In western tropical astrology, the single most important date in which we can gage the prevailing energy of the year is the spring equinox. This year, it takes place on March 19, at 9:31 PM. The position and condition of the planets at that time offer us a look at how the year will play out. Traditionally, January 1 is heralded as the beginning of the new year, but astrologically, it has always been the spring equinox. So Happy New Year to one and all.

Now, let’s get down to the bones of this equinox chart and see what the stars decree.

The predominant feature is a square aspect between Jupiter and Saturn. (Ninety degree square aspects are known to cause tension and stress.) Both planets are not in their best signs by any means. Jupiter sits in Virgo. Imagine a very expansive, broad stroke of this brush-like planet situated in a sign of minute detail and great modesty. It’s sort of like a blustery, swaggering, self-centred biker showing up at a symphony orchestra. The two just don’t gel together at all. Twhen we have Saturn, known as a very conservative tightly wrapped planetary energy, in the free flowing, let it all hang out sign of Sagittarius. Again, the energies don’t and won’t gel easily. Jupiter’s energy is expansive while Saturn is contractive.

Locally, we have an out of control housing market with no end in sight. Could greed be the villain? Take a look at the legal system with its “Club Fed” ideology, in which the criminals go into hysterics just thinking about it. Imagine we can rob, kill and plunder and end up in the pen for a few years where we can go horseback riding, fish and play golf. Yes, I’m being ludicrous, but the wheel is squeaking loudly and surely needs attention and repair. Symbolically, Saturn represents coal and when we compress coal for millions of years, it becomes a diamond, which is symbolized by Jupiter. In essence, the prevailing times indicate a tightening of the belt and a readjustment economically, all the way around. I just picked out a couple of scenarios involving housing and legal concerns, but this planetary energy can be applied to all situations that make up the fabric of our society. The remedy is finding the middle road, sprinkled with patience, tolerance and hopefully some ability to look down the road and play the long game. We will be here and so will our children and grandchildren so let’s build a future for all of them.

Aries The dominant planetary energy affecting your sign is revolutionary Uranus and he is on-board until March 2019. Ready or not, he brings what is new, of which we had no clue, and right out of the blue. In essence, changes come into our lives at a rapid pace. Become what you aspire towards and stay original.

Taurus Jupiter and Pluto cast fine energy into your sign, bringing on a time in which you can put your life together, just the way you want it to be. It’s not all roses and lollipops by any means; there might even be a few tears shed along the way and some goodbyes as well.

Gemini Read the intro regarding Jupiter and Saturn for they are having a major effect on your sign. It’s about finding the balance in all things. Cut back and throw away anything that is not worthy. Your house may seem empty for a while, but you will have your sanity, health and happiness intact.

Cancer You are morphing into something new and while the process is unfolding, you may feel like you are dying. It’s the old ego that is dying and sometimes that is painful, but necessary. The outcome, though, is joyous and beautiful. You have a special purpose in this life and soon you will connect with it.

Leo Saturn and Uranus are casting their respective energies into your sign. Saturn, although sobering, helps us with the work of cleaning up our old karmic debts and scrubs us clean. Uranus pushes us into the future with brand new skills and all kinds of new adventures to seek out and discover. Onwards and upwards.

Virgo Virgo Rocky Marciano, who never lost a fight, had true grit and he just never gave up. That’s my advice for you, as two powerful forces – namely Jupiter and Rahu – move through your sign. Both energies are plenty capable of making you into something quite fantastic, if you wish, and if you have true grit.

Libra A lunar eclipse takes place in your sign on March 23, illuminating what it is that must be done in order to bring the scales to balance. As the Sun moves through your opposite sign, Aries, opportunities will arise in which you can make important changes to your lifestyle. Communication is key to the whole process.

Scorpio There’s a strong focus on health matters and your health matters more than any other thing. Not just your body, but your spirit as well. It all has to work together and now the universe is offering up a time in which you can make some truly important changes, dietary-wise and lifestyle-wise.

Sagittarius Mars and Saturn are journeying through Sagittarius. Mars brings energy and Saturn holds it back. So life may be that way for a while. Move ahead, fall back and the dance continues. Read the intro regarding Jupiter’s square with Saturn, as it is important for your sign. Find the balance in all things.

Capricorn Karma runs the show. Now, one of the biggest karmic agents in the heavens is paying close attention: namely Pluto. The important thing is that Pluto can bring great riches, fame and power or it can lead one to total destruction. It is of utmost importance that you have your priorities right and straight.

Aquarius Co-rulers Saturn and Uranus cast very good energy into your sign. Saturn helps to stabilize and harmonize all of life’s concerns, while Uranus brings on the elements of innovation and creativity. You can just cruise along and enjoy the scenery or you can strive to truly make something of yourself. Make hay while the Sun shines.

Pisces Venus and Neptune continue their visit to Pisces offering up love and creative energy. It’s time to decide what is most important and worthy for yourself. Curb all excesses and eliminate that which is not worthy, productive or healthy. Legal concerns could materialize so be wise and stay on the straight and narrow path.