April 16 – 22, 2009

The word “astrology” basically breaks down into star – logic. In ancient times the astrologers looked up to the heavens in order to make their calculations and prognostications. In modern times we have the planetary positions recorded in a book called an ephemeris. With modern day technology we are capable of plotting the planetary positions for thousands of years ahead or into the past. I’m sure most book lovers have a favorite book that stands out in their lives. Well, for me it is my ephemeris. It is such a strange book to the untrained eye, for it is a book of numbers, glyphs and symbols and not much more. But the stories offered up from the past and future planetary positions are endless and only limited by our own imaginations. In essence, an astrologer’s credibility hinges on his or her ability to interpret what the planets are saying at any given time.

As an example, let’s say that you look into your ephemeris and notice that Venus is approaching Mars and they will form a conjunction in late Pisces and soon after both will enter Aries. Professional astrologers know that Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mars is ruler of Aries and when these two meet up we can expect fireworks and all kinds of wonderful magical and romantic scenarios to play out. Well, my ephemeris tells me that this Venus – Mars conjunction will be occurring this spring. Venus represents our values, ethics and morality. Mars represents courage, valour and bravery, while Aries is the sign of new starts and fresh beginnings. Money and other resources are Venus ruled. She will hook up with fiery and powerful Mars in his own sign Aries providing excitement, energy and action throughout the spring season. I cannot imagine that we will be sitting around licking our wounds and worrying about the past. It is more likely that we will be meeting the days with enthusiasm and good energy which of course is contagious. This may very well be the kick start or boost that we need in order to stimulate the world economy. This is just one example of two planets doing their thing and when you look at all of the planets and what they are doing and how they are relating, it is nearly overwhelming at times. The ephemeris provides the raw material and a worthy astrologer takes on the task of interpreting what the stars are saying.

Mars transits can bring danger as well. A client of mine was shocked when I told her that her chart showed a danger regarding fire a while back because of a Mars transit over a sensitive point in her horoscope. Months later she showed me the pictures of the fire that had occurred on the day that she purchased a brand new vehicle and the faulty ignition system caught fire and nearly burned their home down.

There have been many nights when I’ve gotten lost in my ephemeris and hours have slipped by unnoticed. Well, Venus is approaching Mars and they will meet up in late Pisces on April 21, then move through Aries and they will conjunct again in Taurus on June 21 within hours of the summer solstice. What we have here folks, is the fact that Venus and Mars stay within close proximity of each other right through the spring. Life takes on quite a shine and we will no doubt be out and about soaking up all that life has to offer. We’re shaking off the winter doldrums and a certain excitement fills the air as we pursue our dreams, our loves and our passions. Life is upon us in full swing and now is the time to get the most from it. Smile, hug someone, help another and give thanks.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is another clarion call from the heavens that more light and love are coming our way. The conjunction lasts throughout 2009 and in January 2010 Jupiter enters Pisces for a year long stay. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces and the combination is going to continue to open up our hearts and lift our consciousness. It is truly an exciting time. Many tremendous and exciting planetary energies are close at hand and we can jump onboard and bring ourselves to a much higher standard in which humanitarian love and affection is given to one and all on the planet.

This is just the beginning because as soon as we catch our breath Jupiter and Uranus will join up in the first degree of fiery Aries in June 2010. If we have not learned our lessons and we still do not know how to get along then we will witness a time in which man’s inhumanity to man will be revealed. We will have to come together and find ways to make it all better. Something big is destined to happen in this next couple of years and I would not be surprised if we witness more than a few miracles.

I know it all sounds a bit dramatic, but truth be known, I’m trying to keep it down. But I am very excited about the future. We must make ready now, by being on our best behavior and missing no chance to help our neighbor. I cannot express it strongly enough; make ready for life to change in very dramatic and dynamic ways. “Purify or perish” should be the mantra of the times. It is time to get past our old lifestyles based on earthly concerns – money, position, prestige, and move on to the higher values and ways in which our souls are nurtured and love becomes the predominant force in our lives.

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You might want to read the introduction as it has much to do with your sign. You are the prototype for the future. Rather than worry and be concerned about what part you will play in the future, just be who you are and stay original. Your dharma, which is your life’s purpose will be known soon enough. Follow your heart and stay in the truth and you will not only find the way, but will lead the way.

Read the introduction as it is about Venus and she is the ruler of Taurus. A truly exciting time has arrived and it will only get better as Venus and Mars do their cosmic dance throughout the spring. Refresh and renew all areas of your life. Put the past away and concentrate on enjoying the ever loving present. You won’t have to nudge the world to come your way, as it will be at your doorstep soon enough. The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 bringing you into your solar high of the year and good times are predicted.

A mixture of blessings and difficulties continue to arrive and dissipate like fleeting clouds on a windy day. Blessings come in the form of opportunities for travel and spiritual enlightenment. The difficulties are within the concerns of sustaining a steady income in shaky economic times. Educational opportunities may manifest along with a few lucky breaks. Staying open and amenable to change is best. Certainly put lots of irons in the fire. If one gets hot, you will be on your way.

One of my favourite sayings from my beloved guru was, “Let the wild flower grow in the dark, and when it is ready, it can show its beauty to the world.” While the other signs of the zodiac toil away at the tasks before them, you may be able to move ahead without too much struggle and strain. You can manage and get by easily. But, that would be a waste of your talent and energy. Polish and perfect your skills, as what you create now will certainly have a strong impact in the near and long term future. April 16 and 17 are days when the light goes on and you see your way ahead.

I wonder if the more sensitive types of Leos out there are sensing the future with excitement and anticipation. If you have been feeling that big changes are in the wind, you are right. Jupiter and Neptune continue to cast their energy into your sign bringing a yearning for the exotic, esoteric, magical and spiritual aspects of life. It is time to manifest those dreams of living in far off unique places doing wonderful humanitarian work. Make it happen, or better still, know that the universe is in a cooperative mood to grant wishes. Love and excitement are close at hand.

Mercury and Saturn form a triangle on April 17 bringing the possibility of good news. You may feel more together than usual, and life’s rhythms carry on like a fine tuned Swiss watch. It is your time to refine and organize your life according to your true inner intentions. Although the last year has not been without its losses and sad events it also has been and is a time of strong internal growth. April 20 and 21 are unusual days and love, action and attraction may capture your attention. Stay grounded and take your time and continue to work unabated towards your goals.

The events that take place on April 17 may test your patience and try your humility. It is important to clear up and clean up old business, for soon there will be all kinds of unique opportunities for you to enjoy. Your stock goes up and you are in demand and life truly is what you make of it. A spiritual child is born or possibly you give birth to an idea that has great value. Love and romance and all that they entail are coming your way. Aside from romance you may be in a very creative frame of mind and others will pick up on your style and charm.

The Sun enters your opposite sign Taurus on April 19 heralding your solar low time of the year. You may feel a bit run down or just plain old tired. Rather than push through and tough it out in true Scorpio style it may be wise to take the time to nurture yourself a bit in the late days of April and early May. Creative energy is strong and romantic attractions may flourish throughout the spring and summer seasons.

Tricky problems that have persisted in the past finally get some resolution in late April and May. Now is the time to plan and organize all aspects of your life. While you’re planning and organizing, life goes well and all kinds of cherries become ripe for the picking. Writing, publishing and a series of short journeys come into play throughout the springtime. Career and health concerns take up the days.

Mercury and Saturn create a triangular pattern on April 19 bringing good news and breakthroughs. The Moon moves through Capricorn from April 15 to 18 and is another indicator of high energy. It is your time to truly make something of yourself on a deep and profound level. The Sun enters friendly Taurus on April 19 and casts fine energy into your sign over the next thirty days. A lively spring is predicted and you will receive a fair return for your efforts.

The Moon moves through Aquarius from April 17 to 19 placing you in your lunar high just in time for the weekend. It may prove to be a special time indeed, especially on April 19. Make sure you do something special at this time as the stars are right for all kinds of wonderful, weird and magical things to occur. You are presently going through a great metamorphosis in which your total spiritual outlook gets an overhaul. Keep yourself open and amenable to change.

April 21 is a special day in the sense that the Moon is moving through Pisces, while Venus and Mars make a conjunction in the last degree of your sign enhancing romantic and creative energies to the max. April 22 carries similar energies and you should make it a point to do something special or auspicious at this time. The Sun’s thirty day passage through Taurus runs in harmony with Pisces helping to take the edge off a bit while bringing good times and good people into your life.