Saturn enters its own sign Capricorn on December 19, for a two-and-a-half-year visit, then begins to travel through Aquarius (also ruled by Saturn) for another two-and-a-half-year visit. That’s five years of some pretty strong Saturnian medicine. Generally, people don’t really want to hear about Saturn, and certainly most of my clients groan when I bring him up. But he is part of the pantheon of zodiacal gods and must be adhered to. In Vedic astrology the planets are called Grahas, which means to grab or seize. When a planet contacts a planet in your chart it grabs it, and brings its effect to it, positive or negative.

I have done a study of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s horoscope, along with the charts of Canada and the U.S., and with Donald Trump’s birth chart. Here’s what I found: Saturn passes over Trudeau’s Sun in January, and proceeds to oppose Canada’s Sun and Moon (February to June) and then backs up to practically sit on Trudeau’s Sun, and finishes 2018 in opposition to Canada’s Sun and Moon. Synthesized, it means that our country and its leader are besieged with this very powerful Saturnian influence throughout 2018. Saturn passing over a person’s Sun is no fun, and generally brings up a time of limitation, frustration, delays, adversity, scarcity and myriad other concerns. To save a very long story, Saturn pays a long and strong visit to the United Sates chart, and Trump’s chart too, all this right up to at least 2020. Throw in a couple of dramatic eclipses into the mix and we can surmise that we have a potent cocktail of serious karmic conditions to work out over the next few years.

If we thought 2017 was alarming and dismaying with Trump’s antics, we have seen nothing yet. Attacks and wars could break out, and at the least he probably will be discredited, exposed, and impeached. His life is in danger. Scary eh? Maybe not. Nobody wants to lance the cyst on the child’s arm, but once done the toxins are released and the healing process begins. Saturn’s true message is that of healing, purity, honesty, sobriety, cleanliness, discipline, chastity and every other thing that will help us to bring our societies and countries into a workable and wholesome order. Saturn tightens the belt and brings scarcity and sacrifice, hard work and sometimes impoverishment, and at least correction. If we’re living a hog at the trough mentality then we will have to correct it somehow. At the end of it all we come out better for the process, but in the meantime, I expect that the next two years at least will be fraught with serious and heavy concerns, decisions and considerations. Let’s get to work.

Aries You’re the lead-off man or woman of the zodiac. Bold, brave and true, and now it’s up to you to show the way, and break through to something new. How, you might ask. Living honestly, honourably, and leading by example. Come on valiant one, we need your direction and spirit now, more than ever.

Taurus Aries initiates action, but it’s the steady, and stubborn Taurus that sustains and stabilizes the energy that Aries creates. Venus rules Taurus and matters such as ethics, morality, purity and beauty. Taurus cares for the land and her resources, and we need your power and strength now, more than ever.

Gemini You are the word merchant, and negotiator par excellence, and you certainly know how to cut a deal, and get everyone on side. The world needs your gift of seeing both sides of anything and everything. Do your thing, and help humanity to come to reasonable resolutions to our myriad complex problems.

Cancer Saturn the task-master will be moving through your opposite sign Capricorn for the next couple of years. He casts his glance your way, and will manifest his energy in the form of all kinds of concerns and considerations. Career, health and relationship areas will get a workout. Wisdom and growth are the results.

Leo Late January and February are telling times for your sign. Generally, it’s not the best of times, but a time in which you can do some deep reflection regarding your life’s values. Throw a couple of eclipses into the mix and they will bring further revelations and realizations your way.

Virgo Saturn passes through Capricorn over the next two years casting good energy your way. Virgo may secretly admire much of Saturn’s disciplinary and corrective admonishments. You are more likely to get in line with his astringency plans, than not. In many ways, Saturn and Virgo resonate some very similar ideals and morals.

Libra Saturn visits Capricorn and strongly connects with your sign. Libra is all about the law. Saturn is the letter of the law, all laws, natural and manmade. He is exalted in Libra. Now a time has arrived in which you can use your skills as a fair judge and arbitrator.

Scorpio Scorpio is another sign that deeply cares about Earth’s environmental health. It seems that the world has gone a bit mad, and there are a vast number of problems that must be dealt with, and you are made just right to handle it all. Where others give up, you’re just getting warmed up.

Sagittarius You have been gifted with long vision and intuition, and now it is high time to put these gifts into play. You’ve been corralled for the last couple of years, and no doubt you are restless and ready for some new challenges and adventures. Saddle up and head out. You are needed.

Capricorn Do or die, well not literally, but with what is to come in the next couple of years you may very well feel that you are in a position that is seriously vital personally and professionally. If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger. With cloven hoof, set forth up the mountain.

Aquarius Eclipses at the end of January and mid-February will help you in finding your direction. In the heart of hearts, you are the true humanitarian that can love one and all. Your skills are sorely needed now, and will be needed even more over the next five years.

Pisces Jupiter and Neptune, co-rulers of Pisces, will continue to cast their energies your way throughout most of 2018. This will provide you with the opportunity to truly find yourself and your position in our society. You have the gift of universal love, caring and compassion, and now it is truly needed. Do what you love, and love what you do.