The winter solstice takes place on December 21 at 8:49 PM (PST). For people today, the solstice probably has a lot less significance than for people born in ancient times. A couple of weeks after the solstice, it becomes very apparent the days are lengthening, bringing hope and anticipation of the Sun once again bringing its warmth and new life. I imagine the winter solstice was the original celebration and that it eventually morphed into the Christmas of modern times: Christ Mass, the celebration of light and new life.

If you were to take a look at ancient societies, you’d find they put great emphasis on the solstice and equinox times, as they heralded the beginning of the seasons. Speaking of light and celebrations, this Christmas Day is also a full Moon day, with the Moon being in the sign of Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer and this combination of the Moon being in its own sign is perfect for family gatherings in which we share our love and generosity with our family members. It is also a time of giving our love and care to those in our extended family, including the folks in our community that may be experiencing less fortunate times and to all of God’s children and the creatures that share life on our precious planet.

Mercury, the planet of communications, is in perfect Triangle with Jupiter, the planet of generosity, philosophy and spirituality. It means we have an opportunity to be expansive and generous for, as we know, the gift is within the act of giving, not in receiving. One day, we will be wise enough to perceive that God’s love and light is manifest in all living creatures and thusly they are deserving of our greatest love and respect. There is gold in everyone and every one is golden. All life is precious. In the Golden Age, the souls lived in peace and practised non-violence in thought, word and deed. The last several days of December carry a certain tension to them; we know the holidays can often be filled with tension and for some there can be despair especially when we add alcohol and white powder drugs into the mix. The only way we can cure violence in our society is to strive to live non-violently and to give more and more love. Love is the only commodity that increases when we give it out.

Aries Let up on the gas pedal, especially in the first half of December as there are a few hairy planetary aspects going on that can spell disaster in a heartbeat. December 5, 10, 19 and 20 are tricky days in which anything can happen and probably will. Measure twice, cut once; otherwise, good times are indicated.

Taurus The winter solstice on December 21 carries some big magic for Taurus. A series of fine planetary aspects takes place bringing serendipitous events and happy times. Christmas Day looks good. It’s time to bring your loved ones together and celebrate and to give thanks for everything. Interesting news arrives on December 7, regarding family or finances.

Gemini You may feel a little lead-footed as you head into December. Gemini relates to the blue sky and rainbows and would rather skip over the tedious and boring details that life offers up at times. It is time to nurture yourself, to go slow and let the gnarly knots work themselves out – and they will.

Cancer Christmas Day is highlighted by a full Moon in your sign. As we know, the full Moon brings the high tides and this full Moon may bring a heightened time into your life. It is time to celebrate and give thanks for all we have been given. Take some time to take care of yourself.

Leo You get a cosmic pass in which you can wield your way throughout most of December. It is a good time to sort things out and to plan for the future. Set up a health regime and follow it. If you have any organizing to do, the time is right to set things right.

Virgo Lord Mercury and expansive Jupiter create a very nice triangular pattern on Christmas Day. You cannot ask for a better set of astrological circumstances. Mercury is about communications, agreements and negotiations while Jupiter rules trust and timing. Others are impressed with your warmth, love and generosity. Overall, it is a time of abundance and gratitude.

Libra Energy is heightened on December 5 and 6 as the Moon, Mars and Pluto mix things up. You can mess things up if you’re not careful with your reactions to highly charged situations or you can clear things up by using your Venusian wit, charm and wisdom. The Libra Moon highlights New Year’s Eve.

Scorpio Venus smoothes the way through most of December. She brings, warmth, light and love – or, at least, the opportunity for you to assess what it is you really need in order to bring harmony and accord into your life. December 7 and 8 are special days as the Moon moves through your sign.

Sagittarius A shift takes place on December 10 and 11. Stay open and willing to roll with the changes, whatever they may be. It might just be the end of a situation you have endured for some time. It might also be the start of something new and exciting. Sometimes, letting go is difficult, but necessary.

Capricorn The Sun’s entrance into Capricorn on December 21 heralds your solar high of the year. A great transformative energy is on board and you must make the best of it. Jupiter and Pluto are casting great energy into your sign bestowing wealth and leadership. Figure out what you want to do and go for it.

Aquarius Lord Saturn steadies the ship as he casts a fine aspect into your sign. You can set up a plan and work with it. The Sun moves through Capricorn starting December 21 and allows for some behind-the-scenes work to be accomplished. The full Moon on Christmas day will help illuminate your pathway.

Pisces Pisces is one of the most magical signs of the zodiac and you may have a sense that magical things are happening. It is a time of spiritual transformation and re-evaluation. Lord Jupiter and co-ruler Neptune are activated strongly indicating that timing and destiny are playing their parts and now you must play yours.