The month starts off with a mutable Grand Cross. Hmm, sounds important and impressive. Let’s dig into it and see what it’s all about. A Grand Cross takes place when four or more planets form 90-degree angles along the ecliptic. On June 4, the Gemini new Moon squares off with Jupiter and Neptune while opposing Saturn. The new Moon gives us strong hints of the planetary energy that will be on board for the next 30 days. The lights (Sun and Moon) in square with Jupiter bring hints of excessiveness and waste, and the square with Neptune indicates confusion and deception. The opposition of the new Moon with Saturn exposes the mess and tallies the costs and concerns that must be dealt with, corrected and amended.

Now the fun part – how do we decipher what the stars are telling us? Well, let’s back the truck up a bit. The biggest news last month was the monstrous fire in Fort McMurray. Thousands of people lost their homes and all their possessions and Canadians rallied and gave generously. Certainly, this has been a great setback and although painful, costly and unbelievable, we will wake up from this horrible dream and build and restore the community once again.

The present planetary configuration tells the story in star language that the astrologers can decipher in helping us understand the energy unfolding at any given time. Retrograde Mars rises at new Moon time telling us that more fires are highly probable and it may be true that a fire bug or a group with a hateful agenda lurks in the shadows causing untold grief. The full Moon and summer solstice on June 20 will be another harbinger of very dynamic news, as the stars are indicating some type of controversy. Mercury, lord of the full Moon, rises at full Moon time and forms a series of challenging aspects that indicate possible delays with transportation, information and communication. As dramatic as it sounds, it may not be that way. It is more likely we will have our collective sleeves rolled up as we move forward in our effort to solve whatever concerns come our way. Truly, it’s no new news, just life coming down the pike, possibly a little faster than we would like it to be.

Yes, we have our problems, concerns, collusions, collisions and every other type of phenomena to work out, and we will. And we will be better people and a stronger nation when the proverbial smoke clears and we come face to face with the stark realities that life offers up.

Aries You’re busy. Lots to do, places to go, things to think about, plus there’s a burning desire to accomplish something or attain something that seems out of reach. Set your sights on the highest goals attainable and don’t give up – never give up and one day you will have it in hand.

Taurus You’re not dead yet, far from it, but you may feel that something has died deep within you. It’s just life changing and often we cannot see the changes until we actually go through them. One act on the stage of life has finished and another is about to commence. Get yourself ready now.

Gemini Well, what are you waiting for? Stomp on the gas pedal and go for it. The stars are ripe and many things are about to come to fruition. The fates are highly active and your sign is highly featured. There’s no shame in (Gemini) Donald Trump’s game. Win or lose, it’s your time to shine.

Cancer By early July, you will be flying high. The full Moon and summer solstice on June 20 sets a rapid pace. The stars are swaying in your favour. It may not seem that way as your pathway is fraught with some danger and powerful changes, but in the end it will be to your good.

Leo Sometimes, it’s who you know that gets you to the places you want to go. It’s your time to glad-hand, communicate and connect to the people intrinsic to your game plan. Turn on that lucky Leo charm; mix and mingle, and, of course, let others get a sense of who you are.

Virgo A very dynamic Grand Cross takes shape and Virgo is involved. In essence, it’s how you play the game of life. Keep your integrity and honour intact; resist being seduced at all costs. You could lose initially, but you’ll gain greatly in the long run. What’s meant to be yours will come your way anyway.

Libra Venus, ruler of Libra, accompanies the new Moon on June 4 and is involved with the Grand Cross taking shape at that time. Although a tad complicated to decipher – and complications may come – you stand a great chance of doing very well indeed. Spirituality, career and travel are highlighted topics. Maintaining the balance is necessary.

Scorpio Lord Mars is retrograding and moving very slowly through Scorpio. Mars represents fire and we know fire can be a great friend or a very bad enemy. The best use of this dynamic power is to harness, direct and focus it on your deepest desires and objectives. Anger, frustration and being impatient won’t work.

Sagittarius Generally, Sagittarius is very good at seeing the overall game and its outcome. Now you may be in a state of mind in which you may not know how to go. Everything is in a state of flux and change and some sacrifices will have to be made in order to bring peace of mind.

Capricorn When the mountain goat prepares to make his leap to the next ledge, he can barely afford any miscalculations. He’s serious, focused and deliberate in his movements. Now, life is that way for you and it would be wise to play the long game. Life is destined to become very interesting in the next few years.

Aquarius Now, you must deliberate and contemplate what is most important and valuable to you. Nobody likes the taste of castor oil, but its healing effects are well known. Now is the time to let go of what is not worthy or wise. Spiritual, social and legal battles are on board now.

Pisces We are here for spiritual emancipation, liberation and freedom from the drudgery of our earthly existence. Name, fame and wealth will not bring peace of mind or inner tranquillity. Everything is in a state of change and you must find your way through the quagmire. Love is the way and love is the answer.