The stars are indicating that it’s going to be a hot Summer, sunny or not. The Full Moon on July 8 is accompanied by Mars and Pluto. As we know, Full Moons heighten energy, bringing high tides and high emotions. Mars and Pluto are intense energies in their own rights, and when mixed together can bring up some pretty nasty weather. Hmmm, let’s see, is there anything going on politically in Canada or the U.S. that can reach its boiling point? Choose a topic and use the info above as an overlay or template and let’s see how the action unfolds. We already know that the real estate market is hot and getting hotter by the day. We may be looking at an election call in B.C. How fun is that? How about all the violence going on amidst the gang communities, not to mention the opioid crisis. Yee ha, ride ‘em cowboy!

The New Moon on July 23 also is closely associated with Mars and he generally is looking for a fight. Mars also rules fires, so it would be wise to be extra cautious when out in nature. When Mars is around we have choices to make. We can exercise free will and not react angrily when others are behaving ignorantly, and if anything, the positive use of Mars energy is valour and bravery. The choice is ours to make. Slow down and take your time. Show a little curtesy to others, it’s contagious.

August offers up a lunar and solar eclipse for our consideration and contemplation. Sure enough the lunar eclipse on August 7 has Mars in the picture again, and as already mentioned it puts us in fight mode and we will be up in arms about one thing or another. Again, we have choices to make, that make all the difference in the world to our peace of mind and happiness.

The solar eclipse on August 21 is most impactful in the sense that it lands on a most sensitive spot in Donald Trump’s horoscope. August and September are indicating a most fateful time in the mans life. It is highly probable that a big event takes place such as his impeachment or some other event that impedes him dynamically and dramatically. This summer is a time of clearing up and cleaning out a whole lot of entangled and contentious issues. The true remedy for our troubles and ills is to love one another, and to inculcate a sense of tolerance and forgiveness, patience and compassion. We’re only here for a short while.

Aries Lord Mars is busy as can be throughout the summer. You will have a series of challenges to surmount. The nature of man is that he either moves forward in his journey or falls back, but never remains in one place. Step up your game, and apply more and more effort. It will pay good dividends.

Taurus It looks like July will run more smoothly than August. It would be to your benefit to get things done in July while the stars are in a cooperative mood. It might be a bit more challenging or possibly frustrating as a different energy blocks your pathway and efforts in the Month of August.

Gemini  Venus lends a hand throughout July. She helps you to consider the right pathway to tread on. She confers with Saturn in the last half of the month helping you to make some hefty decisions regarding what to do as a series of hold ‘em or fold ‘em events manifest throughout July and August.

Cancer High excitement and adventure come your way as Mars accompanies the Full Moon on July 8. It’s always exciting when Mars is in the picture. You’re on the move and in the groove. August is hot for other reasons besides the weather. Venus heats things up and love may be in the air.

Leo July is prep time in which you conduct all kinds of behind the scenes activities as you make ready for a very dynamic and somewhat dramatic August. The New Moon on July 23 will tell quite the tale, while the lunar and solar eclipses in August unfurl the karma from the storehouse of past life activities.

Virgo Career and earning sectors of your solar chart are very enhanced in July so make hay while the sun shines. Lord Mercury goes retrograde on August 13, and can throw a stick into the spokes regarding agreements, contracts and negotiations. Travel plans can go awry as well so be prepared as best as you can.

Libra July offers up some challenges on the home front and career sector. With a little bit of effort you can overcome your concerns, and with major effort you can be very successful. August sweetens up and the overall energy smooths out nicely. New people and new places are on the cosmic menu as well. 

Scorpio Travel is indicated in July. Long and short journeys take place. Writing and publishing interests get a boost as well. It’s a good month for tests and exams. August has more challenges and possible hurdles to overcome. Career changes could take place, and could be very much to your benefit. Good energy is on the horizon.

Sagittarius Mysteries and secrets come bubbling up to the surface in July. An inheritance or windfall could be in the works. Joint and shared monies become a hot topic. August holds a strong promise of travel, which of course usually uplifts the Sagittarius spirit. Romance may not be a stranger, and a warm summer is indicated.

Capricorn Circle July 8 on your calendar as it’s the day of a Full Moon and it could be a doozy. Don’t forget to duck. Intense and dynamic scenarios form and dissipate like passing clouds. Actually, July 5 to 12 are intense days. Money, health and family are the big topics in August.

Aquarius What you say, and how you say it will have strong ramifications in July. It’s all about communications, or the lack of them. The New Moon on July 23 sets the pace heading into August, which promises to be a highly charged month. Patience and kindness will work wonders, but impatience and cruel words could backfire dramatically. 

Pisces Take some time off and enjoy yourself in July. The stars are right for love and romance to manifest. At the very least, enjoyable times with family and friends are indicated. August holds fairly good promise as well. If there is a glitch it will be about agreements and miscommunications. Expect the unexpected to take place.