapacity to foresee things and implement measures necessary to eliminate the threatened disasters. With the progressive advancement in scientific knowledge and technological skill, Man is gradually coming to his own, pressing the forces of nature more and more to the service of his kind, and making the most of the potential energy lying hidden and untapped. This is how the law of karma works silently and unnoticed, but inexorably to the good or ill as the case may be.”

We might want to apply that wisdom to the upcoming problems and decisions that will have to be made regarding the pipelines and shipment of oil through our sacred waterways and lands. According to our national horoscope drawn up for July 1, 1867, we are experiencing Pluto moving opposite to our Sun throughout 2014, indicating a time of great unrest, subterfuge, power plays and every other kind of secret manoeuvre that will have a profound effect on our society. Pluto represents breakdown and decay, hidden agendas, wealth and power or the abuse of power, big-time. More scandals will come to light that will rock the government and its people.

We start the astrological new year on March 20; at that time, Jupiter, the great benefactor, sits very close to our Sun indicating good will, harmony and lucky breaks. We are the fortunate ones to be living in this sacred land we call Canada – a land peopled with wise, compassionate, fair-minded souls. If we bump the calendar up 50 or 100 years and read the headlines of the times, we’ll find other problems that plague society. Go back 100 years and we’ll see that people had problems then as well. One thousand years either way and it will be the same. It is the name of the game on dear old planet Earth.

Aries Some like it hot and others not. Well, like it or not, life is going to heat up in the springtime. Be prepared. Don your helmet and shoulder pads and gird your loins. Get ready to do battle. Possibly, the battle is with your internal self, in which a new you emerges from the fray.


The time has come to take stock of where you’re at and where you would truly like to be. You may be restless and, like the bull, banging around in the bullpen. Your heart may be heavy and it is likely that some problems have built up that you haven’t been able to shake off.


You may have to have a little talk with your other half. No, not your partner, but the other twin. There may be some ambiguity or confusion as to how you should go as the month of March begins. It is likely the road with smooth out and you will find your way.


Beneficent Lord Jupiter continues to cast his blessings your way although you may not feel too blessed with the amount of challenges and changes taking place. Ride them out and keep throwing out what is not real, worthy, truthful or honourable. By this act alone, truth, justice and fairness will come your way.


It may be time for some deep soul searching as to what is truly valid, meaningful and real. Possibly, it’s time for a spirit quest, in which you set about to find yourself once again. Saying goodbye is never easy, but it is time to put many things to rest and seek out what is best.


Generally, you have it together; that, nobody can deny. Now a time has come in which you may not have it all together. Although it might be a blow to your ego, it may help you to know that you are human and like the rest of us can make mistakes. It’s all good.


Read Virgo as the message applies to Libra. With mighty Mars backing through your sign, you may feel slightly bruised, used and abused as you head into springtime. You’re plenty tough and resilient though and you will have to use your Libran charm and wit to sidestep the sucker punches that may come your way.


A deep wisdom is being carved into your soul as Saturn visits your sign. What Saturn does bring to the table, however, will be of continued value throughout your life. Losses and sacrifices are experienced when he’s around and there’s often not much left when he leaves. Sobering, yes, but priceless as well.


Oftentimes, Sagittarius is able to see the writing on the wall long before everyone else. Possibly, you can see it now and it is telling you to get a move on and make your moves while you can. Another year from now the story changes and the present opportunities may evaporate into thin air.


When the going gets tough, the Cappy’s get going. This is a very dynamic time in which much is on the line. A rebirth may take place and your old world may be coming apart at the seams. Let it go and get on with what the universe provides for you, for provide it will.


Venus brings her blessings your way throughout the month. We associate her with love, affection, creativity and beauty. She may bring all those gifts your way or she may take them away, helping you to seek on a deeper level in which you inculcate a deep and profound sense of self-worth, worthiness, truth and honour.

Pisces It’s your time to shine as the Sun moves through your sign until March 20. Pay attention to your dreams around this date as Mercury and Neptune meet up in your sign bringing powerful psychic experiences along with an enhanced intuitive ability. Listen to your inner voice as it is speaking rather loudly now.