Mercury and Saturn square off for the whole month of April, ratcheting up all kinds of tension in the markets, and governments throughout the land. Mercury rules communication, travel, negotiations, contracts, and agreements, and all things to do with business and commerce. Saturn usually slows things down forcing us to grind our way through, as we sort out just what to do. With (Mercury ruled) Trump at the helm of the Good Ship Lollipop who knows what could go wrong. Trade wars, and hopefully not other wars manifesting. Gun law protests, oh yeah, and we know the rest. Here in the northland we have the Provences bickering about laying pipe, protests galore, and a million other worries and concerns dog us throughout the days. Fiery Mars throws his hat into the ring as he mixes it up with Mercury and Saturn in the first half of the month, which will certainly throw fuel onto the fire, and then joins up with his heavy older and much darker brother Pluto for the last half of the month. When Mars and Pluto meet up they can cast a fairly dark shadow as this combination is well known to represent violence and all other kinds of machinations of a nefarious type. April begins and ends with full moon energy, which will help to illuminate our concerns, and cast a light on them. Jupiter brings a stabilizing influence as he harmonizes with Pluto and Mars, hopefully bringing wiser and calmer minds onto the scene. We certainly do need the visionaries to step up now. Venus travels through Taurus for most of the month and she rules that sign, which is good news for us, in the sense that she will bring stability, order and harmony on board. In a sense all things get balanced out, worked out and onward we march through time. Although the above writing sounds somewhat ominous, it’s really pretty average planetary drama. It has always been this way, and always will be this way, until the dawning of the Golden Age when the moat is removed from our eyes, and we will be able to see that we are all one people on one planet, and that we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all one family, including all life forms, deserving of our respect, kindness and gentleness. We are digging our graves with our teeth. We continue to assassinate and consume other life forms (animals) that have souls, and we continue to fail to see the grave and serious karmic repercussions of this behaviour. We cry out for peace, but never give it.
MARCH 21 – April 19
You are a diamond in the rough, multi-faceted, and just needing some polishing and training. April offers up all kinds of opportunities to do just that. Anything that is of true value, never comes easy. Meet the challenge by choosing want to do, and then get at it. Surprises and changes are in the works.
April 20 – May 21
April 17 is your magic day in which magical Experiences take place. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 bringing you into your solar high of the year. Venus visits Taurus nearly all month while she harmonizes with Mars and Saturn bringing opportunities for stability, Romance and finance. Put your best hoof forwards now.
May 22 – June 20
Lord Mercury finally gets himself straightened out after his three week retrograded phase which ends on April 15. Or does it? Well not quite. He still has to get up to speed, and he’s still in lockstep with Saturn which Indicates that you will be learning valuable lessons. Patience, honesty and humility will do nicely.
June 21 – July 22
You’re one of the big wheels in Astrology. Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn are the four Cardinal signs of the zodiac. So they carry more authority, energy and dynamism. Leadership rolls carry big responsibilities. April 20 to 22 provides myriad opportunities to test your ability to handle pressure under fire. You can prove your worth now.
July 23 – August 22
You may be dreaming of new career ventures, and possibly other adventures such as travel and spiritual endeavours. All well and good. It costs nothing to dream. But in the meantime there may be serious house cleaning to be tackled, which you may loath, but it’s not going to go away on its own.
August 23 – September 22
The stars are leaning in your favour. Not completely favourable, as there is serious work to be done. Which in Virgo’s world it means getting to the fine details such as taxes and other accounting scenarios. Speaking of accounting, it might go way deeper such as taking account of your inner values and spiritual progress.
September 23 – October 22
You are in your solar low until April 19, which isn’t a bad thing. If anything it offers up opportunities to get your life in order. You may be hard at work, and working through myriad problems and concerns. Say what you mean, and mean what you say, and say it with kindness and sweetness.
October 23 – November 21
Starting April 19 the stars offers up a time of reflection and introspection until mid May. Venus casts her energy your way throughout April bringing a time to weigh up what is real and of most value to you. You might be in the mood to make significant changes to your lifestyle and daily habits.
November 22 – December 21
Sagittarius types are known for their broad stroke capacity to weigh up a situation, and deal with it effectively. They’re the archers of the zodiac, and they must take careful aim before they release their arrow. One part broad view, one part deeply attentive. Now you must use both skills in order to be successful.
December 22 – January 19
A big planetary focus takes place as Mars and Saturn join up in Capricorn, bringing action, tension, and frustration in the first half of the month. With Mercury in square with Mars and Saturn it is highly likely that there will be sticks in the spokes, delays and other types of concerns that will need delicate handling.
January 20 – February 19
Aquarius is the ambassador of goodwill, wise and fair in your judgements. That type of impartiality will be needed in the coming weeks as the planetary drama is destined to get ratcheted up a few notches. We’ll need cool heads to prevail, and that’s where you come in at. Much is accomplished behind the scene.
February 20 – March 20
Never doubt your value, and remember that if you don’t promote yourself, the world never will. Now is a time in which you must take stock of what is important to you, and move forward towards your goals. You have the gift of the collective wisdom of the other eleven signs of the zodiac.