In 1996 and 1997, I had been studying the Royal Family’s charts. Actually, I became quite obsessed with them. Our horoscope is the star map that helps us understand the karma that comes our way throughout our lifetime. We are all experiencing karma every second of our existence. Karma is the law of action and reaction, the positive and negative indebtedness which must be paid in full, in the due course of time. As the mystics teach, there are chains of iron and chains of gold; they are both chains, nevertheless. Negative deeds and thoughts forge the chains of iron while positive deeds and thoughts form the chains of gold. We have individual karma, family karma and national karma. Keep in mind that karma represents everything: love, babies, wealth, health, name, fame and everything in between.

The important point in studying the Royals is that they have accurate and documented birth times. I noticed that many of the Royal Family members were experiencing intense planetary energy in 1997. In February of that year, I gave a talk to a group of local astrologers in Victoria, BC and gave out my prognostications regarding the royals. My premiss was that if only one person was experiencing intense planetary energy, it would get me to pay close attention, but if your whole family was experiencing intense planetary energy, I would know that something was up big-time and I would attempt to address it.

One of my predictions was that Princess Diana would experience some danger while travelling in a foreign country in August and September of 1997. I had started to write a letter to her to warn her about travelling at that time. Unfortunately, I tore up the letter and threw it away, thinking she would neither receive it nor heed it. Tragically, she died in a terrible car crash on August 31 of that year.

My point in writing all of this is that the fates are strongly built up again within the Royal Family. Two eclipses take place in October and they both affect the members of this family, dynamically and intensely. Things are about to change for them in these next 12 months. A great emphasis is on Prince William and Harry’s charts while Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince Philip and Lady Camilla’s charts are all resonating big changes. Let’s hope and pray they all stay safe, healthy and happy. These October eclipses also affect Vladimir Putin’s chart strongly as well and Stephen Harper will be involved in a huge controversial fight for power and control.


The lunar eclipse on October 8 will bring more than a few jolts of inspiration that will help you figure out what must be done in order to attain peace, harmony and happiness. A new love or a new new path to follow could be the case. Creativity and innovation are running high.


Pay attention to the energy that prevails on October 8, 9 and 10. You might be in the mood to bring on some important changes in your life. It is time to reevaluate what is most important to you. The last 10 days of the month will also help you in deciding just what to do.


Relationships and friendships – maybe a little of both – will be on the menu for your consideration throughout the month. Sometimes, it is best to just remain friends and not complicate things too much. On the other hand, sometimes friendships deepen and mature into loving relationships. Then again, sometimes relationships sink ships.


The lunar eclipse on October 8 will impact you. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and whenever she is full, the Cancer types always resonate, react and respond to the energy that is unfolding. Now a time has come in which you might reevaluate your career and relationship status. You might be restless for change.


Think big and act accordingly. A grand triangle involving Mars, Jupiter and Uranus is taking place at the time of the full Moon on October 8. It tells us that your confidence and timing are good and others pick up on it. Travel, publishing, writing and spiritual matters come to the fore. It’s your time to shine.


Resources, money and earning potential are featured throughout the month. Lord Mercury retrogrades from October 5 to 26 and spends the rest of the month getting up to speed again. It means you might be in a time of having to rework and rethink the plan or create a new plan of attack.


The lunar eclipse on October 8 will have a strong effect on your sign. You may surprise yourself with some of the things you do at this time. A change of scene is likely. It is also time to take a long, hard look at your true values regarding matters of the heart.


The fates are active now, especially with a solar eclipse taking place on October 23. Venus accompanies the eclipse, indicating you will be looking deeply into all aspects of your life. The urge to make significant and deeply meaningful changes comes up now. The events of the last few weeks urge you towards transformation.


Mighty Mars visits Sagittarius until October 26. He brings strength, confidence and enthusiasm your way. Jupiter and Uranus also cast fine energy into your sign bringing luck, good timing and innovation into play. Pay attention to what you are doing as the likelihood of mishaps is strong as well. A battle of some sort takes place.


Home and career sectors are hot, especially in the first 10 days of October. The lunar eclipse on October 8 may be significant for you as it will be a time of reassessment and reevaluation regarding finances and matters of the heart. Long kept secrets are revealed and emotions kept in check are finally expressed.


You were born with a firm resolve and an ability to get things done when things need to get done. Now that time has arrived in which you might be considering career changes or, at the least, you might have to reevaluate your present status. Connect and relate and share your knowledge and ability with others now.

Pisces Many Pisces are natural mystics and psychics. Now your inner world is about to open up as your curiosity increases regarding the deeper meanings of life. Inheritances and shared monies might also be topics that come up at this time. Health, harmony and balance are big keys and must be worked towards with diligence.