The Sun passes through Libra from September 22 to October 22. Libra’s pictograph is a blindfolded Goddess with a sword in one hand, and scales in the other. It symbolizes impartial justice and fairness. Libra is a cardinal – air sign. The cardinal signs lead off the seasons. They are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Being known as lead off signs they contain more power and dynamism. The element of air in astrology represents the intellect and its abilities. When we amalgamate the cardinal – air qualities and project them onto human kind we can expect to find some of the most brilliant, talented, creative and artistic souls in our midst. The first one that comes to mind is Mahatma Gandhi Ji. His philosophy of passive resistance transformed India.

Venus is the planetary ruler for Libra. She is the Goddess of love, harmony, beauty and balance. I’m sure that if you did some research you would find some very highly evolved souls in the world of art, music, dance, design, architecture and law. Yes folks, that’s it. Harmony, intelligence, fairness, beauty and balance sums up the essence of Libra. It’s a sign known as the iron fist in the velvet glove.

Well, we have to ask the question. Do we need harmony and balance, love and peace? I think we do, more than ever. The scales are rocking precariously, and the big and little egotists are gambling with our lives. Hopefully we don’t sit and passively watch it all unfold. While under the influence of Venus – Libra it would be helpful to remember that Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and idealism is moving through Libra and has formed an opposition with Uranus the planet of revolution and innovation. It might be high time to hit the streets again as world peace hangs in the balance. We know there are myriad brilliant minds out there, and we need them to come up with some true resolutions as to what to do with today’s very serious problems. Although the Viet Nam war was very ugly and highly destructive and devastating it also raised the consciousness of the whole world and as we know there were protests all over the world at the time of that war. All of this business with the U.S. and North Korea has gotten to a risky, sketchy and very dangerous place and the powers that be truly need to do something about it before things go really south. No sense warmongering with a bunch of fear tactics. We need love and peace now. When you’re standing in gasoline up to your knees, it doesn’t matter who lights the first match.

Aries It’s your time to shine as the light of the full moon lights up your sign on October 5. Venus and Mars are conjoined on the same day indicating something quite special heading your way. Make it a special day and do something meaningful and important.

Taurus You might want to plan something unique, or just wait and see if the universe has anything to offer over the weekend of October 6 to 8. The stars are leaning your way as your planetary ruler Venus snuggles up with fiery Mars at that time. Break out those red high heeled sneakers and head to the club.

Gemini A lively time is indicated especially around the full moon on October 5. The Gemini moon on Thanksgiving day provides a big boost, and there is a strong likelihood of surprising news coming your way. A secret is leaked, and as we know sometimes those family gatherings can get hectic. Hide the alcohol.

Cancer Home and family are important topics for Cancer. Now the Sun travels through your solar house related to home life. The full moon on October 5 brings work related news. Jupiter the planet of luck (good karma) casts excellent rays your way for the next twelve months starting October 10. Confidence and timing play a special roll.

Leo Communicate and relate is the mantra of the month for Leo. Promotions, sales and proselytizing will work well now. An increase in resources could take place in the first half of the month. Make that call. Reach out to the people that really matter in your life. A series of short journeys takes place.

Virgo Venus and Mars meet up in your sign on October 5. It’s also a full moon day. Basically, it amps up the areas of love and creativity. It’s your time to shine, and others may take a shine to you. It’s time to take stock and evaluate what is real and what has true value.

Libra Take note of what comes to pass on October 5. Some illuminating scenarios are destined to unfold. People from the past come into the play. The new moon on October 19 will bring interesting surprises, and opportunities. You might be in the midst of important changes in your life now. Go with the flow.

Scorpio Jupiter, king of the gods moves into Scorpio on October 10 for a twelve month visit. You should capitalize on this once in twelve year cycle by doing whatever you have to do to elevate your status. Confidence gets a boost, and timing becomes very important. Basically, do your best in all endeavours. It will pay dividends.

Sagittarius Your solar house of friendships and alliances is lit up. It’s time to mix and mingle. The full moon on October 5 stirs up some fun and entertainment. Behind the scenes work will pay off in the long run, such as quietly committing to the gym and paying the price through sweat and effort.

Capricorn Your solar career sector is very active. The stars are aligned nicely in the sense that they are casting good energy into your sign. Work towards strengthening alliances and loyalties after October 10. Power plays abound, and all kinds of hidden machinations take place. Be clean and let your works be seen.

Aquarius It’s time to blow the dust off and strive towards higher knowledge. This could come through a series of journeys to far off places. It also could occur in the classroom, but whatever, it’s time to dig into the topics that can quench your thirst for enlightenment. Job opportunities loom on the horizon.

Pisces The question is just how to fit in and make it all work, how to achieve success in your desired field of activity. Mainly just keep giving of yourself and help other people. The overall plan was formed before your body was formed. Be who you are, and do what you do.