Wouldn’t you know it? Donald Trump has a most phenomenal birth chart – right off the roadmap powerful. As one astrological writer exclaimed when describing a powerful planetary position, “But powerful for what?” The man, for better or worse, has captured the attention of the whole world. Everybody’s watching this one with rapt attention.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York at 10:54 AM. For starters, he was born on the day of a lunar eclipse and at a time that places his Sun and Moon in angular houses of the birth chart. The houses are the fields of activity for the planets and the angular houses have the most power by far. In astrological parlance, he has the Sun in Gemini and Leo rising. The lord of Leo is the Sun and it is placed in his tenth house, which is the most powerful house in the birth chart, especially considering name, fame and career activities. In order to be born on a lunar eclipse, the Sun and Moon must be close to the lunar nodes, aka the dragon’s head and tail.

In vedic astrology, the nodes are called Rahu and Ketu and when Rahu and Ketu are associated with the lights (Sun and Moon), it brings immense power and magnetism. Rahu carries a very hefty reputation among the planetary deities. He is known to be mean, aggressive, haughty, egotistical and insatiable. He can never get enough no matter what he has; he will always seek more power and wealth. Rahu is known to be devious. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Mars rises in Leo at Trump’s birth giving him a fiery and brash disposition. Never a quitter and always on the go, non-stop, all day long.

From an astrological perspective, it is highly likely he will attain the presidency of the US. He has literally knocked the stuffing out of the competition and he breaks all the rules while doing so. No doubt, the Donald has, and is creating, many powerful enemies that would love to stop him dead in his tracks. According to the astrology on board, he is in great danger and if elected he enters into a time that is even more precarious and very dangerous – especially from January to September 2017. We are witnessing history in action and from a spiritual perspective I wish him and all others peace and love. From what the stars are indicating, the USA is in the midst of a revolution in consciousness and Mr. Trump seems to be the lightning rod for it all.

Aries It’s your time to shine. Fate and destiny run the game of life and now much is being formulated regarding your future. Aries are instinctive and intuitive and now more than ever you need to rely on your instincts. It’s a green light go time and don’t waste time. Love is around; move towards your destiny.

Taurus For the first three weeks of April, most of your work and efforts are done behind the scenes. You may be conflicted about all kinds of issues and concerns. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19, giving you a big boost, confidence wise. The full Moon on April 21 brings revelations, epiphanies and other possibilities.

Gemini Gemini is known as the chameleon of the zodiac and can blend in easily with whichever environment it finds itself in. This ability may come in handy in the next couple of months, as sparks are sure to fly. It may be wise to remain neutral – or fight really hard if you have to.

Cancer The answers you are looking for will probably pop into your psyche within a couple of days either side of the full Moon date on April 21. Cancer is affected by every full Moon and as it lights up the night sky, it lights up your inner sky bringing illumination and understanding in clear detail.

Leo April 14 and 15 are feel-good days, with April 15 probably the best day of the month. Travel and career sectors are heating up with all kinds of potential opportunities manifesting. Play the long game, as things are in a state of flux and will remain that way through to the end of May.

Virgo It’s time to dig in deep and get to the bottom of any particular thing. You’re known to be analytical, critical and very hard working and now is the time to put those gifts to good use. Home, family and real estate seem to be the focus now. It’s spring cleaning time, spiritually and materially.

Libra Libra is all about harmony, equanimity and fairness in all things. The new Moon on April 7 is directly opposite to your Libra planets. A series of surprises, changes and challenges throughout the month is highly likely. It’s a whirlwind time, with not much time to rest and you may not mind.

Scorpio The Scorpio full Moon on April 7 will help you see what needs to be done in order to bring peace into your life. The next couple of months may seem problematic, confusing and a bit challenging. One remedy is that if you don’t know what you truly want, keep eliminating what is no longer useful or worthy.

Sagittarius Concentration, effort and a keen eye on the target are needed now. It is definitely not the time to be careless. Stay off your electronic device while driving. Every successful person puts in hard hours and devotion in order to perfect their skills. It’s your time to do so.

Capricorn You may sense some rumbling beneath the Earth as changes start to formulate and take place. Fortunately, you are of the cloven foot clan and can make life-saving leaps when necessary. Dramatic as it sounds, it’s just a clarion call that things are in the midst of change and you must accommodate them.

Aquarius The Aquarius keywords are “I know.” But is what you know the truth? Is it real and will it bring you freedom and peace of mind? There’s a battle going on deep within your psyche regarding all kinds of topics regarding the law, humanity and the present condition of the world. Your contribution is needed.

Pisces Co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune are casting glances from across the sky. And, of course, Neptune is in Pisces enlivening your sign dynamically. In my effort to describe its influence, lets say it can open you up to the cosmos. Jupiter and Neptune are spiritual planets and can bring visions and enlightenment.