The Sun’s passage though the sign of Gemini usually hints at a lively and active time of the year. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the god of business, trade and communication. He also rules short journeys, contracts and negotiations. Most of us are hip to the antics that unfold when Mercury decides to back up along the zodiac for a few weeks. He starts to move slowly as the month begins and reverses his direction on June 7. The days preceding the retrograde phase and a few days after it ends must be considered as part of the Mercury retrograde phenomena. In other words, we will experience the Mercury Retrograde material from early June until the first week in July. Life doesn’t stop, nor grind to a halt, but we can experience all kinds of delays and transportation problems along with all sorts of problems related to business, agreements and other assorted disputes. Rather than wring our hands worrying about what will go wrong, we might want to look at it as a time in which we can right the wrongs and set things straight. That’s the whole point of the drill.

We will have myriad opportunities to collaborate and negotiate our way through the complexities we’re faced with in our everyday lives. In the midst of Mercury’s antics, we have other planetary phenomena to address. The full Moon on June 12 will be important, as it brings our emotions into a heightened state, and we will experience the “he said, she said” state of affairs. Venus opposes Saturn on the same day and some affairs will end as will other types of relationships that have questionable foundations. Remember, it’s all an opportunity to sort out the old karmic bonds we carry with us throughout our lifetimes.

Mars is square with Pluto close to the full Moon date adding danger, intrigue, action and drama into the mix. Stay clean and let your works be seen; that’s the remedy for this powerful and potent mix of planetary energy. Honesty and peaceful loving energy is needed. Summer begins on June 21 and it just might be time to hit the beach, let your hair down and allow your troubles to slip away., kindness, patience and caring for one another is truly what is needed.

Aries Lord Mars is still moving very slowly in your opposite sign Libra all month making things touchy and edgy. It won’t take much to upset the apple cart so you will have to be on your best behaviour until this energy passes. In the meantime, you can get a lot accomplished by sheer effort.

Taurus The full Moon on June 12 and the days surrounding it are power packed and profound. You might be doing some soul searching as to where you’re at and where your true values lie. It could be marriage or divorce time and much is on the line. Weighty decisions must be made and dealt with.

Gemini The full Moon on June 12 brings revelations and realizations about many things, especially matters of the heart. Lord Mercury retrogrades most of the month bringing opportunities to reconsider what is what. In true Gemini fashion, you may be of two minds about everything. Things take on a brighter perspective in late June and July.

Cancer Intense and dynamic energy continues to flow and it would be worthy to utilize it with the best of your ability. Promote yourself, get out there and mix and mingle. Jupiter is in your sign and you come across as receptive and believable; others get that you are trustworthy, accountable and talented. It’s up to you now.

Leo It’s all about behind-the-scenes preparation. If you want to achieve something great, now is the time to do the groundwork and make ready for Jupiter’s visit to Leo from July 18, 2014 to August 15, 2015. Jupiter brings blessings and abundance especially for those that truly work for it. Go for the gusto.

Virgo Read Leo and think ahead, as Jupiter will visit Virgo from mid-August 2015 to early September 2016. Once you’ve made your plan, get to it, stick to it and you will surely experience some success. Career opportunities present themselves in late June and most of July. Staying steady on the case is best.

Libra I don’t imagine you have been bored recently. If anything, you have probably been very busy with all kinds of commitments and obligations along with a series of sudden or unplanned tasks that had to be dealt with. It’s not over yet, as June will be a demanding and active time as well.

Scorpio Resources are a big key as the month of June unfolds. Earning potential, inheritances and shared monies are big topics now. The full Moon on June 12 will help you see your true state of affairs. It might be time to rethink your strategy. Travel potential presents itself towards the end of the month.

Sagittarius The full Moon on June 12 takes place in your sign casting light and understanding on your present concerns and objectives. You may have to thread your way carefully in regard to communications and negotiations. Take a break and rest up if you can. You may be a bit frazzled with the amount of obligations on board.

Capricorn Cappy’s are known to be relentless in attaining their objectives. You may very well be successful, but it can be lonely at the top especially if you have mishandled people on the way up. Be a team player and give due respect all the way around. Abuse power and a big backlash takes place.

Aquarius You get a free pass and are left to your own devices. I suppose that can be good if you utilize your time properly. You’re not totally off the hook though. You still have career choices and objectives to deal with. Romantic and social energies intensify and you may be a bit distracted.

Pisces Mercury and Neptune triangulate in the first half of June providing you with an opportunity to utilize your highly creative imagination. Lord Jupiter casts a fine ray giving you all kinds of opportunities to carve out your path and put your life together the way you would like it to be.