STAR WISE                                                                                         JUNE 2019

Astrologers are basically cosmic traffic cops. They are able to tell us what the traffic is like (planetary phenomena) full moons, eclipses etc. They can help us in understanding the planetary energy, but they cannot alter fate. Whatever is written karma wise must come to pass. Although it sounds fatalistic, there is the law of mercy and grace that supersedes all other laws, karma and otherwise. We have been traveling and incarnating on the Earth and other planes of existence in various forms from mineral, to plant, to insect and animal, to human, and angel, gods and goddesses beyond what our limited minds can imagine. The theory of karma is so deep and so complex that the true Sant Guru’s tell us that we have not the power in our minds to truly comprehend its significance and complexities. Rest assured, we are the aliens, we are not from here, and our true home exists far beyond the sun, moon and other planes of existence far above the starry sky. Astrology can help us track and learn to deal with whatever we signed up for in previous incarnations. The true Sat Guru comes into our life and helps us to get cleaned up, and to learn to live and behave non violently, and respect and regard all of life as sacred and precious. All living beings have a soul which is part of God, no soul no life, plain and simple. People, think about it. We want to give the pigs, chickens, and other animals that are living in very cruel situations a better life. Then once we have them in a better situation we slaughter them and eat them anyway. This is the height of ignorance and hypocrisy in my book. While I’m on this rant, when will we ever eradicate the planet from all violent weapons, period, end of story. Get the guns and WMD off of the planet, now. If you want peace you must live peacefully with all of your neighbours, the birds, animals, humans. We can do this. Everything else that I’m seeing is a form of madness. Okay glad I got that off of my chest. Love one another right now. Lay your weapons down. Give your love, and never stop giving it, never, never. We are on our way home. The golden age is coming our way, and just like making ready for the wedding day, we must be cleaned up and in our best clothes. We cannot be walking tombs for assassinated animals and pleading for peace at the same time. It won’t work. Only love will do, only love.


MARCH 21 – April 19

A sword is an Aries instrument. It cuts through things. Such as cutting away from anything that you know is not worthy, valuable or useful. A time has arrived in which you must wield that sword. Mid June tells the story of what and where you can use the sword to cut yourself free.


April 20 – May 21

Although the general tenor of the planets is running heavy, you have the best chances and opportunities to make something out of it. When given lemons, make lemonade. Your life is changing at a rapid pace, weather you know it or not. This is a great time to get in touch with your true values.


May 22 – June 20

It’s your time to shine. You are in your solar high of the year. Plus Venus will visit gemini for the last twenty days of the month bringing light and love, and various forms of creative energy. Do your thing. Travel and enlightenment could be in the works. It’s time for a make over.


June 21 – July 22

It’s a good thing that you have a protective shell, as you may need it this month. You needn’t be paranoid, but you do need to be careful and thoughtful in all that you do. Don’t be in a rush, measure twice cut once, and don’t forget to duck. Kindness and patience will pull you through.


July 23 – August 22

It’s time to glad hand, connect, communicate and relate on every level. Join up, sign up and share your sunshine, love and wisdom. You have it, don’t be stingy with it. The love you give will increase. We need it, we need you. A very busy and very dynamic summer is fast approaching.


August 23 – September 22

Your solar career sector along with the area regarding home and real estate is lit up like a Christmas Tree. Use moderation and possibly some hesitation with any big decisions especially around June 8, 9, and 10. It’s a mixed time, a mixed bag of positive and negative influences, along with a dash of confusion thrown in for good measure.


September 23 – October 22

Travel, communication and publishing areas are active. Could be some conflicts in the work sector. Use your Libra diplomacy in sorting things out. Home sector is also active, could be some reno’s or a move going on. Use caution as there is a possibility of mishaps from ill considered moves.


October 23 – November 21

All kinds of secrets come flying out when least expected. Inheritances and joint monies along with a few mysteries could come into play this month. Relationships are a hot topic and your earning potential could get a boost. Use caution while driving or traveling as delays and other frustrations are in the works. Tread lightly, with patience.


November 22 – December 21

The Full Moon on June 17, takes place in your sign. You could be in full tilt boogie mode, or truly needing a break. This a time of the year when a rest is indicated. Jupiter is in your sign giving great protection and a boost of luck and confidence. The magic word is ‘travel’.


December 22 – January 19

It’s not easy these days for most Cappys. A big line up of heavy duty planets is dominating the scene and somehow hindering and keeping your down. It doesn’t have to be that way, and some of you may be going through great growth spurt of wisdom and learning. Keep the good, let go of the negative.


January 20 – February 19

Sweethearts, children, and grand children are a big focus for you these days. You also could be in an enterprising mood and may want to take a chance or do some gambling. In reality there is a whole lot of behind the scene work and activity going on. Health is number one consideration.


February 20 – March 20

It’s time to pretty up the place, or possibly make a move to another home. Family and the past are featuring prominently. Career sector is hot, and it might be time to make your move and bump up the energy or hit the boss up for a raise. It might work. Ask and you shall receive.