Astrology columns are often foreboding as they cannot help but to create some form of apprehension regarding the future. Oh my, what’s going to happen to dear so and so when Saturn or Pluto gets activated in their chart? It’s a very challenging task to create something positive when a person is experiencing heavy astrological weather. With this in mind, let’s take another approach to what the stars are trying to convey. Often the planetary energy is portrayed as punitive, corrective or punishing. It is my belief that the stars are guides and are invested in helping us to perfect our evolution and spiritual growth.

We’re aghast with the behavior of all the mighty and powerful men that have plummeted from their high perches and have come crashing down, accompanied by deep shame, humiliation and embarrassment. Are they bad men, or just men coping with the human problems of lust and desire? All men are beset with the same problems except those with copious power and wealth have more privileges and opportunities than the average bloke. My bet is that 99% of men would fail the test and stagger under the weight of serious temptation affecting them every day. We’re constantly bombarded and inundated with temptation, subtle and not so subtle. So where’s the astrology in all of this? Right, here we go. Saturn visits Capricorn and Aquarius over the next five years. He has ownership of both these signs, and his journey through them offers up and opportunity to truly get in touch with his divine wisdom and guidance. He teaches us that we need to get sexuality into its proper perspective.

The true Gurus teach us that we have misplaced the sacred act of procreation and made it into recreation, and it has caused untold miseries and suffering for both men and women. This is no new thing, and this phenomenon has been with us since the beginning of time. The great Saint Param Sant Kirpal Singh ji Maharaj tells the story of Lord Rama and Ravana. “Ravana was a very learned pandit, knowing all the four Vedas, all the six Shastras and so on. With all of that, what did he do? He abducted the wife of Lord Rama. So with all of that knowledge he fell down.” It is obvious that we need to turn our lives around. We could all learn to live more modestly, not repressively, but at least more conservatively. The planetary deities are willing to teach and guide us, but are we willing to learn and pay heed to the wisdom of the stars?

Aries You’re the leader of the pack, and you may not even know it. Rest assured, many take their cues from you. Live in the truth, stay in the light, and everything will come right. Career opportunities will present themselves, along with opportunities for travel and spiritual growth. New people manifest in your life now.

Taurus The big planetary energies are looking your way, providing myriad opportunities for growth, expansion and stability. Take the hint and make some moves. Even if you are set back, get up again, and persist, insist and it will pay dividends. By the way, I’m not just talking money and career, I’m talking lifestyle and internal integrity.

Gemini Your solar ninth house of spirituality, travel and education is lit up like a Christmas Tree. Writing, publishing and any manner of higher learning is indicated. Mars is sparking up your solar house of relationships which could be great and exciting, but also there could be some fighting. Diplomacy and patience are needed now.

Cancer The time has come to go deep and go long. Partnerships of all sorts get a work over now. Sort out what is real, and of real value. Some decisions may be painful, and saying goodbye never is any fun, but in the long run your peace of mind and inner happiness returns.

Leo Leo loves the big picture, especially if their right in the middle of it. It’s those tiny and bothersome details that will trip the lion up time and again. Matters such as health, legalities and taxes must not be looked over, lest you are tripping over them now. The time has come to set things right.

Virgo Never one to slack off, it might be time to cut yourself some slack. Late February and March is your solar low of the year allowing you time to recoup and repair. The positive planets Jupiter and Venus are lending a hand, while fiery Mars creates intense scenarios that you can choose to dive into or avoid.

Libra Your solar fifth house is strongly activated for the first three weeks of February. The fifth house rules entertainment, and enterprise, children and romance. Health topics are on the cosmic menu. It might be time to get yourself together. Elders, and their health and welfare may need some attention. Real estate activity comes into play.

Scorpio Jupiter continues his journey through Scorpio. The positive side of Jupiter’s energy enhances timing and good will, monetary increases, and a boost in popularity. The negative side of Jupiter hints at waste, overconfidence, sloth and sloppy thinking. It is time to mix and mingle and connect with the people that are positive and productive.

Sagittarius Mars is making his presence known as he visits Sagittarius until mid-March. On the positive he generates confidence, strength, energy and activity. On the negative he can bring dissatisfaction, irritation, and conflagration. Dry tinder just needs one spark to set off a wild fire. Accidents and incidents seem to manifest when Mars energy manifests.

Capricorn Saturn the great teacher will be in Capricorn for the next couple of years providing a time in which you can truly inculcate many deep and powerful lessons. Fortunately, he’s your ruling planet. You’re wired right and can get in line with him quite easily. Starting university, a career or a family fits the bill nicely.

Aquarius Every sign has its duds that don’t live up to the qualities indicated for their sign. Generally speaking, Aquarius has been gifted with a scintillating intellect, along with the ability to digest and disseminate knowledge. The next five years presents a time in which you are on a great learning curve of inestimable value.

Pisces A magical and mystical time has arrived, and I wouldn’t be surprised with what comes up for you now. Love and marriage, baby and carriage, and all kinds of other life changing events could manifest. You can go out and play or put your intention and dreams together. My hint is to do it all.