When the great saint Kabir stepped onto the Earth in the fourteenth century he realized that no one was happy. When we look back as far as recorded history goes, we find the same reality. War, poverty, disease, and discontentment with our lot has been the steady diet. Even the wealthy, elite, and powerful among us suffer from this same malady. What gives? What is it? Possibly the preachers and priests, soothsayers and star gazers can help us out. Well so far none of the above have been able to bring any lasting relief. As my beloved Guru, Param Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj would say, “When the blind lead the blind, both fall into the ditch.”

What we need, and what so many of us truly lack is the guidance of a realized soul that can give us a first-hand experience of the higher realities, and connect us with the divine love and light that is the given right and eventual destiny for all embodied souls. We seek love, happiness, and security outside of ourselves, and no matter what we receive or achieve, we are still discontent.

The true problem brothers and sisters is that we continue to feed the horse (the body) but starve the rider (the soul). We need to turn this around, for the very thing that we are after is already inside of us. We just need to learn to tap into it. Sex, drugs and rock and roll has not provided very much except more suffering and unhappiness. Love is not on the outside of us, it is not in the other person of our desires. It never has been, but we continue to stubbornly look there for sustenance. The world seems a bit unhinged with the so-called leaders playing nuclear one-upmanship with our very existence, as we continue to allow dear mother Earth to be defiled, polluted and poisoned.

What to do? Heartfelt prayer is a good start. Peaceful nonviolent living, and respect and love for all of God’s creatures will certainly go a long way to bring our emancipation and true freedom into reality. Changing the gun laws is a joke, shame and sham. We will know that we have made a difference when all of these wicked, insidious and terribly destructive weapons have been eradicated from the Earth, for ever and ever. We have the power, the power of love, but only greed and fear hold us back. Lastly, and most importantly, we need a true Guru to guide us out of the darkness of these days. Gu means darkness Ru means light. Find a GURU.

Aries Mercury the messenger visits Aries until early May. A busy time has arrived in which all kinds of realities manifest. Venus also visits throughout March bringing love and creativity your way. The Sun enters Aries on March 20 bringing you into your solar high. Get in gear, it’s your time of the year.

Taurus The one person we can only avoid for so long is ourselves. Eventually we run into them. Now that time has come in which you do some soul searching as to what is right, and what is wrong. As they say, ‘make hay while the sunshines.’ Move toward those things that bring true happiness and peace.

Gemini All that glitters is not gold, but it sure looks nice, doesn’t it? Don’t be tricked nor duped in the first half of March. Life’s energies are heightened, and you may feel emboldened. It seems like you are connected to so many people, and now is the time to utilize those connections to your advantage.

Cancer It might be time to put your feelings on the back burner, and let them simmer. Mars and Saturn oppose your sign until mid May, manifesting frustration if you allow. Use this energy by working hard and keeping your cool. If you have a chip on your shoulder, someone is sure to knock it off.

Leo It’s time to weigh anchor. Changes are occurring on a deep level, and you may have grown restless. Cast a glance to the far horizon, as a time of adventure and discovery has arrived. You’ve got that itchy feet syndrome. Better still, take a look within, for there are way more discoveries to be had there.

Virgo Cross signals and assumptions can trip you up in the first three weeks of March. Keep an eye on the small details which you seem to be good at anyway. Investments and joint monies may be an area of focus, or unfocused confusion if you take your eye off the ball. Honesty trumps all.

Libra Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? The mirror always answers back honestly. Now a time has arrived in which many reflections take place, and it is most important to be upfront and honest. Late March and April offers up a time to rest and enjoy the finer things in life.

Scorpio Jupiter’s presence in your sign casts a benign light that will help guide you along the way. He will help you to sort through what is of importance. Don’t waste this valuable time on frivolous pursuits. Seek the truth, and it will surely set you free, whereas overindulgence will bind you further to the wheel.

Sagittarius You might be feeling frisky, which is sometimes contagious. Others pick up on your high energy and want to come out and play as well. Romance area heats up all month. Watch for burnout or over estimating any situation or scenario. Home and family activities are high on the ‘to do’ list. Kindness works wonders.

Capricorn Mars and Saturn Join up late March to mid April in your sign. On the positive side of the coin you can achieve almost anything, by sheer will and determination. On the negative side there may be frustration and limitation as others strive to block you. Gentle persuasion, patience, and persistence get you through nicely.

Aquarius If you have a writer’s gene in you, it might be time to start tapping that deep well of knowledge that you are known for. Purge yourself and get it out, and into written form. Just put your hands on the keyboard, and your spirit will do the rest. Past life gifts are manifesting now.

Pisces Energy runs high as the Sun continues his journey through your sign until March 20, while Jupiter casts his benevolent glance your way until November. Health and diet topics feature throughout March and April. Neptune continues to shape and reshape your awareness and consciousness. Spiritual changes are taking place on a deep level.