The Sun travels through Gemini until June 20. Gemini is a mutable – air sign. Mutable in the sense that we just cannot jump from the rainy cool days of early spring into the intense heat of the summer season. There has to be a period of adaptability as nature adjusts to the climatic changes taking place. The element of air in astrology relates to the intellect and reasoning faculties. We’re inspired. Spring has sprung and we’re out and about along with the birds and the bees doing our thing. Everything is beautiful, fresh and new. Likened to this time in nature, the souls that are born into Gemini are blessed with angelic qualities. Myriad artists, poets, musicians, intellectuals, educators, business types, promoters, sales people and others with a great litany of intellectual capabilities are born at this time. Mercury is the planetary ruler of this sign. Castor and Pollux are the twin stars ruling the constellation of Gemini. Curiously one of the twins was a boxer, the other an intellectual.

So far we have portrayed Gemini as an angelic sign, but don’t be fooled or misled by this. Being of the element of air, some Geminis can be devoid of deeper feelings, and this may manifest as hard heartedness and cruelty. Generally they’re sweet and kind, but if crossed or if the energy is distorted in some way, then they can play havoc and cause serious pain and consequences, and not think too much about it later. They can shake your hand with one hand, and have the other hand in your back pocket at the same time. Remember Gemini Trump commenting on that woman that must be bleeding? Although we all knew what he really meant, he commented later that he meant a nose bleed, and that anyone that thought otherwise was despicable. Yeah sure Donald. Gemini is known to be amoral, meaning if you didn’t catch them at it, they didn’t do it. Let’s get back to the high side of this very interesting and highly complex sign. When you come across a Gemini that is flying right they are a delight. Highly gifted, multi-talented and generous to a fault describes the angelic Gemini. On the other hand, my Gemini stepdad astonished me one day. He stuck his head out of the window and yelled at the kids playing in the yard to cut that Gdamned swearing out! He also saved a woman from being attacked in our yard one night, but after scaring off the attacker, he would not allow the woman into our house. Got to love those Gemini’s.

Aries  Aries is like the knight who jumps on his charger and goes off in all directions at the same time. The stars are in a good position and are offering many opportunities for you to get it right. Your earning potential is strong, and getting into a good house may be on your mind.

Taurus Creative energy is running high all month. A busy time is indicated. Wheeling and dealing takes place as all kinds of opportunities manifest. Love is in the air, and the instinct to make all things beautiful is strong. It’s a good time to get onto the projects that you have been thinking about all winter long.

Gemini Read the introduction. It’s about Gemini. Now the Sun is in your sign, bringing you into your solar high of the year. You may have a nine ball juggling act going on, as all kinds of scenarios manifest. Do your best, and do what you do best, which is to get out and mix and mingle.

Cancer Energetic Mars visits Cancer for several weeks. He fires you up and inspires you all kinds of ways. Watch for overload and knee jerk reactions. Things can get slightly out of control when Mars is around, so go easy, and remember to measure twice and cut once. Do something bold and be brave.

Leo Your solar house of friendships is strongly activated giving out the indication that this is the right time to go on a walkabout or a journey of some sort. Now’s the time to connect with others. Minor surgeries could take place, and the time is right to deal with any type of annoying health problem.

Virgo Your solar career sector is hot, and it may be wise to crank up the energy a bit. Travel and career are both hot topics throughout June and July. Earning power and potential is especially strong. What you start now may serve you well over the next fifteen years. You’re coming out of your shell.

Libra When a planet appears to stand still it is at its greatest power. Jupiter which is known as the great benefactor is standing still in the middle of Libra. It’s a strong signal for you to truly drive towards your goals and aspirations. Jupiter brings trust, faith, truth, good timing and confidence into the picture.

Scorpio It’s your time to go deep and go long and delve into the topics that are of keen interest to you. Joint monies, wills, legacies and investments come up now. Your solar house of partnerships is strongly activated and a new relationship could blossom in the near future. Existing relationships get a boost as well.

Sagittarius The storm clouds are dissipating. Many lessons learned in the last couple of years. No doubt a deep wisdom has been carved into your soul. A new light dawns and new pathways appear on the horizon. A flood of fresh ideas are beginning to congeal, and soon enough you will be on a fresh journey. 

Capricorn A Capricorn friend commented that while running a small business he felt under-challenged. He changed that, and took on some big challenges and became very successful. You might be in this mood now to do something extraordinary. Go for it. The next step is the hardest step, but eventually you will reach your goal.

Aquarius The big planets are in good position for Aquarius. It’s a signal to move towards your goals. Your solar house of travel, spirituality and foreign affairs is strongly activated. This is also a good time for any type of educational pursuits, along with publishing and promotional activities. A move or renovation could take place.

Pisces Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces is standing still in the middle of your sign. He’s an unusual planet and brings significant and oft times genius gifts to the souls that have him prominent in their birth charts. A new dawn and a new reality may be taking shape. Follow your intuition and your dreams, and dream big.