Western tropical astrology is solar based – in whichever of the 12 signs of the zodiac are featured. Eastern Vedic astrology is lunar based and much of it is derived from the Moon’s monthly motion through the 27 lunar mansions, also called nakshatras. Each nakshatra has a ruling planet and ruling deity and the ancients have been culling a great amount of information, knowledge and wisdom from the nakshatras for several thousand years. The material is very revealing – almost shocking – in its descriptive details regarding some of the personality traits and activities that unfold regarding the nakshatras. We can use the nakshatras to plan auspicious events such as marriages, travel, investments and at the start of a particular activity.

As an example, when we knew that game seven of the Stanley Cup finals was to take place on June 15, 2011, I looked up the positions of the planets and the nakshatra the Moon was travelling through. It was a full Moon, which always brings our emotions to their peak and the Moon was in the nakshatra called Mula. I became very alarmed and told everyone that would listen there would be a riot downtown and it would be wise to stay away from the core of the city on that evening. If you look up the meaning for Mula, you will find the deity is Nirrti, the goddess of destruction, calamity, violence, upheaval, cruelty, ego and anger.

Many of us were scratching our heads and wondering how seemingly good and decent people could stoop to such destructive, mindless acts. It was a potent mix of full Moon, large, angry mobs fuelled by alcohol and Mula’s influence driven by the goddess Nirrti, ruler of destruction and upheaval. Logically, it would be wise to plan all major events according to the auspicious or inauspiciousness of the Moon’s position in the nakshatras and you can bank on it that the ancients used this powerful tool in planning their major events. I’m pretty sure that Vancouver’s retiring Chief Constable Jim Chu would not have been receptive to this loony information from an old hippy astrologer. He probably would have had me carted off to the loony bin. Of course, loony bin and lunatic are derivatives of luna, which is another name for the moon. The gist of this article is not fear mongering, but to help us become aware there is a great amount of knowledge in the stars that we could put to good use in our everyday lives.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)You wrote the script for your present life activities long ago so you need not worry as to what it is you will do; if you don’t know what to do, keep eliminating those things you don’t like to do. This activity will make room for all forms of creative energy to manifest.

Taurus (April 20 – May 21)Mars dominates the scene throughout April. You’re fired up about something or a lot of things. He gives a great boost of energy and enthusiasm. It’s a good time to start any type of project especially ones that require a lot of effort. Mars also represents anger and frustration so measure twice and cut once.

Gemini (May 22 – June 20)Spring has sprung and in true Gemini fashion you will have much to do and very much to think about. It’s a dual-pronged process in which you will be in a highly creative mode – living, loving and laughing – while, at the same time, some sadness creeps in and some things will have to go.

Cancer Home and career activities dominate the calendar. Throw in a surprise or two and we have the recipe for a demanding and very active spring season. Friends feature strongly and health matters as well. Be pro-active, stay original and give your love and support to those that need it most. Love is in the air.

Leo Jupiter brings his blessings to your table. Throughout April, those born from August 3 to 7 will receive the strongest play from this giant among the planets. Jupiter brings lessons of the heart and of the spirit. Any losses are followed by abundant gains. Travel, spirituality, expansion and general good fortune are in the works.

Virgo Virgo is all about the fine details of any given thing. Of course, this is the blessing you have to offer. But it might be wise to strive to look at the big picture as your life is about to expand in all kinds of ways. Plan for the long term. Roll up your sleeves and have at it.

Libra The lunar eclipse on April 4 takes place in your sign. Those born from October 6-10 will glean the most from this lunation. You will have to do some fancy dancing and figuring in order to accommodate the new realities that have come into your life recently.

Scorpio Your ruler, Mars, moves through your opposite sign Taurus all month and indicates the probability of some sort of clash or confrontation. It doesn’t have to be a negative thing at all. It might be you are confronting yourself and pushing yourself to new limits and higher standards. Finding the balance in all things is important, though.

Sagittarius Expansion and contraction are the two keywords to pay attention to now. On one level, there will be all kinds of opportunities to do quite well; on another level, there are areas you will have to cut back on. It doesn’t make sense to me, but it should make sense to you.

Capricorn What you resist persists and what you assist desists. Life is going to be like that and you might as well get into the groove and go along with the cosmic plan. Cappy loves to keep things stable and steady, but that’s not the game right now. ‘Transplant, regenerate and transform’ is the mantra now.

Aquarius The stars are leaning in your favour especially in the area of relationships. Partnerships and alliances are featured. You could win a long-standing dispute or court case. ‘Steady-on’ is the advice of the times. A move or renovation could be in the works. Of course, an internal renovation is desired as well.

Pisces Personal earning capacity along with probable inheritances might be on your mind. But you have bigger fish to fry. Oops, sorry, I forgot you’re from the fish family. You may feel a bit rudderless these days, but have no fear, you are on a journey to a cosmic destination. Be at peace with it all.