A true phenomenon is upon us. The Golden Age has begun! It dawned on me the other day that something very unique has taken place. In the thirteenth century, Kabir and Guru Nanak came along – both proponents of Sant Mat or the Path of the Masters. It is not known how many they initiated or how many souls were connected to the godly way within the succession of gurus since that time. But we do know things began to change in the 20th century, especially when Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj came along and initiated 100,000 souls into the mysteries of the beyond. His successor Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj initiated 89,000 souls, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Mahraj initiated 86,000 and the present day living Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has initiated 740,000 souls so far. That is close to one million initiates these Godmen have put on the way.

These one million souls are not Masters, but they could potentially become Masters in the future. As my beloved brother Arran Stephens says, “In order to become a Master, one has to become a perfect disciple first.” Imagine one million people living in a godly, loving way, loving one another and revering all of life. Like a sweet perfume, it radiates outward and affects everyone.

It has been said that, at the beginning of a new age, there is calamity and upset throughout the land. Well, we certainly have that. What we need is a change of heart among all nations and all people. We need a spirit of cooperation and compassion rather than a sense of dread and paranoia. In the Sant Mat literature, there is a term called Sadachar. It translates as living in a godly way in thought, word and deed. Feel the love, become part of it and contribute however you can each day and bye the bye, things will change for the better. Love is the only commodity that increases when given out; all other forms of giving lead to depletion. All those initiated souls I mentioned have the potential to come back to Earth and each one of them may very well help humanity in finding its goal of living in the Golden Age. It starts with you, right now. Star Wise, we have Neptune moving through Pisces, while lord of Pisces, Jupiter, casts his glance from across the zodiac into Pisces bringing great opportunities for enlightenment and advancement. Lay down your fear and your sword and give some love.

Aries You are the first born of the zodiac and while the Sun moves through Virgo, you have the opportunity to serve and help humanity however you can. Aries is the initial spark that ignites the fire and illuminates the pathway ahead. It truly is a pioneering time in which you can blaze a new pathway.

Taurus Home, family and real estate are major features now. Creative energy is high. Romance is in the picture too. The aforementioned topics are earthly considerations; it’s time to nurture your spirit. Earthly possessions cannot accompany you into the beyond. You will have to leave them behind someday. What does accompany you is spiritual devotion.

Gemini While lord Mercury moves through Libra all month, you can expect a plethora of ideas to flood your consciousness. Creativity reaches a peak and the name of the game is to not get too lost in the whirlwind of ideas and possibilities. You may be in the mood to make some very big changes.

Cancer A word we don’t usually associate with Cancer is intrepid, which means fearless. I’ve known many Cancer types that have displayed this intrepid quality. Be brave and make some moves towards your goals and objectives. Creative/artist energy is very high now. Ask and you shall be given; seek and you shall find.

Leo Venus and Mars – the planets of love and desire – hold hands as they move through the middle of Leo. A Leo lady recently proclaimed she went to a wedding and everybody loved her and wanted to be near her. Acts of bravery and heroism could occur and cupid’s arrow may find its target.

Virgo Strangely, Virgo possesses similar qualities assigned to Leo. Both signs have a love of the grand and will go all-out in creating something wonderful or beautiful. Leo needs the attention and acknowledgement, whereas Virgo is more comfortable out of the spotlight. Well, Virgo, the cosmic spotlight is on you now and you can truly fly high.

Libra You’re known for you scintillating intellect, brilliance and ability to bring people together in unity and harmony. Now a time has arrived in which you can display some of that brainpower and magic that you possess. Mid-month, it’s probable you will be re-evaluating your overall plans.

Scorpio Finally, to your relief, on September 17 the grim taskmaster Saturn leaves your sign. Lessons learned, wisdom gained and now you can move forward once again. New doors are opening and opportunities developing, especially in the career sector. Your confidence increases as will your circle of friends and connections. Gird your loins and head out.

Sagittarius Travel and career sectors are hot, which is music to Sagittarius ears. It may not be all sweet music, though, as you may be casting about and seeking to better your situation. You may feel tired or bored with the status quo. Clashes with the higher-ups could be the case. Changes are in the wind.

Capricorn Dealing with publishers and editors, along with considerations regarding law, could be the case this month and onwards. Joint monies, inheritances and all that those topics entail may dominate your thoughts this month. In many ways, it is a transitional time for Capricorn and you may be in the midst of some personal changes now.

Aquarius Bells are ringing. It may be time now to partner-up or join-up. Joint monies and investments loom strong on the horizon. Inheritances may also figure into the picture. Long distance communications and all kinds of negotiations may be experienced. Because of the situation, you may have to rethink the plan again and again.

Pisces Do what you do best now, which is to reach into the cosmos and intuit or dream up a plan regarding how you want to go. You are in a special window of opportunity and you should pay attention to what your inner voice is saying now. It is speaking rather loudly and clearly.