Everyone is holding their collective breath as we approach the fateful November U.S. election. November 8 tells the tale. I’ve gone on about Trump’s chart, especially in the April 2016 issue, but it might be worthwhile to put the charts of Clinton and Trump under the cosmic microscope once again. When I look at their birth horoscopes it makes my head spin, and heart pound, nearly audibly. It’s been in the news that Hillary Clinton may be ill, and her stars are strongly indicating that she may very well be suffering from some type of severe illness. On top of that, her husband and former U.S. President Bill Clinton is also on shaky ground health-wise. Hillary has the power to win the election, but she may not be able to perform her duties, and the stress could be over the top for the Clinton family.

Donald Trump’s chart is equally strong and very dynamic, and he also has the power to pull off a win, but the stars are indicating a very dangerous time in his life. It’s one of the strange things about astrology. Trump comes into a double Jupiter cycle just days after the election that promises great abundance, fame, wealth and power, while at the same time other planetary influences indicate the probability of a great fall in his status and wealth. On top of that there are other indicators showing the high probability of some type of accident or incident that could bring injuries or death to him before the fall of 2017. So go figure. We have the top two contenders for the most powerful job on the planet and both are on shaky and dangerous ground. What could this mean? To me, it means that both have the power to win, and neither one may be able to see it through to the end of their term. One of their Vice Presidents may be the one that ends up carrying through until the 2020 elections.

I hope that what is written above doesn’t come to pass, and whoever is elected is able to carry on and do their best with the best of health, peace and safety. The remedy is to counterbalance this energy with more love and more caring for one another. Give, give and give some more, and by the by we will get it worked out with love. According to the true mystics we have a time coming up when the planet will be run by the wise ones that are spiritually enlightened and have wisdom and love in their hearts.

Aries Anything weighing on your mind these days? If so, throw it to your drummer. Your drummer is the sum total of all that you are; in other words, your spirit. The answers to your problems will come flying back your way within a few days of the full Moon on October 15.

Taurus Taurus never makes changes easily or readily, and if change comes, it is often experienced as somewhat of a tectonic shift. No sense waiting around for that type of energy to manifest. Be the master of your own destiny by moving forward now and making the changes that will bring peace and happiness your way.

Gemini It’s one of those unique differences in personality types, in which Taurus doesn’t make changes easily or readily while Gemini looks forward with anticipation to anything new and exciting. You must put this natural gift to good use now and be very pro-active about getting it together body, mind and soul-wise.

Cancer Things could get a bit hairy around the full Moon on October 15. There might be power plays and other types of manoeuvres going on that need your attention and intuition. Kindness, caring and patience get you through while anger and aggression could easily backfire. Relationships of all sorts get tested throughout the month.

Leo You can ease on though the October time or you can use the energy on board to tackle any sort of persistent problems or concerns, especially regarding your overall health. If your health is fine, you can focus the energy towards organizing the different areas of your life that have needed your attention for some time.

Virgo It may be hard to keep your focus and attention on all of the different projects and objectives you have going. You may sense you have lost your way. Time and pressure are the two components you are up against. Doing one thing at a time, and taking your time, is best.

Libra Reach for the stars and make a wish. Better still, just make it happen. Dynamic changes are taking place in your life, and out of the 12 signs, you have the best opportunities to be successful in all that you do. The full Moon on October 15 will bring more than a few surprises your way.

Scorpio It’s time for some behind-the-scenes work. Topics such as health, be it physical or spiritual, need your attention now. It’s also time to serve and help other souls that may be in need of nurturing and care. It’s time to resurrect your spirit and energy once again. A time of healing takes place.

Sagittarius Saturn continues to carve out his wisdom into your soul. Sagittarius is generally a joyful type and not too much can really get them down. A time has now arrived in which you have to get serious about what works and what doesn’t work. Seemingly onerous, once done, you can put the past behind you.

Capricorn Mars and Pluto meet up in your sign mid-month, bringing on all kinds of power plays and other displays of possible outright ruthlessness and some danger. Keep in mind an honest man fears no enemies. The best bet is to avoid dangerous people and places. Moreover, stay clean and let your works be seen.

Aquarius The time has come to do some exploring. You can climb the highest mountain and dive to the depths of the sea, but, in reality, the best search and discovery are within your psyche. Philosophy and spirituality, along with all forms of academia, will be of interest now. The world is your oyster these days.

Pisces Pisces is the most gifted and naturally talented sign of the zodiac. Art, music, medicine and theatre are natural vehicles for your expression. What you need to know is that you are flowering and opening as never before. Keep your vessel clean and pure and stay receptive to the higher vibrations being offered these days.