“Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight; I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.” If ever there were a star to wish upon, it will rise just after sunset on February 3. In western tropical astrology, the Moon conjoins with Jupiter in Leo just hours after the full Moon on February 3. Full moons are auspicious and Jupiter is known to grant wishes.

It gets even more interesting when we switch over to the sidereal Vedic system of astrology. Instead of the Moon being in Leo, it drops back to Cancer, which is the Moon’s own sign; it is also the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation in which it has much more freedom of expression to wield its power and influence. If I were to make a wish, I would certainly pay attention to this lovely conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter.

Let’s go a little deeper into it. The ancients created the nakshatras or Moon mansions. They are the star groups that the Moon travels through each day. The ancients realized that certain phenomena happened as the Moon visited the 27 different nakshatras. It just so happens the Moon will be visiting the nakshatra called Ashlesha when she joins up with King of the Gods Jupiter, granter of boons, prayers and wishes. The Vedic astrologers teach us that Ashlesha connects us to our dharma, which is the impetus to do good and benefit others. Ashlesha carries mystical and magical powers and there is nothing more powerful than the power of prayer, especially when done sincerely from the heart. If you miss the boat or the opportunity to make your wish, you will have another chance on March 2 – especially at 08:52 PM (PST) when the Moon and Jupiter embrace once again in the southeastern sky.

Those among us who are more spiritually inclined might get a strong charge out of this powerful conjunction, as Ashlesha also grants spiritual enlightenment. Venus and Mars, the traditional planets associated with love, attraction and desire, are moving through Pisces and it is another harbinger of affection, attraction and love. Karma drives the wheel and we only get to go with the people with whom we have strong karmic bonds. On a broader level, we might want to pray for world peace and for Lord Jupiter to grant some compassionate love and care for souls that are suffering. Our compassionate father cannot resist our cries for help and like the mother with her baby, must come and soothe and feed her little one.

Aries On Saint Valentine’s Day on February 14, we make our declarations of love. But wait! There are better days to make this display of love. February 20 and 21 are special days as Venus, Mars and the Moon align in Aries creating a cosmic mix of powerful, magical and mystical energy especially designed for lovers.

Taurus King Solomon said there was nothing new under the Sun. It’s highly likely the new love that shows up in your life this month is a very old connection from the hoary past. People from the past are destined to come back into your life now, lovers or not. Career and social activities are featured now.

Gemini “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” is probably a good line to start the forecast. Take your time searching for that special partner. He/she is likely to show up now especially while traveling or in the work place. All the more reason to walk, don’t run. An exciting month unfolds its potential.

Cancer An inheritance might be in the wind and you might be in the wind as well. Travel is highlighted this month, as is spirituality. An inheritance is what is warranted to come one’s way from past life associations. The time has come this year to move closer or away from someone close to you.

Leo Read the introduction regarding the Leo full Moon on February 3. It’s your time to wish upon a star. It is also your time to truly move towards your goals, dreams and whatever else you aspire towards. Nurture and nature are key ingredients to your success; without them, you cannot go very far.

Virgo Van Morrison’s Moondance fits the mood for the February skies as Venus and Mars cast their magical energy into your sign. “Well, it’s a marvelous night for a Moondance with the stars up above in your eyes…” But if romance is not in sight, use this energy to brighten and beautify your life however you can.

Libra The last 10 days of February and early March heat up as Venus, Mars and Uranus move closer together in your opposite sign Aries, promising action, attraction, fire and desire. Changes come quickly, surprises as well, and you might not mind. Creativity is at a peak. You might be restless and excited.

Scorpio Saturn has stepped away, probably to your relief. He’s moved into Sagittarius and will be back for his final visit in mid-June until mid-September. No doubt, he has brought some powerful lessons regarding discipline and frugalness. He demands we live with less. You can breathe easy now and enjoy some light, laughter and love.

Sagittarius Saturn is not the planet that Sagittarius enjoys all that much. He’s such a party pooper with his stern and stringent ways. You may have to put the party gear away for a while whilst you figure how to go and what to do. Career, health and relationship topics will need some serious attention now.

Capricorn The Moon visits Capricorn on Saint Valentine’s Day placing you in your lunar high of the month. You might be flying high as the course of events from February 14 to 16 could have you in a spin. You can expect things to not go as planned as the stars are indicating a surprise or two.

Aquarius The Full Moon on February 3 will illuminate the areas of your life that have needed clarity. Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius until February 12 and will need several more days to get up to speed again. Use this time to reconsider and rethink the plan. Patience and persistence and more patience are needed.

Pisces Venus and Mars spice things up nicely until February 20. Venus brings creativity, attraction and love. Mars brings excitement and action. The Pisces New Moon on February18 signals a new start in a new direction. Pay attention to your dreams, as they will be loaded with important symbolism that will help you see the play.