Alexander the great consulted his astrologers as to how long he would live. His chief astrologer told him that when the sky turns to gold, and the earth turns to iron is when you will die. Hearing that, Alexander was pleased and nearly thought himself immortal. He figured that it would be a long time before the sky turned to gold, and the earth to iron. So the story goes… he was journeying across the desert and became very ill. One of his men took off his chainmail vest and laid it on the ground for Alexander to lie on. Another guard held up a golden umbrella to shield him from the burning sun. When Alexander realized that the earth beneath him had turned to iron, and the sky above had turned to gold he lamented his foolishness for believing in his astrologer’s prediction. In today’s world astrology has many branches, and many uses, but in the end it really is about trying to get a handle on what’s coming up the road. The world seems to be spinning a bit faster, and many people are in a spin regarding the consequences of President elect Donald Trump at the helm of the good ole U.S. of A. Well I think we need some predictions. So here we go.

In my mind it is profound and astounding that according to Vedic astrology, (which has been around for at least several thousand years) the U.S. is in the double cycle of Rahu until 2018. The U.S. started off as a nation in the Rahu cycle. Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, basically points on the ecliptic where eclipses take place. It is well known in astrological circles that eclipses are strongly associated with personal and collective karma. Interestingly and fatefully the U.S. manifests Trump born on a lunar eclipse with Rahu in a most powerful position. If there is, or ever was a figure to represent Rahu it would be Trump. Rahu is known to be insatiable, one who can never be satisfied, no matter what he has or what he attains. Now as the fates would have it, a solar eclipse takes place on August 21, 2017, practically right on Trumps ascendant, and very close to Mars in his chart. This configuration would get any self-respecting astrologer to sit up and take notice. But there’s more, much more. Within the next several days of the eclipse, Mars transits over Trump’s Mars, while retrograde Mercury practically stations right on the eclipse degree. This tells us that something big is in the wind and will manifest at this time. At the same time Saturn comes along and is basically stopped right on Trump’s Moon opposite to his Sun, and opposite to Pence’s Mercury and the U.S. Mars.

Well that was a real mouthful to spit out, but what it means is that whatever is going to befall Trump and the fate of the U.S. will happen in August or September of 2017. You name it, and it could take place. Impeachment is highly likely with Saturn the lawgiver very much in the play. Out-right violence is a high probability with assassination attempts certainly possible and probable. Let us pray that peace prevails and people keep their wits about them. By the way, Mars in Trump’s chart is not only rising which gives it great power and status, but it is considered to be Raja Yoga Karaka. Raja means King, yoga means union, and Karaka means indicator. Indicator of a King or one who wields great power. So the seas are churned up and destiny and fate are in motion. The Native American word, Hanta Yo, comes to mind. It means ‘clear the way’. I know this column is dramatic, but whatever is destined to be will be. Our work is to be the best that we can be, and the best bet is to strive to love one another now. There are some long very positive planetary cycles coming up in the future that will give mankind a big boost. The true Godman Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj has told us that he has seen the golden rays of the coming Golden Age. Our hearts are hardened and we are in a time of great consternation and confusion. The time has come to love and only love.

Aries Dare to dream, even better, make your dreams a reality. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries for the next three months. Jupiter rules good fortune, and good timing. Uranus is the planet of revolutionary thinking. Think outside the box, think big, and then make some moves. Throw caution to the wind, and damn the torpedoes.

Taurus your solar tenth house of career objectives is lit up like a Christmas tree throughout December. It means that you’re hot and probably in good position for a move up the ladder. January is dynamic as well with strong indications of increased connectedness and expansion within your circle of friends and colleagues.

Gemini There are to distinct planetary patterns unfolding in December and January. During December you may feel held back as the Sun and Saturn cast their energies into your sign. Best advice? Go slow and see what comes in the new year. January is a lot more positive, and there are indications of lucky breaks especially career-wise.

Cancer Organize, plan, and reorganize, and possibly regroup and re-plan. I know it sounds crazy and silly, but this is the type of energy onboard especially in December. Lots of movement is indicated, possible travel more likely in January. Take care of any health issues, and stay open and willing to make changes where necessary.

Leo The December skies are very much in your favour. January too. It doesn’t mean that it’s all a cakewalk. The gist of the energy on board is that you can work through practically anything that comes your way. Innovation and planning are key factors. Sort out any lagging concerns so that you can move forward with ease.

Virgo December appears to be a bit rocky. You may have to rewrite the plan as you near the end of the month. Blockages, stoppages and other types of concerns seem to get in the way. January is a totally different story. High energy, action and movement take place. It looks like that rewrite did the trick.

Libra A high-energy time takes place over the next few months. Jupiter the planet of good fortune and good timing is moving through Libra. It means that this is a significant time of changes for you. Make the best of this opportune time by reaching for what you truly want to do.

Scorpio Your mind might be on topics such as resources and real estate especially in December It’s probably not the best time to purchase, but you sure can make plans. Possibly a renovation or move is in store. Come January your attention may be focused on family. Children, entertainment and romance could be big features at this time.

Sagittarius The Sun and Saturn meet up on December 10, in Sagittarius, and your mood may be more to the solemn side than not. You may be in the midst of making important decisions regarding family, career and finances. Lord Jupiter throws in some very good energy brightening the days as you move through January.

Capricorn Throw it to your drummer. This little expression is something we hippy kids put together when we were troubled and had no answers. Your drummer is your subconscious. Mercury goes retrograde on December 19, and he’s conjunct Pluto. It’s time to go deep. The wisdom and answers that you seek will probably show up at the full moon on January 12.

Aquarius Venus and Mars travel through Aquarius in December bringing a highly creative and possibly romantic time your way. Jupiter the great benefactor also casts fine energy bringing opportunities for travel and spiritual upliftment. January also looks to be promising and exciting. You’re on the move.

Pisces The Sun and Saturn move across the top of your solar chart in December indicating a time of acknowledgement and fulfillment, or a time when you might want to move on to greener pastures. January may prove to be highly positive as Mars and Venus visit Pisces bringing excitement, challenges and possible romantic attraction.