The dog days are upon us. It’s hot and dry with not much relief in sight. Saturn, known as a dry planet, rules the deserts and desert-like conditions and he has been moving through Scorpio for the last two years. Over the next several years, Saturn visits Sagittarius, Capricorn then Aquarius, which are dry signs as well. Saturn’s entrance into Pisces in 2023 may bring relief and wetter conditions. As we head into August, Jupiter and Saturn form a square aspect. In astrological terms, a square behaves somewhat like Saturn’s energy.

Saturn always asks us to live with less and do away with anything wasteful or superfluous. It is time to tighten the cosmic belt a few notches and get used to the idea that less is better all the way around. If we ignore the message of the stars, we will have to pay the price, which basically equates to rising food prices, scarcity and many other problems associated with the waste and misuse of our precious resources. We have become complacent and we have lived off of the fat for many, many years. It’s time to give back and take care of our dear mother Earth. Everyone and everything matters and we must all do our part, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down” may very well be the mantra of the future.

On a lighter note, you just have to love those Leos. They do take up a lot of space and suck up all the air in the room with their dynamic presence and grand, dramatic entrances. Many years ago, my Gemini client complained she suspected her Leo husband was cheating on her and cruising the chicks. I happened to know him personally and knew that he really was not that way. He was a total car buff. I told her he was not cruising the chicks, but cruising by them fantasizing about how good he looked in his flashy ride. We howled with laughter knowing we had just nailed the truth of the situation. A while back, a lady called regarding booking an appointment for a reading. After a few minutes of conversation, I was ready to get her birth information. I asked what date in August she was born. Somewhat surprised, she asked how I knew she was born in August. I answered, “Outside of saying hello, you have conducted the whole conversation, including when you would be available and what time you would arrive.”

Aries It’s summertime and the living is easy – made all the more easier as five planets move through Leo at various times throughout August casting triangles to the Aries planets. Triangular aspects are very positive. The Leo new Moon on August 14 carries special energy and you would be wise to make hay while the Sun shines.

Taurus You may have to tighten up your game and conserve your resources. Venus, Jupiter and Saturn square off as August begins and you may feel the squeeze financially and emotionally. But this is not the time to bull your way through; it is time for careful and sensitive negotiations regarding matters of the heart.

Gemini Home, family, land and real estate topics are on the front burners throughout the month. Any type of creative writing project has the potential to go well. Your confidence gets a boost and the summer promises to be pleasant. In essence, you should push forward, mix and mingle and sell who you are. Enjoy the days.

Cancer Health, finances and family harmony are the prominent features of interest throughout August. Health is most important, for without it, not much else matters. Striving for harmony in the family also affects everything else. Partnerships and relationships are in the midst of a big transformation. Forgive and forget, lest resentment fester into serious problems.

Leo You may by doing some deep reflection regarding what is right and what is real and what really matters most of all. You are the knight in shining armour; nay, you are the King or the Queen. Stand tall and take responsibility for your mistakes and you will be loved and respected even more than before.

Virgo Your time in the Sun has arrived. Opportunity abounds and it is up to you to do something with it. You’re able to gain the trust and respect of others. Jupiter casts his blessings for the next 12 months. You can party or truly strive to make something of yourself. Strike while the iron is hot.

Libra Social activities intensify. Your entrance is your exit. It means that how you allow people to treat you when you first meet them is how you will be treated when those relationships end. Good times are predicted, but there is a bit of toxic energy around like jealousy and envy. Humility and honesty work best.

Scorpio Saturn stands still and squares off with Venus and Jupiter in the first half of the month. It means the time has come to make important personal and legal decisions that may very well affect your future. Perhaps it’s time to cut off a relationship or partnership that has become stagnant or non-productive.

Sagittarius Sagittarius is often prophetic. Now is one of those times when your deep intuition has you sniffing the air. You may be sensing that changes are in the wind. Legal, career and personal areas may be affected. Stave off fear and negativity, as any changes that do take place will work to the positive, eventually.

Capricorn A time of dismantling, unravelling, reworking or retooling your life has arrived. Money, name and fame won’t get you where you need to go, whereas a year or two in an ashram might be what is truly needed. Cappy can always get what they want, but might have a harder time getting what they need.

Aquarius A mystic deity born under the stars of Aquarius pondered his life direction for a long time. He finally came to the conclusion that God first and world second was the way to go. Now, you may be pondering life-altering decisions regarding what is most important and valuable to you. Love is the answer.

Pisces Lord Jupiter casts his glance into Pisces for the next 12 months, helping you in finding your direction. Open up and increase your faith in the divine. It won’t let you down. No sense trying to make a really solid plan, but do know that a cosmic plan is in place and will take place.