Some folks have called in wondering if I was still writing the Star Wise column in Common Ground Magazine. I had backed off of the column in my effort to dial down the outside influences in my life. But of course I’m compelled to stare at the stars in this life, so I will continue on. I will write on the Equinox and Solstice times of the year. You cannot change the spots on a leopard, and when a pick pocket meets a saint, all he sees is his pockets. When I meet people I see their signs, and planets, and really cannot help myself after nearly 50 years  in this line of thinking. So I guess yer stuck with me for a while longer. Curiously, my moon nakshatra indicates a split, and I’m always battling between the inner and outer worlds. Anyway enough about me. Let’s dive in, and see what the stars are cooking up for us.

Mars and Ketu are conjunct this month and promises some real fireworks, collectively and personally. Ketu is the south node of the Moon and is ruled by Mars, and Mars is moving though its exaltation sign in the sidereal chart, allowing him maximum freedom of expression. In essence, we have a double Mars effect to contend with. Let’s hope that Don and Kim behave, if they do get a chance to meet up. Both have a tendency to swagger and strut, and with their fragile egos are vulnerable to conflagration. This conjunction occurs in sidereal Capricorn which is the sign off all governments. Let’s wish them well, and pray that they keep it real, and civil.

The full moon on June 27 has Saturn presiding, and Mars stands still on that day indicating that important news is in the works. Saturn’s presence always slows things down to a crawl, and we have to grind things out, while Mars throws it into reverse indicating that we will have to redo and renew all kinds of things. The trade wars are big on the list, as is the pipeline fiasco. One of the unique qualities of Ketu is freedom, liberation and spiritual emancipation. This dance of man’s egotistical antics and ignorance has been in effect  from day one. It’s just way more noticeable in the Kali Yuga (iron age). As long as the negative power can keep us down and worried, he wins, we lose, and we just ad more time on the cosmic wheel of transmigration and reincarnation. My beloved Master Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj taught us that in the future, the world will be run by the enlightened ones.  As he would say, “do your best, and leave the rest” No worries. That’s it folks.


MARCH 21 – April 19

The martians have landed! Okay, well, maybe not the martians, but the Mars types such as people with the Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Aries or Scorpio will be more active and reactive than at other times, throughout June. People that have Mars strong in their charts such as Mars rising or in conjunction with other planets will get a big play from Mars this month as well. You may earn well as money flows in. Joining groups and societies can be in the cards, and all kinds of ventures and adventures could manifest. Do what you do, but think about it before you make any risky moves. It’s a highly charged time to say the least.


April 20 – May 21

Dem changes are in the wind. Energy gets amped up throughout the month especially professionally and romantically. Home and family activities get a boost, and you will be busy as a beaver. Mars is centre stage this month for all signs, and he’s kind of looking at you sideways. It means that you have to be nice, play well, and get along with others. Otherwise changes can come fast and furious. Don’t push as others are likely to push back. You can get a lot done, and achieve more than expected. Enjoy but take it easy fella.


May 22 – June 20

It’s your time of the year, so get out there and mix and mingle and shake things up a bit. Travel could be in the works, and publishing, writing, negotiating and all other kinds of communication endeavours manifest. Generally you can see both sides of everything, and you may need that gift now as all kinds of philosophic and spiritual debates flare up.


June 21 – July 22

Some type of important news comes your way around June 27 as the full moon takes hold. Saturn is involved, and with his presence in the room its bound to be a time in which serious decisions are made. Concerns regarding elders, parents, employers and lawyers, doctors, judges, teachers and others that have some authority in your life manifest now. A career change, destiny shift, or a possible move may come into play.


July 23 – August 22

Venus casts her special energy your way as she spends the last half of the month moving through your sign. Plan something special from June 16 to 18. Love, romance and excitement are indicated. It just might be happy times with friends and family. Watch for doing anything to excess as Mars is waxing strong now. Humility and patience go a long way as the June planetary picture can stir up quite a bit of drama and danger. So… keeps those claws in, and smile to your face falls off. Give and forgive and continue to live.


August 23 – September 22

You’ve got it in fourth gear, and the peddle to the metal. Career activities are strong now, and you’re in the mood to accomplish your goals. Work hard, play hard, and pray hard. Nothing remains the same, and all will change at some point in our lives. Virgo does love to have all their kittens in one basket, and everything neatly arranged. All well and good, but just make sure that your spirit is being nurtured, or you will feel restless and dissatisfied no matter what you accomplish. Take care of yourself is the cosmic message of the month.


September 23 – October 22

The summer solstice on June 21 may rock your boat. Venus and Mars do their dance bringing action and attraction. Then again, it just might be you weighing things up and seeing what is real and of true value. Children and entertainment figure into the play, and you might be spending time with family. Travel comes up, as does spiritual awareness. Maybe its time to do some writing or take up a new study or two. You gotta feed that powerful and hungry intellect. The full moon on June 27 brings revelations and realizations of just what to do.


October 23 – November 21

Read the intro regarding the Mars effect as he is a little worked up. Actually he’s fired up, and you may be as well. What the hey, you say? Well there’s a whole lot of planetary energy unfolding throughout the summer time and you will have a lot on your platter, and don’t fall off of the ladder. The energy is actually great for all kinds of activities and endeavours but you need to measure and deliberate on the moves that you make. Don’t over reach or take crazy chances which you may be prone to do. Fear not, get things done, just don’t run.


November 22 – December 21

Your solar low ends on June 21. Solar low does not mean bad, it means that your energy may not be at its peak. Accommodate this reality by notching things down a tad, for as we know Sagittarius is always doing things in a big way. Venus and Jupiter square off, and Mars kind of gets in on the play as well in the last half of the month, indicating a tendency to overdo, overeat and generally miscalculate all kinds of things. Accommodate this information by keeping an even throttle. Steady as she goes. Relationships and money come into play. 


December 22 – January 19

The full moon on June 27, is of special importance as Saturn is aligned with the moon. Whatever has been banging around in the back of your psyche will come to the fore now. Back in the hippy days we had an expression of ‘throw it to your drummer’. The drummer being your unconscious part of yourself. Sure enough, and soon enough your drummer would throw it back to you and you would have your answer as to what to do. It that time now for you. Should I stay, or should I go? It is time to let go of whatever is not working or of any practical use. Work, health, relationships all get a going over.


January 20 – February 19

Read the intro about the Mars affect as it is happening in your sign. Whatever takes place, it won’t be dull, and you will not be bored. You may be floored, hopefully in a good way. The point of the drill is symbolized in the picture of you sitting in a double AA fuelled dragster. You’re halfway down the strip, clocking 250 MPH and lots of gas pedal left. When do you pull the Shute.? How much more do you press on the gas before you light the tires up? Ye ha. Okay back to reality. Just take it easy, or not. Its up to you. Don’t get roped into knee jerk emotional reactions. Big energy is on board and it must be handled with care, caution, and respect.


February 20 – March 20

Health concerns, incidents and accidents are in the cosmic lottery for dear Pisces this month. So is love and romance, and good times with loved ones. You just don’t want to space out when you’re adding starting fuel to the barby. Otherwise poof! There goes the beach house, or whatever. Basically Mars is in the picture and we have to be more attentive and careful when he’s around. Use this info in traffic and slow down when the light turns yellow. The big planets are casting protective energy your way as well, but it does pay to play it safe. Travel is more than hinted at, and you might be in the mood to make some fundamental changes in your life.